BHS Monthly Newsletter --- Vol. 21 No. 8 --- 5 June 2018


- I have the pleasure of announcing our upcoming major theatre production: Monkey King. The BHS Drama Club and IB Theatre Group, in collaboration with the Lebanese American University, will be presenting the play on Friday and Saturday, 8-9 June at 8:30pm in the BHS Amphitheatre. Monkey King is a collective creation directed by our drama instructor Omar Moujaes and adapted from Wu Cheng’en’s Journey to the West. Tickets for 10,000LL (students) and 15,000LL (adults) are available at the BHS Bookshop. Hurry up and secure your tickets before they are sold out!
- I am happy to invite you to the Art Department’s Annual Art Exhibition featuring Light and Shadow Installations. The exhibition will take place in the Meeting House on 8 and 9 June at 3:30-7:30pm. Come and check it out.
- I wish you all a happy and relaxing summer!


Our Bursar, Raymond El Feghali, represented BHS at the Independent Schools’ Bursars Association (ISBA) conference and annual general meeting in Brighton, UK, on 9-10 May. As always, the event's emphasis was on professional development, offering school professionals the chance to hear from expert speakers on the key operational issues affecting them and their schools. In addition to the opportunities for networking and sharing best practice with colleagues at the conference, attendees benefited from a dedicated exhibition of more than 120 professional advisers and suppliers to the independent education sector. The keynote addresses were: ‘Independent Schools Council Briefing: The Political Landscape’, ‘Brexit - where are the goalposts today?’, ‘A changing educational landscape - where are we going?’, and ‘Disruptive technologies - a good or bad thing for schools’. Other sessions that the Bursar attended throughout the two days were: ‘The future of technology in our schools’, ‘GDPR Clinic’, ‘The modern bursar - how well equipped are you to succeed?’, and ‘How bursars can play a more active and rewarding role in the life of their schools’. The Bursar found the conference a valuable opportunity to learn about new developments, exchange views, and discuss problems.


On 21 April, Brummana High School hosted its Fifth Spring Workshop entitled “Towards Independent Learning.” This educational event involved teachers and administrators from BHS and ten other schools. Since the main theme of the workshop carries within it a plethora of educational views and techniques that need to be explored and implemented, twenty-seven presentations were offered, six of which were given by presenters coming from other schools. The workshop, organised by Head of Elementary Section Shatha Abu Khalil in coordination with Vice Principle George Rizkallah, was indeed a tremendous success and enticed attendees and presenters to pursue research towards empowering more confident learners who can handle ongoing change in the world. That concept was emphasized in the speech of the Keynote Speaker, Dr. Walid El Khoury, who shed light on the need for change in this fast-paced world.


We are pleased to have initiated a website redesign and mobile phone app with digital marketing agency Vibrant Lab. You will see the results soon. One new feature will be genuine testimonials from students and parents, so please send any comments about the school to for your testimonial to be included.


Please note that in order to receive report cards, all books on loan must be returned and all fines and tuition fees must be settled.


Next year’s tuition fee invoices will be given out with the report card for the eldest student in each family. First payment of tuition fees and the bus registration fees is due by 1 September.


- The Summer Camp Office is now open for registration. Dates for the BHS Summer Camp 2018 are as follows: Day Camp – Ages 3-5 and 9-15 years > 4 July till 21 August; Ages 6-8 years > 5 July till 21 August; Boarding Camp – Ages 6-15 > 9 July till 19 August. Please check the summer camp website and brochure for further details.
- Any Secondary student interested in a position as a Summer Camp Monitor should download an application from the summer camp website, complete it, and submit it to the Receptionist as soon as possible.


The BHS Parents Association thanks everyone who made the May Festival so successful, especially the staff, students, friends of BHS, and parents. The festival started at 10:00am with an opening ceremony by the scouts followed by the Infant Section where students moved from one country to another, then the students of Lower and Upper Elementary arrived to Broadway or “BroadMay”, even the Muay Thai Show. Later we had the performances of the Intermediate and Secondary students. Carina and Leona Harfouche won first prize in the Intermediate Section, and in the Secondary Section the first prize went to Gabrielle Ghanimeh and Michael Ghaleb, and the second prize went to Rudy Zalzal, Jennifer Abu Jawdeh, Tia Najjar, and Michael Sadek. Mabrouk to all the Tombola prize winners and many thanks to all our donors. Tony Baroud added to the excitement of the basketball game between parents and students. This was followed by a fashion show from Dima Stores and Marina K. Then the comedian Tony Abou Jaoude presented a stand-up comedy segment. At 5:45pm Michel and Charbel Attallah from Mandaloun Show gave an exciting percussion show. We also honoured our dearest Principal, Dr Walid El Khoury, for his support. At 6:30pm the May Queen competition started. It was animated by a butterfly show. The five competitors were: Nour Abi Fadel (May Queen 2018), Chloe Attallah (1st runner up), Yvanna Rouphael (2nd runner up), Agnes Sayyah, and Judie Al Kayali. Congratulations to all these beautiful and smart girls. Don't forget "Together We Succeed" and every member counts.


Brummana One Group started the month of May with a Group Picnic, which had to be held on campus due to the unpredictable weather. Four of our members, Kelly Kanaan, Gabriel Khabbaz, Edward Prescott-Decie, and Samir Bujawdeh from the Green Units for Guides and Boy Scouts completed their “Second Scout” level and are now appointed as Patrol Leaders. We are very proud of you! Meanwhile the Clan attended lectures on job interview skills with Former BR1 member, Edmond Goraieb and another session on drug awareness with BR1 Group Leader. Thank you Eddy for always supporting the group!
Brevet /Baccalaureate Exams
The Brevet exams commenced on 30 May, and the Lebanese Baccalaureate exams for GS/LS/SE will commence on 6 June.


- On 26 and 27 May, the BHSMUN team hosted its 3rd Annual BHSMUN Conference, welcoming over a 100 delegates from 13 schools around Lebanon. The conference included 5 committees: GA3 (social, cultural and humanitarian affairs), SOCHUM (eradication of religious intolerance), IAEA (nuclear disaster prevention and response), ICJ (Nicaragua parliamentary changes), UNHCR (refugee trafficking), and Lenin’s Cabinet (New Economic Policy for Russia under Lenin). Our Keynote Speaker Mr. Khaled Kabbara, Assistant Liaison Officer of the UNHCR, came and spoke to the delegates about their role in the future of the diplomatic world. Our student organization team excelled once more and the conference was a tremendous success.
- On 25 May, the May Festival took place. Parents, students, staff, and guests, spent a wonderful time enjoying the diverse programme for that day. The Secondary Section talent show featured a myriad of performances by our talented young musicians, singers, and dancers: Isabelle Saad, Rana Moukarzel, Tia Najjar, Rudy Zalzal, Gabrielle Ghanimeh, Michel Ghaleb, Jessi Jandah, and Maria Makhlouf and her dancing club impressed everyone with their talents.
- Congratulations to Nour Abi Fadel for being selected as May Queen 2018, Chloe Atallah as 1st Runner-up, and Yvhanna Rouphael as 2nd runner up.
- The Upper School Field Day took place on 21 May. Students competed in the different sports and celebrated this day with energy and determination.
- Students of teacher Nayla Matta from Sec. 2 LP sat for the B2 DELF examination at the French Institute on 31 May 2018. We wish them the best of results!
- Report cards for graduating students were distributed on 31 May, 2018. Students can pick up their caps and gowns starting 4 June, 2018.
- For all Grade 10-11 students, Monday 11 June and Tuesday 12 June will be optional review days in case they have questions for teachers. The same applies to Thursday, 14 June in case it is not the first day of Al-Fitr holiday.  Kindly note that on the calendar Thursday 14, June is not a full day, and buses will leave at 1:00pm. Hence, on the three abovementioned days, no regular classes will take place. Finals will extend through the following days: Thursday, 14 June, and Wednesday to Friday, 20 to 22 June, 2018.


- Advisory: Week 7 – 11 May: The week’s topic was “Gratitude”. Students were encouraged to analyse their life and to list what they were grateful for. Having then compared their life to that of a refugee, their list of gratitude grew longer. Week 28 May – 1 June: Preparing for the final examinations: Advisers spent the last two sessions helping students understand the logistics of the Final Examinations and fine tuning their study skills.
- The Crossing the Bridge Ceremony was held in Khoury Hall on 17 May. All Grade 9 students were awarded certificates and read out quotes in the presence of Dr. El Khoury, staff, and parents. The ceremony ended with Grade 9 students bidding farewell to their Intermediate Head of Section, “Crossing the Bridge”, and being greeted by the Head of the Secondary Section.
- Brevet: The last teaching day for Brevet students was 27 April. They came back for their BHS Final Examinations on 11, 14, 16, and 17 May. The Government Official Examinations began on 30 May. We wish our Brevet students all the best.
- DELF Examinations were held on 29 May on the BHS Campus and on 30 May in the French Cultural Institute in Beirut. We wish our Grade 7 and 8 students who sat for these exams the best of luck.
- Trips: Grades 7 and 8 enjoyed a long day of hiking and sports near Shabrouh Dam in the mountains of Faraya on 11 May. Grade 9 students went on the annual trip to Jbeil. There they enjoyed a sunny day on boats and walking in the old souks.
- World Scholar’s Cup: several students from Grades 7, 8, and 9 along with students from other schools participated in this event at BHS, which was hosted in Lebanon for the first time. The event included competitions in writing, debating, and educational riddles. It was a great experience for the participants.
- May Festival: Several Intermediate students competed in the Talent Show during the May Festival on 25 May. Some sang, others danced, and some played musical instruments. Well done to all those who participated.
- Sports Medals Event: On 4 June, students who won in the Field Day events on 21 May were awarded medals.
- Theatrical Day will take place on 11 June. Grade 9 students will be presenting five short plays.
- Fabriano Art Awards were presented to the Grade 7 winners, Julianne Khoury and Selina Riachy, in Dobbing Hall on 31 May.
- Summer Reading:  All students received letters listing the English, French, and Arabic novels to be read for next year. The books will be sold in the school bookshop starting next week, and students will be tested on the novel within the first two weeks of the next academic year.  
- Dates to Note: Last day of teaching is Thursday, 14 June. All students will return for their Final Examinations on 20, 21, and 22 June.
The Intermediate Family wishes everyone a pleasant and relaxing summer.


- During the SST classes in 5B and 5C, teacher Nancy Abou Rjeily conducted LTA (Learning Through Action) sessions, where the students learnt the meaning of the new Lebanese Proportional Electoral Law. She created two lists in each class. Students made their electoral speeches to rally the votes and made IDs that were used during the voting process. In 5B, Jennifer Bou Faysal was elected president, and in 5C Rawad Bou Akl won the same post.
- The May Festival, entitled “BroadMay”, was simply grand. All the parents of the Elementary Section enjoyed their children’s dances on stage. We commend everyone’s efforts towards making the day a successful one, particularly PA Chairperson Dina Bechara and all members of the Parents’ Association, Mrs Lara Ashkar, and especially Lama Najjar, our drama teacher, who chose the musicals and prepared the music for all the classes.
- In preparation for the Field Day, the three houses elected their Captains and Vice-Captains in the UE section. The results were as follows: Waldmeier Captain - Sami Ashkar, Vice-Captain - Chriss Jarjoura. Little House Captain - Carl Smayra, Vice-Captain - Maygen Naasan. Rizkallah House Captain - Henry Chedid, Vice-Captain - Johnny Geara. Congratulations to all. We expect to see your sportsmanship on the field. The UE Field Day is on the 6 June, and the LE Field Day is on 8 June at 11:00am. 
- We are proud to announce that our students and their parents have taken part in the draw-a-thon in Grades 1 and 2, and math-a-thons in Grades 3 to 6, to help raise money for the Children's Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL). The draw-a-thon raised LL 3,356,250, and the math-a-thon raised LL 2,038,000, thus the Lower Elementary students collectively raised LL 5,394,250 for the cause. The UE sum was LL 4,102,500 for the St. Jude Cancer Center by way of the math-a-thon contest. We wish health to all the patients.


- KG 2 and KG 3 students gave a wonderful performance on 25 May during the May Festival. They danced to international songs wearing beautiful costumes. I would like to extend a big thanks to PA Chairperson Dina Bechara and her team for providing us with everything we needed for this festival.
- KG 1 teachers enhanced what they taught their students in the classroom by taking them to visit the zoo, where they saw different kinds of animals.  Students also had a great day out at a farm interacting with the various animals.
- KG 3 students visited the first grade classrooms on Wednesday, 30 May. The purpose of this visit was to familiarize the children with their surroundings for the next year. Be sure to “get the scoop” from your child on this exciting mini introduction to first grade.
- Infant Section students are preparing for the Field Day which will happen on 8 June.
- KG 3 students are also preparing for their graduation ceremony by practicing for the songs and writing sentences about what they would like to be when they grow up.
- Our value for the months of May and June is Happiness. We teach your children that happiness is an attitude of choice. They can always choose to be happy.  We emphasize happiness by encouraging them to:
  • participate enthusiastically in activities
  • express feelings freely, whether it is laughing or crying
  • enjoy friendship and have a positive approach towards everyday dealings


Congratulations to…
- Elementary teacher Rana Chartouny Kozaily who gave birth to a baby boy, Joe, on 28 February.
- Upper School teacher Nelly Rabbath who gave birth to a baby girl, Serena, on 7 May.
- Head of Secondary Section and Chadi Nakhle and his wife Head of Computer department Christina Nakhle who gave birth to a baby girl, Trinity on 2 June 2018.


The BHS Old Scholars’ Association held its annual Graduates’ End of Year Gathering on 18 May 2018 at the amphitheatre, in the presence of OSA Board members George Obeid ’78, Emily Kanaan Salem ’82, and Michel Azar ’04; along with the secretariat representing the OSA Board President Nazih Khattar ’66; BHS Principal Dr Walid El Khoury; Head of Secondary Section, Chadi Nakhle, and a few BHS seniors’ teachers were also present. The dinner party commenced at 7:00pm with a few words from the BHS Principal, then Mrs Salem welcomed the students, and Mrs Caroline Zayoun encouraged the new young Old Scholars to attend OSA round table discussions and keep the bond. OSA Board members presented a cheque for $5,000 to the Head of the Prom Committee, Mr Omar Abouchamat. The graduates were also given OSA ID cards which are valid for 5 years (free membership) along with copies of the 26th International Convention Yearbook. Congratulations to all our new OSA members and 2018 graduates.
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