Values & Identity


At Brummana High School (BHS) we strive to offer comprehensive preparation for the adult world. Besides imparting information and knowledge, the school tries to develop the student’s intellectual curiosity and critical thinking. It encourages the students to achieve the cultural, physical and artistic fulfilment of which they are capable.

The school continues to nurture the Quaker values of simplicity, peaceful resolution, tolerance, equality, justice, respect and sustainability. Students are taught to be self-reliant, cooperative and to value friendship. Above all, the school builds in students the ideals of service in accordance with the school motto: “I Serve”.


Just as Lebanon balances its own proud traditions with its openness as a trading nation, BHS strikes a balance between its Lebanese roots and its global outlook. The school has, throughout its history, been considered the British school of Lebanon and enjoyed close connections with the UK. The school has a long-standing policy of accepting staff and students on the basis of merit, regardless of religion, nationality, race or gender. Staff and students are of many religious backgrounds and from all sections of the community, thus ensuring a wide social mix.

The community of staff and students is coeducational and international.  Staff and students are of different religious creeds, mainly Christian or Muslim. For Arabic speaking students, the school provides an opportunity to enjoy all the advantages of an international school working in English, while celebrating their Arabic cultural heritage.

BHS seeks to maintain its standing as one of the best schools in the country and region. The original Quaker ethos has endured; the spirit of tolerance and friendliness has persisted through war and peace. The historic buildings, the panoramic views of Beirut and the sea remain, framed by ancient pines and flowering shrubs, all add to the overall school experience. At a time when families are increasingly concerned about the pollution and congestion of city life, students appreciate more than ever the green campus and healthy mountain air of Brummana.