BHS, now an IB World School, is pleased to welcome the 1,163 students from 46 different nationalities and varying backgrounds. BHS remains an attractive institution to many who seek quality education and good values for their children. Welcome to all our students, particularly the 154 newcomers, and to all our new and returning staff members. We look forward to a peaceful and productive academic year with a disciplined student body dedicated to service and academic excellence.


Congratulations to Dr Shereen Baz, class of 2005, on earning her PhD in Criminology from Loughborough University in England. Criminology is the study of crime, its causes and effects on society, and the rehabilitation of the criminal. Criminology is a new concept in Lebanon which focuses around preventing crime, while upholding human rights of both victims and offenders.


- The BHS Parents' Association wishes the students a fruitful year, full of success.

- The Parents' Association held their Annual Coffee Morning on 18 October at Deir El Kalaa Country Club, which was attended by many parents. The purpose of the event was to welcome new parents into the BHS family; therefore, we are very glad that we met new faces who are eager to support us in all our upcoming events, which are held to raise money for scholarships and enhancing school premises. During this gathering, a presentation was given by old scholar Sally Riachi about "Healthy nutrition that starts at home and continues at school" which was very interesting. A big thanks goes to Sally for her continuous support.

- The PA is ready for any suggestions that you may have, just contact the chairperson Zeina Zeinoun at 70/157729 or

Volume 20, Issue  —  21 October 2016

- The year started with a lot of activities in the Secondary Section, on both the academic and extra-curricular levels.

- The make-up procedures for Secondary students have changed this year to better serve our students. Make-up exams will take place on Saturdays in order to avoid missing classes for that purpose.

- Progress reports will be distributed on 27 October, 2016 for all Secondary students.

- University orientation sessions have started for Grades 11 and 12. AUB orientation will take place on Thursday, 20 October 2016. LAU is scheduled for Thursday, 03 November. NDU is scheduled for Thursday, 10 November and UOB for Thursday, 17 November.

- Universities from abroad also began their visits to BHS. Secondary students had an orientation session with the New York Film Academy and another session with Vatel, the internationally reputed Business and Hotel Management University which has its main campus in Switzerland along with 35 other campuses around the world.

- On 27 October, and in collaboration with the British Council, 8 British universities will be exhibiting their programmes to our Secondary students in the US Library.

- The College Counsellor, Michelle Akra, began working with seniors on college applications and recommendation letters since 28 September. She is available on Campus many days per week, and will remain so till the end of the application period.

- As of this year the traditional Back to School Night in the Secondary Section has been replaced by an IB orientation session for parents and students of grades 9 and 10 IP. The orientation took place on 13 October, 2016. Dr Khoury, the Principal, presented the programme to the audience along with support from Zeina Misk, Theory of Knowledge (TOK) teacher, Lisette El Hajj, responsible for the Extended Essay (EE) and Chadi Nakhle CAS coordinator. Two IB students, Roupina Maalouf and Alex El Adem, also shared their experience with the audience.


- Beginning of the year at BHS:  Welcome to our 223 Intermediate students, their parents, and our teachers for the new academic year 2016 – 17.

- Orientations were held for all classes prior to the first day of school, according to the following:  Grade 7 on 9 September - Grade 8 on 8 September - and Grade 9 on 2 September. We were very happy to have many parents join us for these important events.

- First Day of School: Grade 9 classes began on 5 September and Grade 7 and 8 began classes on 15 September. We hope for a peaceful and smooth academic year for all.

- Assemblies: 16 September – a special gathering was held to welcome all students, introduce the new students, and to remind them all of their obligations and our expectations for the year. 23 September – The topic for this assembly was Academic Integrity and the importance of honesty and avoiding plagiarism. This was followed by a special presentation held by Head of Computer Department Christina Nakhle- on the proper usage of “Moodle”. 29 September – stories on ‘Showing Kindness to Others” were read out. 6 October – The topic for this gathering was respect. The students listened to 3 short stories depicting respect between children and adults, as well as children respecting one another.

- Advisory: The initial advisory session was spent with the group getting to know their adviser, one another, and the new students. In the coming two weeks, the advisers will be in the process of meeting one-on-one with each of their advisees. Together, the adviser and the student, will fill out a “profile form” which will include the student’s strengths, weaknesses, hopes, fears, hobbies, interests, aspirations, and academic or social issues etc.

- Counsellor Luma Naccache has been setting up meetings with all new students and all Grade 7 students to ensure their smooth adjustment to their new environment. Parents are encouraged to meet with Ms Luma, if they feel they need guidance with their children. Ext. 216.

- Moodle is an online tool for students and parents to be used as means of follow up on homework and classwork and communication between teacher and students. Last week, all students received their passwords and usernames to access Moodle from home.

- Clubs – all students have the opportunity to participate in one of 24 clubs being offered by the Secondary Section every Monday at 11:30 am.

- Back to School Night was held for parents of Grades 7 and 8 on 13 October. Parents visited their children’s classrooms and listened to the different subject teachers describe the programme for the year.

- International Baccalaureate (IB) introductory session was held for parents of Gr. 9 and 10 IP in the Meeting House on 13 October.

- Points for parents: *Please make sure your child has labelled all their books, copybooks, and belongings. Many items are sent to the “Lost and Found”, but with no names.  *All students need to have a locker with a lock in which to place their iPads or other valuable items when they leave the building. *Please do not hesitate to call the Intermediate Head of Section regarding any concerns about your child.


- The Infant Section is quickly becoming a little community. Children are establishing friendships, settling into the routine, and truly seem to be enjoying themselves. These first few days have been spent learning routines and expectations. New friendships have already begun. Thanks for the teachers' help in making this transition a smooth one.

- To all our new families, we hope that you and your children enjoy your time with us. We look forward to creating some wonderful memories with you and your child. All teachers are here to answer your questions and to help you in any way that we can. We aim to make your child’s experience a positive one. For all returning families, we look forward to another great year with you and your children.

- Infant students were introduced to the word "respect". They brainstormed ways to show friends respect, like including everyone in playtime games and sharing materials at school.

- KG 1 children are settling into the class routine and rules.  They are learning what it means to come to school and the different things we do here.

- KG 2 students enjoyed making a robot made of cardboard.  A walk around the school was refreshing to explore the changes of autumn.  KG 2 students also enjoyed doing piquage for shapes.

- KG 3 students enjoyed going for a walk around school and gathered autumn leaves.  Then, they pasted the leaves on an autumn tree that they had painted before. Moreover, KG 3 students enjoyed decorating their names, using colourful crayons to enhance the theme “Back to School”.

- Please make sure that students are on time for school: before 7:45 KG 2 / KG 3 and before 8:00 for KG 1.


- KG 2 students Jana & Nader Abdennour for donating books to the Infant classrooms and UE Library.

- Chair of Board of Governors Hani Aboul Jabine for donating LL 7,500,000 to the Financial Aid Programme.

- Friend of the school Jocelyn Campbell for donating LL 90,000 from the proceeds of her book “A Fountain of Gardens”, a collection of her paintings of Lebanese wild flowers, to the Financial Aid Programme.

- Gr. 1B student Tamara Nakfour for donating toys to the Infant Section.

- KG 2A student Jonathan El Hage for donating books to the Infant Section classrooms.

The next newsletter will be published at the beginning of the next academic year 2016/2017.

- It took months of preparations, planning, lots of advertising on social media, and TV Stations, to make the 25th Silver Jubilee International Convention a huge success.

- On 15 July 2016, OSA held its Annual Dinner at Grand Hills Hotel & Spa where the night was crowned with entertainment by 8e Art, who put on a spectacular show throughout the dinner until midnight when OSA President Mr Nazih Khattar ’66, along with his classmates (Class of 1966) were commemorated for their 50th Graduation Anniversary.

- On 16 July, 2016 the Annual General Assembly took place at the BHS Meeting House starting with the traditional Saj breakfast. Commencing at 11:00 am the speakers at the assembly were, OSA President Mr Nazih Khattar, Keynote Speaker, Dr Kamal Beyoghlow ’66, BHS Principal, Dr Walid El Khoury, Mr Raad Jarrah ’66, Chief Kameel Sawaya ’88 and OSA Accountant Michel Azar ’04.

- After the assembly the old scholars wore their fuchsia graduation caps, gathered for the group photo and then paraded down Brummana Main Street to thank the exhibitors and participants.

- The street party took place over two days, 16 & 17 July, 2016, where the stage boomed with performances by Homesick, Iyad Sfeir, Samba Dancers, Interactive Dabke, Fashion Shows and many more. We had an abundance of exhibitors, in addition to Souk El Tayeb. The highlight of the event was having the “Tree Gees”, a Bees Gees tribute Band, who came all the way from Italy to perform on Sunday (17 July) night and had the crowd go wild.

- Thanks to everyone who made this event a very successful one which was under the patronage of the Ministry of Tourism, sponsored by Landmark Group, Mena Capital and RYMCO. This event organised by 62 Events and OSA. We hope to see you all next year for the 26th International Convention which will take place from 7-9 July, 2017.



- Brummana One Group would like to welcome back all BHS students to the new school year 2016-2017. We hope it will be a fruitful experience for both students and educators.

- Br1 is a scouting group operating in BHS with the purpose of trying to make the world a better place, one small step at a time.

- Our meetings are held every Saturday from 5pm to 7pm in the BHS Basketball Court.

- We had a pretty action-packed summer this year. Our members and leaders raised funds for a charity, attended training camps in both Zahle and Saida, biked in Taanayel, camped with our veteran scouts in Swings, Mar Moussa with the help of the Old Scholars Association, participated in the OSA Silver Jubilee and the Lebanese Scout Association

The deadline for the 1st instalment of tuition fees and the bus registration fee was 1 September. Parents who have not yet paid should do so immediately. Please contact the Bursar if you envisage any further delay.



- Our students started the new school year full of life, energy and high expectations. It’s been almost a month living the busy BHS life, during which a considerable number of events has occurred. The Head of Elementary Section, Shatha Abou Khalil, welcomed students and explained the rules and regulations of the school. She also elaborated on the Quaker values, making sure the school ethos is planted in each heart in order to carry out the school motto: “I Serve”.  

- Since the children are at school to acquire new information and develop a healthy approach to gaining knowledge, teacher Rola Issa gave an interactive presentation to students during which learning acquisition skills were elicited. In the hope that those skills will be adopted and practiced to the point of becoming habitual, we will continue to follow up until we reach satisfactory results.

- Students Stephanie Ashkar 10 IP and Jennifer Bou Jawdeh 10 LP gave an assembly about their community service experiences. Stephanie travelled to Costa Rica where she helped villagers in Cuajiniquil. Jennifer met up with other scouts from around the world in Spain, where they shared their experiences.

Congratulations to:

- Antoine Zeinaty, Foreman, who was married on 31 July to Lara Hadchiti.

- Upper Elementary maths teacher Diana El Chidiac who married Mark Abou Hamad on 31 July.

- Lower Elementary teacher Helena Williams who was married to Assaad Abou Harb over the summer.

- Elementary Librarian, Jennifer Bou Zeid who was married to Rawad Kassir in August.



The Annual Walkathon will take place on Saturday, 29 October 2016 at 9:00am. Registration begins at 8:00am at the Main Gate. Parents, friends, staff, and students are all encouraged to walk and have fun with us, and at the same time, support a noble cause. The funds raised by the Walkathon will go towards the the St. Jude’s Children Cancer Centre of Lebanon and the Community Service Programme. We hope to see many of you.


We warmly welcome the following new staff who join us this academic year:

Lower School: Collette Ein Chaybeh (Teaching Assistant), Eliane Khairallah (Homeroom Gr. 1B), Eliane Mrad (Homeroom Gr. 3A, Special Social Studies Gr. 3), Rita Ghaya (Homeroom 2A, Special Social Studies Gr. 2), Theresia Chamat (Teaching Assistant KG 2-3), Tony Saade (Supervisor - Upper Elementary).

Upper School: Afaf Zeinoun (Social Studies), Fareed Halabi (English), Jean Tarabay (Intermediate Supervisor), Luma Naccache (Counsellor - Intermediate), Mansour Salemeh (Maths), Volunteer Marta Gimenez La Rosa (Spanish), Sofia Mazloum (English), Taj Kachaamy (Computer 6B, 6C, US).


Congratulations to the following staff who take on additional or changed responsibilities:

· Maral Abou Zeid changes from Teaching Assistant to a Homeroom Teacher

· Marie Al Ashkar is now Arabic teacher for KGIII

· Myrna El-Onaissy is Arabic Subject Co-ordinator for the Lower School

· Nancy Kazan is Social Studies Co-ordinator for the Lower School 

· Youssef Said has moved from the position of Upper Elementary Supervisor to IT Technician.


- Parents can access report cards, tuition fee statements, and pocket money statements (if applicable) online. The user name and password from the previous year is still valid. For lost passwords, please contact the Chief Accountant, Sami Geara, on ext. 272 for assistance.

- Parents of all new students have been notified of their user name and password by email using the email address of the nominated contact supplied on registration. Please contact the Registrar, Betty Ajhar, on ext. 249 if you did not receive an email.


All BHS students are insured 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, should they have an accident in Lebanon and require any subsequent medical treatment. Letters explaining the insurance policy and the procedures for distribution of insurance cards (which are also school ID cards) and listing the hospitals included will be sent home with each student. The list of hospitals covered will also be posted on the BHS website. In case of an accident, the insurance card should be presented at the emergency room of any hospital included in the policy together with the student’s Identity Card.


Thank you for your understanding and patience concerning the traffic congestion on the Lower School (LS) campus. To ease the congestion in the afternoon, access to the Basketball Court and the Elementary Drive will be based on the sections where your children are. A car entry card will be provided for each family with children in the LS, except for those using the School Bus.


- We have made great strides in information technology over the summer. Computers and LCD projectors were installed in all classrooms in the Science Block and Main Teaching Block. Five new computers were bought for the Writing Centre and four new student computers for the EFL Department. A fixed LCD projector was installed in the US Library. Six computers were added in the Library Building for IB students, and IB students now have access to the school Wi-Fi. All buildings were connected by fibre optic cables to the new server room. Smart switches and routers were installed in most buildings (work is in progress in Little Building and Fleisseh). New servers and smart fibre switches were installed in the Server Room.

- Work is in progress to renovate the school electrical backbone in a seven phase project.

- The stage in Khoury Hall was raised.

- Railings were installed on the stairs and parking between the Football Field and the road leading to Rizkallah Building.


Please be reminded that the school cannot be responsible for the supervision of students before 7:15 am in the morning.


The summer at BHS was busy as usual. Our school has great facilities and we are glad to share them with so many people. Over the summer months we hosted the following events: - The tennis facilities were used by the Brummana Sports Club from 25 June to 4 September. During this time, the Brummana Sports Club in collaboration with the Municipality of Brummana organized an invitational tennis tournament from 7-14 August in which 2 Arab players (Tunisian and Egyptian) and 50 local players participated. The semi-final and final matches were covered live on MTV. A ceremony was held on the last day of the tournament to announce the winners of each category and distribute the prize money, cups, and gifts.

- The BHS Summer Camp, during the period 4 July to 23 August, hosted 1,039 day campers (the highest number for 16 years) and 49 boarders. Students of 21 different nationalities participated.

- The 6-week BHS Summer Educational Programme, from 11 July - 19 August, was attended by 87 students (31 BHS, 24 SAT, 32 Summer Camp). Five students received private tutoring lessons. Subjects offered were: Arabic, English, Maths, Physics, and SAT and ranged from beginner to advanced levels (Elementary, Intermediate and Secondary, including a Pre-IB English Course.)

- The BHS OSA 25th International Convention was held on 15-17 July.

- For the 15th consecutive year the Al-Jana ARCPA group held a residential workshop at BHS entitled Janana Summer Encounter. Around 100 community workers, cultural activists, NGO representatives, animators, and librarians from the Arab world and beyond, came together from 24 to 30 August. The Janana Summer Encounter is a major regional forum for exchange and development of skills in the field of psychosocial support for marginalized children and children at risk. BHS old scholar Moa'taz El-Dajani (1973) is Founder & General Coordinator of Al-Jana.


- Please be reminded that written parental permission is required if a bus registered student who comes to school in the morning is not using the bus on the homeward journey. This includes US students who stay for after school activities.

- Written parental permission is required if a bus registered student wants to return by a different bus.


rally and topped it all off with our group summer camp in Dlaybe in which our members got to hike for more than 25km! Two of our members even got to attend an international scouts’ camp in Granada, Spain!

- That is all for now.  Stay tuned for more exciting news from your friendly local scouting group, Br1.

BHS students scored quite well in the Baccalaureate. Secondary III LS, GS, and SE passed the exam, with 4 students scoring “Good” & 5 students scoring “Very Good” All Brevet students passed with 5 students scoring “Very Good” and 9 students scoring “Good”

Lebanese Baccalaureate and Brevet Results

- SAT Test on Saturday, 3 December 2016 - Application deadline was on 10 October 2016

- SAT Test on Saturday, 21 January 2017 - Application deadline on 23 November 2016

- SAT Test on Saturday, 6 May, 2017 - Application deadline on 10 March 2017

- SAT Test on Saturday, 3 June, 2017 – Application deadline on 11 April 2017

Dates to Remember

- A SAT reinforcement class has been offered to grade 11 and 12 students, both IP and LP. The sessions are taking place on Monday and Wednesday afternoons.

- A SAT trial exam was also offered for grade 11 and 12 LP and IP students on 24 September. The purpose of the exam was to acquaint our students with the official SAT exams. Another SAT trial exam might be given later on during the year, if it is felt that there is a need.

- At the extra-curricular level, the traditional Upper School Clubs Fair took place on Monday, 26 September 2016. More than 30 clubs and committees were featured by our students. Students signed-up for their preferred club(s) and since then have been attending those club gatherings every activity period on Mondays and sometimes after school hours.

- Students of Theatre II, accompanied by Secondary Supervisor Charbel El Bacha, attended a play at AUB under the direction of the famous American actress Vanessa Redgrave on 29 September.

- Students in Grades 10 LP and IP have already started their community service adventure guided by the Community Service Coordinator and Secondary Supervisor Charbel El Bacha. Students of these grades were divided into 3 groups. Each Wednesday, one group visits Deir Al Rahme Elderly Home, another group stays at BHS to receive Al Amal residents with special needs and a third group forms the Christmas choir. The choir, under the direction of conductor Jules Youssef, will be performing for the Christmas Concert at BHS, and also at many centres, such as orphanages and homes for the elderly homes etc., to bring the Christmas spirit to those who need it most.

Crepe Sale

Clubs Fair


- The Principal, Dr Khoury, appointed the Prefects in the Secondary Section, after reviewing their letter of intents. A special ceremony was held in the assembly on 6 October 2016, where the 22 Prefects took the oath in front of the Principal and received their Prefect pins. The Prefects for this year are: Head Prefect: Celiner Tannous (Grade 12 IP). Depute-Head Prefects: Mayssa Abou Khalil (Sec. 3 SE) and Roy Makkar (12 IP). Senior Prefects: Jospeh Abou Samra, Christina Naufal Sacha El Saidi and Andy Hanna (Sec. 3 LP), Habib Kanj, Marlene Khneisser, Michel Mardini and Emma Jowdy (Grade 12 IP). Junior Prefects: Nour Abi Fadel, Joanna Abou Khazaa, Jospeh El Alam, Laetitia Nehme  and Rania Shalhoub (Sec. 2 LP),  Dana Yared, Roupina Maalouf, Rayan Naoum and Agnes Sayah (11 IP and IB1). Classroom Prefects:  Jennifer Bu Jawdeh and Michel Sadek (Sec. 1 LP), Stephanie Ashkar, Laetitia Khaled Feghaly, Kevin Farhat, Adrien Marc Touzot and Clara Zard (Grade 10 IP). Congratulations to the appointed Prefects.

- The Prom Committee was also appointed this year. The heads of the committee are Amir Moujaes (Sec. 3 LP) and Waleed Maalouf (12 IP), the treasurer of the committee is Tina Maria Abdo (12 IP) and the secretary of the committee is Sara- Luna Akl (Sec. 3 LP).

- Elections of the Student Council (BHSC) for grades 9-12 took place on 14 October. Students running for the presidency of BHSC gave a speech in both the Secondary and Intermediate Section assemblies on Thursday, 13 October, detailing their programmes. Our students exhibited a high sense of civic and democratic awareness on the day of elections. The results were as follows: President of BHSC: Iuns Nasri (12 IP), Vice President: Thomas Tarabay (Sec. 2 LP), Representatives: Omar Knio (12 IP), Joey Awad (Sec. 3 LP), Alexandra Touzot (IB1), Mia Safarian (11 IP), Rudy Saba (Sec. 2 LP), Talia Matar (10 IP), Tarek Yared (Sec. 1 LP), Megan Kazan (9LP) and Amanda Chouri (9 IP). Congratulations to the elected members of BHSC.

- International Day 2016 is scheduled for Friday, 21 October 2016. Students have already started preparing their countries’ representations and visiting Embassies for that purpose. An organization committee from students, headed by Lynn Hayek and Bana Husseini (Grade 12 IP), has been formed to coordinate all the efforts.

- On a different note, we are proud to congratulate student Selina Riachy for winning the Fabriano Art Contest held on 21 September 2016. She received her prize during the 6th Beirut Energy Forum. The exposition was held at Hotel Le Royal – Dbayeh in the presence of the Minister of Education, Elias Abou Saab. The exhibition displayed the selected top 20 drawings, of which Selina won first prize. Congratulations again.

· A student who is unwell is better kept at home. A student with temperature above 38C should be kept at home until the temperature has been normal for 24 hours.

· Please do not send Panadol/Tylenol with a student. Any student who needs Panadol/Tylenol at regular intervals should not be at school.

· With the onset of colder unpredictable weather, students are advised to come to school appropriately dressed and with jackets/coats.

· For those who haven’t completed and returned the Health Forms, please do so ASAP. If you have misplaced the form, additional ones can be obtained from the Sick Bay.

· Dr Mireille Zalzal Batrouni is available in the Sick Bay on Wednesdays and Fridays, 8:00-11:00a.m.


OSA 25th Silver Jubilee International Convention