BHS Newsletter - Vol 21 No 6 - 28 March 2018


- During their February meeting, the Board welcomed the following newly appointed governors: Mr. Hani Aboul Jabine and Mr. George Younes, who had served effectively on the Board before, in addition to Mrs. Mishka Mourani and Mr. Naji Hawayek, who bring additional expertise and talent to the Board. I, personally, would like to thank the outgoing governors for their leadership and service to the school.  Also, special thanks are due to former chairman Mr. Antoine Wakim, who provided strong leadership, wisdom, and vision in moving the school forward during his tenure. Mr. Wakim oversaw the process of appointing Mr. David Gray as the new Principal, whom I am confident will lead the school into further success and achievement. We are grateful to see that Mr. Wakim will continue to serve the school both as a Trustee and as a Governor.
- Congratulations to Mr. Hani Aboul Jabine and Mr. George Younes for their election in the February meeting as Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Board respectively.  I am sure that they and the other Board members will provide continuity and preserve past achievements, while building new successes and meeting new challenges.


Maria Jabbour, the Secondary Section Counsellor, participated in the European Psychoanalysis Federation where she presented a clinical case study about “Parenting Origins of a 40 Year Old Woman”.  Maria was awarded the first prize for her case study and her contribution to the international development of psychoanalysis.


- For the Easter vacation there are no classes from Thursday, 29 March to Monday, 9 April. Classes resume on Tuesday, 10 April. Boarders are expected to return on the afternoon of Sunday, 9 April.
- During the Easter vacation the offices are closed for the Western Easter on Friday, 30 March and Monday, 2 April and for the Eastern Easter on Friday, 6 April and Monday, 9 April.


- On the occasion of Teachers’ Day the school invited teachers and administrative staff to celebrate at a dinner at Bristol Hotel, Hamra on March 8.
- Thank you to the BHS Parents’ Association for all their kind gestures towards teachers and staff during that day.


BHS is pleased to have welcomed the United Strings of Europe band of 12 musicians. They were accommodated at Fleisseh from 21-28 February.  The band toured Lebanon giving workshops and concerts, and they gave 2 musical workshops for our students on Tuesday, 27 February.


Invoices for the second instalment of tuition and bus fees were issued to the eldest BHS student in each family. Parents are kindly asked to pay the fees by 31 March. Those who have unpaid balances are urged to settle them without delay. If you have any difficulties, please contact the Bursar.


- The BHS PA held their annual Brunch at Grand Hills Luxury Collection Hotel and Spa on 6 March. It was a successful event which raised $9,828. A huge thank you to all who made it wonderful. Our students were amazing, and especially our guests Jad Abou Karam, Mazen Kiwan, Dina Hayek, and Rola Saad. The funds will go towards financial aid and school facilities.
- On 8 March, we celebrated Teachers’ Day by sharing special moments with BHS teachers.

- I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to our Board of Governors, our Principal, our administration, our teachers, and our parents for their cooperation and understanding which leads BHS to be a role model for other school.
- The Easter Egg Hunt took place on 27 March at the Infant Section and Lower School.
- We wish you a Happy Easter and a relaxing vacation. Our coming event will be the May Festival. Also we have an educational session coming soon, which will be announced later.



Brummana One Group celebrated Mother’s Day in a very special way last Saturday, 17 March, 2018 at BHS. All our members’ mothers, in addition to a few fathers joined us for a “Super Scout Mums” day, where they accompanied their kids in the group meeting, played a marvellous big game which consisted of 9 teams, and then gathered in front of Little Building to have lunch, which was prepared by BR1 Clan and Leaders. Thank you BR1 Members and Leaders for making this event successful and thank you to all the mums and dads who came to enjoy this day with us and their children. Happy Mother’s Day to all mums, especially our Super Scout Mums and congratulations to Team 7 for winning the big game!


Upper School News


- An Easter recital by the BHS student choir, led by Conductor Jules Youssef, will take place today, 28 March at 6:30 pm in Khoury Hall. We hope to see you all there!
- Secondary students started visiting the Book Fair which began on 24 March and will remain till 28 March.
- A Poetry Evening which hosted Poet Nizar Francis and 8 young poets from the Secondary Section took place on 22 March. The theme for the evening was Mother’s Day. The young poets recited their poetry in 3 languages: Arabic (classical and Lebanese dialect), English, and French. The student poets were: in Arabic - Fayez El Sabea (Sec. 2 S), Michel Sadek (Sec. 2 S), Rudy Zalzal (Sec. 1 LP), and Dany Ghassani (Sec. 1 LP); in English - Sasha Lahoud (11 IP) and Michel Ghaleb (Sec. 2 S); and in French - Isabelle Saad (12 IP) and Tarek Yared (Sec. 2 S). Hani el Jamal (Sec. 3 GS) and Jennifer Bu Jawdeh (Sec. 2 S) accompanied the young poets on the piano and the guitar. The young poets were sincere and made an impression. Then the guest of honour, Poet Nizar Francis, recited his beautiful poetry to the delight of the audience. Mr. Jules Youssef and Mr. Charbel Moawad accompanied the poet respectively on the piano and nay flute. The evening was enchanting in every sense of the word.

- In the Model Arab League (MAL) competition, and out of the 5 BHS semi-finalists, 2 students qualified for the Washington DC round and made it to the national delegation of 6 students. They are: Kevin Farhat (IB1) and Tarek Yared (Sec. 2 S). We are proud of our young ambassadors!
- In the final conference of the Model United Nations (MUN) at LAU, 4 students out of 6 won the most prestigious awards. Those are: The Secretary-General Award: Amanda Chhouri and Celine Madaghajian (10 IP) and the Diplomacy Award: Christina Atallah (10 IP) and Rodolf Awad (Sec. 1 LP). The awarded students then participated in the qualifiers for the Washington DC round, and one of them, Rodolf Awad, made it to the national delegation of 6 students. Another young ambassador to be proud of!
- On 13 March Report Cards were distributed to Secondary students. A parent-teacher meeting by special invitation was held on 23 March.
- IB 2 students started their mock IB exams on 21 March. These will continue after the Easter break till 16 April.
- Twelve young ladies from the senior classes nominated themselves for the May Queen Pageant 2018. Those are: Nour Abi Fadel, Nour Dika, Joanna Abou Khazaa, Yvhanna Roufael (Sec. 3 LP);Agnes Sayah, Roupina Maalouf, Chloe Atallah, Maria Makhlouf (IB2);Judy Al Kayali, Lynn Harkous, Elizabeth Khachatourian, Layla Mouakket (12 IP). The 12 contestants will each give a small speech during a joint assembly for Secondary and Intermediate students on Wednesday, 18 April. The voting by students will take place on Friday, 20 April. The 5 contestants with the highest number of votes will qualify for Panels 1 and 2. Good luck to all the young ladies.
- The World Scholars’ Cup which BHS is hosting was postponed to 28-29 April due to the Easter holidays falling on the previous dates.

- Happy Easter from all of us in the Secondary Section.


- Assembly: 22 Feb. – The MUN students were asked to come on the stage to talk about their experience at the LAU Conference on 17 Feb. The students who attended this conference were Adriana Goraieb, Natalie Ashkar, Joya Khoury, Lea Jaber, Melissa Azzouz, Malek Hamzeh, Romy Marcopoulos, and Gabriella Nakle – well done to all. 22 Feb – A representative from “ALWAYS” gave a special presentation on Feminine Hygiene to all the girls of the Intermediate Section. 15 March – Students viewed two videos – The first was entitled “9 Signs That Show You Have Screen Addiction” and the second was “Negative Effects of Social Media on Teens”.
- Advisory: Week of 19 to 23 Feb – The topic was “How Teenagers Can Deal With Stress”. Students were given tips on dealing with stress which included physical activity and talking about it with a reliable person. Week of 26 Feb – 2 March – The topic of “The Dangers of Smoking Tobacco and Weed” was discussed. Students learned the dangerous effects they have on a teenage brain.   Week of 12 – 16 March – “The Hazards of Teenagers Drinking Alcohol”, with an emphasis on the damage it can do to the adolescent brain and liver, was the topic of the week. Week of 19 – 23 March – Advisers held one-on-one meetings with students whose overall Term 2 average was below 70%. The aim of the meetings was to determine how the students can improve their study skills to achieve better results. 
- Report Card distribution for Term 2 took place on 13 March. Some students received a white copy of the official yellow Report Card due to certain concerns expressed by their teachers. The white copy was to be signed by the parents and returned to the HoS Office in order to get the official yellow report.
- Parent Teacher Meetings were held on 23 March. This meeting was by invitation only. Teachers who had concerns about any of their students invited the parents to discuss the issue face to face.
- Upper School Certificates Day will take place on March 28. All students will be awarded for subjects they have done very well in or shown great effort throughout the year in. Congratulations to all the recipients.
- Drama – On 1 March, Rana Slim’s Grade 8 Drama class presented a comedy play in the Meeting House during which many of the actors’ lines were improvised. Well done to all the actors for their fabulous performance.
- Arabic Competition – this event took place on 5 March in the Meeting House. The judges for the event were Dr. Walid El Khoury, Dr. Aghat Laham, and the Head of Secondary Section, Chadi Nakhle. Arabic teacher, Hanna Daher, had worked for a month training the Grade 8 LP students to present poetry readings, a play, and a song all in the Arabic language. The event began with a dictation competition and ended with the announcement of the three poetry reading winners: Kevin Abi Zeid, Hisham Al Abdulhai, and Maria Al Akkad.
- Art Trip to Aishti Foundation Gallery – The Grade 9 IP students visited the gallery with their Art teacher Maya Bechara, where they were introduced to contemporary art from all over the world.
- Points for Parents: Students who have below a 70% average in any subject, should take advantage of the Easter Holiday to revise all material completed in the past 3 months.

- Happy Easter to All.

Arabic Competition
BHS Book Fair
Lower School News


- The annual Spelling Bee Competition took place in the Elementary Section for grades 1, 3, and 5. In Grade 1, Elias Bou Jaoude won 1st place, Chris Morisson won 2nd place, and Ghiwa El-Beyrouthy won 3rd place. In Grade 3, Serena Njeim won 1st place, Makram El-Masri won 2nd, and Elie Hachem won 3rd place. In Grade 5, Rawad Bou Akl won 1st place, Lea Mouchawrab won 2nd place, and Laith Sabri won 3rd place. Congratulations to all.
- Christopher Cherfan (Grade 2C) won the Lebanese Robotics Championship and is going to represent Lebanon in the USA this April. Congratulations.
- In addition, students have been using an online reading programme called Scholastic Literacy Pro. This is an individualized online reading programme that is designed to improve reading and comprehension abilities. Each student was given their user name and password and has started reading at home. Teachers have been following their students’ progress online as well. 
- The annual Open House was held last week. Students sang songs to their mothers in Khoury Hall. Each subject had its own corner with its own entertaining educational activities related to the theme of “Imagination and Creativity”. Students spent 5 minutes at each corner. These activities allowed children to enjoy playing and bonding with their parents/ guardians. Happy Mother’s Day to all our wonderful mums.
- During assemblies, Grade 6B shared information about things we didn’t know existed before. It was a great adventure in learning. Grade 6C took us on a delicious journey to the chocolate world: its origin, benefits, and the industry. Yummy!!!!!

Spelling Bee - Gr. 5
Robotics Championship
Open House - LE
Open House - UE


- Spring is finally here!!!!  Many of the art projects centre on Easter and spring. The classrooms are bustling with activities and will continue to do so through the remainder of the year. Our activities this month will focus on “Spring” as a theme and “Peace” as our living value.
- We would like to take this opportunity to thank PA Chairperson, Dina Bechara, and the Parents Association members for the thoughtful gesture on Teachers’ Day. 
- KG 1 students made butterflies, flowers, and drew portraits of their mothers. They also went for a walk on campus looking for signs of spring.
- KG 2 prepared for Mother’s Day through songs and activities. KG 2 also enjoyed a popcorn party while studying letter “p” this week.
- KG 3 students enjoyed decorating their classroom by colouring spring flowers and making bouquets for Mother’s Day.  They also expressed their love to their mums through writing journals and drawing their mums.
- KG 3 students continue to read and practice the phonics books that are sent home.  As your child masters each book, he/she will progress and move on to the next level.
- On the 16th of March mothers were invited to come and share with their children the joy of learning in a happy and loving environment.
- Please encourage your children to eat breakfast before coming to school. Students frequently come to our office complaining of headaches, stomach cramps, and feeling tired. In some cases, this is due to hunger.
- Term 2 Report Cards were issued on the 21st of March. Teachers have been in touch with some parents to inform them of concerns and progress. We hope to continue working together to make improvements in areas of concern. If you wish to meet with your child's teacher, please contact the office and book an appointment through Infant Section Secretary Najwa Feghali.

Easter Egg Hunt
Infant Section Open House


The Old Scholars’ Association held its fourth session of the Panel Discussions which took place on 26 February 2018 at the OSA Clubhouse. The guest speaker was Jocelyne Kordahi, OS graduate of the year 1988, a dynamic professional with over 24 years of extensive experience in retail banking, marketing, sales management, and consulting. Our audience consisted of current BHS scholars and a few teachers. The topic was “Choose Your Career”, which aimed to help graduating students understand what to expect once they enrol at university and later proceed to find jobs. Ms. Kordahi explained the important steps that need to be followed to choose a proper career path; researching career interests on Google, reality vs expectation, and last but not least, taking part in any trainings or internships that may be offered. She ended her presentation by advising students to follow their passions wisely, while trying to turn any weaknesses into strengths.



KG 3A  student Nicolas Haddad for donating 28 used books to the Infant Section.

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