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David Gray

A Word from the Principal

I feel privileged to lead Brummana High School which has played such an important part in Lebanese educational history. 

It is my aim to serve the needs of the children, in whom parents invest such hope, faithfully, consistently and to the best of my ability.  My teaching colleagues, support staff, all members of the BHS community and I, shall work hard to provide a first class education to match the aspirations of the students. 

I value the Quaker ethos of the school highly with which is equated a holistic educational philosophy, with its emphasis on the application of individual talent, high standards and excellence in all things, respect for others, tolerance and peaceful resolution. 

It is our duty to nurture young people in such a way as to promote their interests, develop their sense of purpose and to enable them to emerge as confident, balanced, well rounded adults who are determined to make their difference in the world, in their chosen field.

Together we can provide expectations of an exciting, successful and satisfying future for our students.  Not every step of the way will be easy but then no enterprise was ever worth undertaking without difficulties and obstacles to overcome.  Perseverance is everything.  Together we shall get there.

David Gray

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Internal Launch of Multi-Gym and Sports Hall - 21 November 2019

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From the Principal

Dear Parents,

It has been the custom in recent years for some parents to present very generous gifts to teachers to mark the annual teachers’ day and other occasions.  While this has been done with the best of intentions it has repeatedly caused distress both to children, and to some teachers, potentially placing them in an awkward position.

After discussion with the Parents’ Association, I would therefore respectfully request parents, in keeping with the protocol in other schools, not to present teachers with gifts to mark Teachers’ Day or on other occasions during the year.  In common with all of us, teachers like to be thanked for their efforts and commitment, but if this can be done face to face or by means of an appropriate thank you card should parents wish, that would be much appreciated.  If any teachers should receive gifts they will return them in the spirit of professionalism and not out of any lack of gratitude.
Yours Sincerely,

David Gray

BHS old scholar and former boarder His Highness Sayyid Asaad bin Tariq Al Said (at BHS 1971-73) visited the school on Sunday, 20 January. He is the Deputy Prime Minister for International Relations, Affairs and Cooperation & His Majesty’s Special Representative for the Sultanate of Oman and a member of the Al Said Omani royal family. We were honoured to receive him as he toured the campus reminiscing about his schooldays.





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