BHS Newsletter - Vol 21 No 7 - 3 May 2018


To celebrate Labour Day, the school invited all workers to a dinner at Al Aziz, Beit Mery on Monday, 30 April. The evening was a great success.


- In accordance with decisions by the Prime Minister and the Minister of Education, there will be no classes on Friday 4 May 2018 and on Monday 7 May 2018.
- Also, please note the new dates for the following events:

  • Monday, 21 May > Field Day - Regular School Day
  • Friday, 25 May > May Festival (moved from Sunday, 20 May 2018)
  • Monday, 28 May > No classes.

- IGCSE and IB official exams continue to take place as previously scheduled.  However, on Friday, 25 May exams will be taking place in Khoury Hall.


- The dates for the BHS Summer Camp 2018 are as follows: Day Camp – Ages 3-5 and 9-15 years > 4 July till 21 August; Ages 6-8 years > 5 July till 21 August; Boarding Camp – Ages 6-15 > 9 July till 19 August. Please check the summer camp website and brochure for further details.
- Any Secondary student interested in a position as a Summer Camp Monitor should download an application from the summer camp website, complete it, and submit it to the Receptionist, Antoinette Hage, as soon as possible.


Invoices for the third instalment of tuition and bus fees were issued to the eldest BHS student in each family. Parents are kindly asked to pay the fees by 21 May. Those who have unpaid balances are urged to settle them without delay. If you have any difficulties, please contact the Bursar.


The May Festival is taking place on Friday, 25 May 2018 from 10:00am. It promises to be a wonderful and special day out for family, friends, and guests from the wider community with a variety of entertainment for all ages. The programme is varied and includes student shows, all kinds of games, a kermesse, a very large variety of stands, food stands, a talent show, a basketball game between parents and students hosted by Tony Baroud. Also, Tony Abou Jaoude will perform a stand-up comedy show, Brazilian dancer Diana Viciaro and the percussionist twins will each perform a segment, and many other big surprises will be prepared for you and will soon be revealed. There are special prizes for the tombola, and tickets will be available next week. Students have voted to select the candidates for the May Queen. Good luck to Chloe Attallah, Nour Abi Fadel, Yvanna Rouphael, Agnes Sayah, and Judie al Kayali. Dear Parents, your help with the event preparations and on that day would be greatly appreciated. If you can provide any help, please contact the PA chairperson or any PA member.



Brummana One Group held an Honouring Ceremony for Group Founder, Chief Antoine Asmar, on Saturday, 24 March 2018 in the presence of the BHS Chairman of the Board of Governors, Hani Aboul Jabine; BHS Chair of Parents’ Association, Dina Bechara; General Commissioner, Chief Elie Salem; Mount District Commissioner, Chief Rayan Zain Dain; in addition to BHS Old Scholars and Former BR1 Members and Chiefs. This ceremony marked yet another milestone for BR1 Group, which would not be present today without Chief Asmar, whom we can never thank enough! We would like to thank all those who attended the ceremony and helped make this event a very memorable and successful one, namely Aley 1 Band, Chief Ayad Baban, and Photographer Anis Saad.


Upper School News


- Congratulations to Rudolph Awad (Sec. 1 LP) who won the Secretary General Award at the Model United Nations (MUN) Conference at the US Department of State in Washington DC. Rudolph, who was the only Lebanese to win this award during this conference, had qualified to go there as part of the national delegation of 6 members. We are proud of you Rudolph.
- Congratulations to Tarek Yared (Sec. 2S) and Kevin Farhat (IB 1) who won the Outstanding Delegate Award in the Model Arab League (MAL) Conference that was held in Georgetown University in Washington DC. Tarek and Kevin had qualified for this conference as part of the national delegation of 6 members. We are proud of our young diplomats.
- The Beirut round of the World Scholar’s Cup, hosted by Brummana High School, took place on Sunday, 29 April, from 8:00am to 9:00pm. Four teams from the Secondary Section participated and collected medals and prizes in all categories. Our students excelled and exhibited a distinguished scholarly spirit. We are proud of all of them!
-  A meeting with potential IB students’ parents, from both the LP and IP students took place in the US Library on 18 April. The Principal and Vice-Principal answered the enquiries of parents. Following the meeting, IB 1 students presented their Group 4 (Sciences) projects at Khoury Hall in the presence of staff, parents, and potential IB1 students currently in Grade 10 LP/IP. The audience was impressed by the seriousness, meticulousness, and eloquence of students as they exposed their scientific findings.
- IB 2 Official exams started on 27 April and will extend until 18 May. We wish our students best of luck in their exams!

- A study period, from 22 to 27 April, was given to Grades 10-11 IP students in order to help them better prepare for their IGCSE exams starting on May 2. Teachers remained available at school throughout this reading period in case students had questions relating to their exams. When back, students will sit for their IGCSE exams and are expected to attend their classes regularly outside exam times.
- Seniors went on an overnight farewell trip to the Cedars of Becharreh on the afternoon of 23 April and returned on 24 April in the evening. Students stayed at Le Cedrus Hotel, and on the next day went on 2 hikes: One in the Cedar forest and another in the Valley of Qannoubine. Teachers Rabih Aouad, Samir Ayache, and Gisele Hanna accompanied the students on the trip.
- The last day of school for seniors was 28 April. Students paraded in convoys and then had the traditional water fight. The final exams for 12 LP/IP will take place between 14 and 18 May. Report cards for senior classes will be out on 30 May. 
- The nominees for May Queen gave speeches in a common Intermediate and Secondary assembly on 18 April. On 20 April, Upper School students voted for their May Queen. The 5 contestants who qualified for the panels following the voting are (in random order): Nour Abi Fadel, Yvanna Rouphael (Sec.3 LP), Chloe Michelle Atallah, Agnes Sayah (IB 2) and Judy Al Kayali (12 IP). Good luck to these young ladies!
Last day of school for the senior classes
World Scholar’s Cup


- Assembly: 12 April - The distribution of the Term 2 Honour Roll Certificates took place in Dobbing Hall. Congratulations to all the recipients. 18 April: students attended a special assembly in which the May Queen candidates gave their speeches. 19 April – the topic of this assembly presentation was “How to Be a Good Citizen”.
- Advisory: Week 10 – 16 April – The topic of the week was “The many ways we can take care of our environment in an effort to go-green”. Week of 23 – 27 April - “Being a Responsible Individual within the Family and the Society”: the topic of the week.
- Advisory Pictures: Every student in the Intermediate Section received a coloured picture of their Advisory Group (coloured - size A4).
- Social Media Survey: Grade 7 participated in a survey in which they filled out a questionnaire provided by NDU University. The participants’ names will remain anonymous and will help the NDU research department to evaluate the effect of social media on pre-teens in our country.
- Certificates Day for Intermediate students was held in Dobbing Hall on 28 March. In every subject the students ranking in the top 20% of their class received certificates of achievement. Well done to all.
- Brummana High School hosted the first World’s Scholar’s Cup in Lebanon on Sunday, 29 April. Fifteen students from the Intermediate Section participated and competed against students from other schools. We are proud to announce that our students excelled in many of the challenges that were presented throughout the day.
- Upper School Games Day was held on Friday, 20 April after school hours. The students competed in different games as part of their individual school team (Rizkallah, Waldmeier, or Little). Well done to all the students who participated with a spirit of great sportsmanship.
- Book Fair: 26 – 28 March: all the students had the opportunity to visit the Book Fair in the Meeting House which had a display of a variety of books of different topics and languages.
- Brevet: 27 April will be the last teaching day. The BHS Final Examinations will be held on 11, 14, 16, and 17 May.
- Upcoming Dates: The Crossing the Bridge Ceremony for all Grade 9 students will be held on 17 May at 1:00pm in Khoury Hall. Parents of Grade 9 students will be invited to this event during which the students will “Cross Over” from the Intermediate Section to the Secondary Section.
- Points for parents: with warmer weather approaching, we ask parents to make sure their children come in appropriate clothing to school. The T-shirts should not be short and revealing at the mid-riff and shorts should reach the knee. As for shoes, slippers are not allowed and sandals must have a strap at the back to prevent slipping and falling.

Games Day
Games Day

Science Department
- Participation in the 24th AUB Science, Maths, and Technology Fair 2018: On Saturday, 14 April and Sunday, 15 April 2018, fifteen BHS students participated in the 24th Annual Science, Mathematics, and Technology Fair that took place at AUB. From the Intermediate Section: Grade 7: Ryan Farah, Richard Srour and Andrew El-Kassis - Technology Invention project. Karl Eid - Technology, Model, and Demonstration. Carl Sadek - Science Research. Nathalie Milan and Stephanie Milan - Science Model and Demonstration. Grade 8 LP: Christelle El Hajj, Kareen Farhat, and Serena Abdel Massih - Science Research. From the Secondary Section: Secondary 2 LPS:  Stephanie Ashkar, Michel Ghaleb, and Tarek Yared - Science Model and Demonstration. Secondary 2LPS/Grade 11 IP: Michel Sadek and Kevin Farhat - Math Real World Model and Demonstration. All students competed in the Science, Maths, and Technology section. Out of the seven BHS projects that were presented at the AUB Science Fair, 4 projects won the following prizes: - Carl Sadek (Grade 7LP) won 1st place in the Intermediate category Science Research. - Karl Eid (Grade 7LP) won 2nd place in the Intermediate category Technology Model and Demonstration. - Michel Sadek and Kevin Farhat won 2nd place in the Secondary category Maths Real World Model and Demonstration. – Stephanie Ashkar, Michel Ghaleb, and Tarek Yared won 3rd place in the Secondary category Science Model and Demonstration. Many thanks to the following teachers who helped supervising and supporting the students at AUB: Juhaina Abou Fadel and Mohana El-Hajj.
At AUB  at LAU
At LAU  at AUB
- Participation in the LAU XX Annual Sciences and Arts Fair 2018: On Thursday, 12 April 2018, eighteen BHS students participated in the XX Annual Sciences and Arts Fair that took place at LAU: Grade 7 IP/LP: Hisham Al Abdul Hai, Marc Younis, and Aya Christina El Zein: Robot Sumo Competition. Grade 7 IP/LP:  Jennifer Freiha, Jenny Bader, and Rebecca Hayek: Open Biology and Engineering Competition. Grade 7 IP/LP: Carl Sadek, Karl Eid, and Rami El-Haddad: Balsa Bridge Design. Grade 8 IP/LP: Gio Abboud, Ralph Nasr, and William Nader: The Pinewood Derby Race. Grade 11 IP: Celia Decie Prescott: Detection of Genetically Modified Foods. Secondary 2LPS: Michel Ghaleb and Jennifer Bu Jawdeh: Physics Photo Contest. Secondary 2LPS: Tarek Yared, Michel Sadek, and Andrew Ibrahim: Building a Telescope. Many thanks to Lab Technician Juhaina Abou Fadel who helped supervise and support the students at LAU.

P. E. Department
- The BHS Boys 2005-2006 Team won first place in the Matn/Baabda Category of the Lebanese Schools Mini-Football Championship and qualified to the next round. Congratulations to the team and their Coach Mikey Sawaya.
- In the Lebanese Evangelical School Mini-Football Tournament, the Senior Boys Team won second place and the Senior Girls Team won third place. Well done!
- Several BHS students participated in Al Amal Institute Wheat Race which took place on 29 April. The winners were: Gabrielle Ghanime 1st place, Dani Chokr, Fadlo Abou Fadel, and Elie Abi Habib all won 2nd place each in his category, Joey Angalil 3rd place, and Frederick Aswad 4th place. Congratulations!
- In the Beirut Marathon 10K Women’s Race, in the 16-17 age group, BHS student Stephani Ashkar came 1st among the Lebanese participants and 5th internationally. Well done.
Al Amal Wheat Race 
Al Amal Wheat Race
Lower School News


- To celebrate Easter, the Elementary Section welcomed the Easter Bunny in Dobbing Hall where it entertained the children and later handed out goody bags for each child. Teacher Nancy Abou Rjeily grabbed the opportunity to explain Easter symbols. We thank the PA for this interactive event on this blessed occasion.
-  The annual Social Studies Competitions took place on 17 April for Grade 2, on 23 April for Grade 4, and on 26 April for Grade 6. The following students were announced as winners of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place consecutively: Grade 2: Sarah Melhem, Narineh Bou Jaude, and Elias Chahla. Grade 4: Marc Abou Jaoudeh, Marco Beainy, and Michelle Abi Haidar. Grade 6: Mark Nakfour, Henry Chedid, and Jade Khoury. We extend a warm congratulations to our heroes. Keep giving your best.
- On another note, Grade 4 student Yasmina Karam took the initiative and presented a BHS Waste Free- Programme to her fellow students. It was thoroughly researched and well-planned. We hope to start reducing our rubbish by committing to waste-free Thursdays from now on. Hopefully we will get to a point where BHS will be waste-free for one day. We commend Yasmina’s vision. 
- Meanwhile in the Arts Department, teacher Rola Dib has introduced Art Culture to the Elementary curriculum. Students have been learning and exploring art culture from around the world, as well as art movements in history.
- Now Elementary students and teachers have started preparing for the May Festival entitled “Broad May Festival” 2018. This year’s theme is in the spirit of Broadway musicals suggested and prepared by Miss Lama Najjar, our drama teacher.

SST Contest - Gr 2
SST Contest - Gr 4


- KG 2 and KG 3 students are preparing for our May Festival Show. Little ones are looking forward to show their parents their talents on stage. They will perform dances to songs from various countries.
- KG 2 students are enjoying the spring season.  They made colourful butterflies and pears. 
- On 20 April, KG 3 students visited the Kafaat College. They were divided into three groups, and each group worked with a cook and 2 of his assistants. They spent the morning preparing a 3 course menu, and then they all gathered in the dining area to eat the lunch that they had cooked. The trip was highly educational for the students; they learned many things. Detailed pictures of the trip are available at the Secretary’s Office if you wish to see them.
- Please encourage your children to eat breakfast before coming to school. Students frequently come to our office complaining of headaches, stomach cramps, and feeling tired. In some cases, this is due to hunger.
- Kindly send a cap with your child to keep at school till the end of the year. The students are playing outdoors, and they need protection from the sun. 

Kafaat Visit
Kafaat Visit


Congratulations To...
Lower Elementary Homeroom teacher Eliane Mrad who delivered a baby girl, named Ma-Vie, on 6 April 2018.



The Old Scholars’ Association held its fifth session of the Panel Discussions on 16 April 2018 at the OSA Clubhouse with Guest Speaker Ayad Baban, OS graduate of the year 1964, holder of a BSc. in Mathematics, who later attended programming courses at IBM and learned about coding systems. He also worked at IBM for a number of years in Saudi Arabia. He later moved back to Lebanon in 1996 to work at M.O. Ghandour as an HR Manager. Our audience consisted of current BHS scholars and a few old scholars. The topic was “Appraisal and Performance”, which aimed at helping the younger school graduates understand the working world once they have graduated from school and later on from university. Mr. Baban explained to them how appraisal works in the business world, the difference between targets and objectives, and how to set check points to measure performance accurately. He also advised that during interviews they should focus on body language, not just degrees and experience attained.



- Grade 7 LP and Grade 3 LP students Karl and Yasmina Eid for donating books to the Elementary Libraries.
- Friend of the school Barbara Roberts for donating $189 to the Financial Aid programme.

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