BHS Monthly Newsletter --- Vol. 22 No. 2 --- 16 November 2018


We are now accepting applications for new students for the academic year 2019-2020. As we have limited spaces available, first priority will be given to siblings of students already attending BHS. Second priority will then be to children of BHS old scholars. Thereafter, priority will be given to early applicants. If you are considering applying to BHS, we encourage you to do so no later than 30 November 2018. Late applications will be reviewed and acceptance will depend on availability of places.


- All BHS students are insured 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, should they have an accident in Lebanon and require any subsequent medical treatment. The list of hospitals covered is posted on the BHS website.
- By now, parents should have received the student accident insurance/BHS ID cards and letters explaining the insurance policy and the hospitals covered. These were distributed in October. Please check that you have received your child/ren’s card/s. Any cards unclaimed by the end of November will be sent to the BHS Sick Bay where they will be available for collection.
- In case of an accident, the insurance card should be presented at the emergency room of any hospital included in the policy together with the student’s Identity Card.


- Car entry cards were distributed to each family with children in the Lower School, except for those using a school bus. In general, the system to ease the Lower School traffic congestion in the afternoons has been successful. Thank you to Lower School parents for respecting the system and following the guards’ directions.
- Please note that you may find it more convenient to arrive later to pick up your child/ren, since there is considerably less traffic in the Basketball Court by 3:20 pm (2:45 pm on Wednesdays) and in the Elementary Drive by 3:25 pm (2:50 pm on Wednesdays).


- Please be reminded that written parental permission is required if a bus registered student who comes to school in the morning is not using the bus on the homeward journey. This includes any students who stay for after school activities.
- Also, written parental permission is required if a bus registered student wants to return by a different bus.


The deadline for term 1 bus fees was 31 October. Parents who have not yet paid should do so immediately. Please contact the Bursar if you envisage any further delay.


The school is closed on Tuesday, 20 November on the holiday for the Prophet’s birthday and on Thursday, 22 November on the occasion of Independence Day.


- The Family Get-Together Day held by the BHS PA at school on Saturday, 13 October 2018 was very successful (around 250 people attended). Following this event, we are organizing many others during November and December: a Family Sports Day with a variety of sports classes for all the family, and a workshop entitled "How can Parents Help to Prevent Bullying". Dates will be announced soon.
- Our Annual Christmas Brunch will be on Thursday, 6 December 2018 at Afrah Hall, Grand Hills Hotel & Spa, Brummana at 10:30am with many special guests and surprises. You are warmly invited to attend and bring guests from the wider community. Proceeds from this event will benefit our students, as they go towards financial aid and support the facilities at the school. Tickets at $50 are available at the Bookshop, from each office in the Lower School Section, as well as from PA members. Should you need any further information concerning this event, please contact any PA member or Dina Bechara on 03-631363.



To celebrate the success of a great scouting year, Brummana One Group, with the support of the Lebanese Scout Association and Brummana High School, held its Annual Dinner on Saturday, 6 October 2018 in Khoury Hall. The dinner was attended by Brummana Municipality members, BHS Board members, the BHS Principal, BHS staff, the BR1 founder, and BR1 families, friends, and former Leaders, in addition to Leaders from the LSA (Mount District, South District, and Beirut District) along with EC, GD and MD Commissioners. Thank you to all those who helped make this dinner a truly unforgettable one. We also wish to thank all those who contributed monetary donations to help and support our group. A special thank you to BHS Principal Dr. Walid El Khoury for keeping BR1 an integral part of BHS for the past 17 years and for everything he has done for the school. We love you and wish you all the best.

SAT I Registration Dates 2019

Test Date Registration Deadline through BHS
9 March 2019 14 January 2019
4 May 2019 11 March 2019


- A SAT trial exam was given to all Grade 11 students and some students in Grade 12 on Saturday, 10 November 2018.
- Exam 1 for Secondary 3 LP started on 12 November and will end on 16 November 2018.
- Report cards for grades 10-12 LP, IP, and IB are due to be distributed on Tuesday, 4 December 2018. A parent-teacher meeting will take place on Wednesday, 12 December 2018 from 3:30 to 6:00pm.
- Mid-term progress reports for selected Upper School students were distributed on 26 October 2018.
- International Day which took place on 2 November 2018 was exceptional this year. The student organisation committee led by Jenna Al Yousif (Gr. 12 IP) and Clara Zard (IB 2) planned every detail related to this great event. A diverse show was presented organised by different clubs, such as Music, Dancing, MUN, Women Empowerment, Arts, and I Serve. Students also featured many global issues, especially a breast cancer awareness campaign by the I Serve Club.
A special tribute to Principal Dr. El Khoury was presented by Secondary 3 LP students. Michel Sadek (Sec. 3 LS) recited a poem about the meanings of true leadership embodied by our Principal. Students and Dr. El Khoury also cut a cake for the occasion. Secondary students presented more than 25 countries, through their food and other national aspects. The day was a celebration of diversity and tolerance, where students, parents, and staff had a wonderful time.
- The UOB orientation for seniors took place on 23 October, and the LAU orientation took place on 8 November 2018.
- The Elections of the Student Council (BHSC) for grades 9 to 12 took place on 6 November. Students running for the presidency of BHSC gave a speech in both the Secondary and Intermediate section assemblies on 1 November detailing their programmes. Our students exhibited a high sense of civic and democratic awareness on the day of elections. The results came as follows: President of BHSC: Stephanie Ashkar (IB 2), Vice President: Celine Madaghjian (IB 1), Representatives: Taha Sabounji (Gr. 12 IP), Pia Ibrahim (Sec. 3 LP), Nataly El-Bitar (IB 2), Alain Koussayer (Gr. 11 IP), Megan Kazan (Sec. 2 LP), Tia Najjar (IB 1),  Natalie Ashkar (Gr. 10 IP), Samir Bu Jawdeh (Sec. 1 LP), Remy Zalzal (Gr. 9 LP) and Maxime Touzot (Gr. 9 IP). Congratulations to the elected members of BHSC.
- Congratulations to Jennifer Bu Jawdeh (Sec. 3 LP) who is now the Secondary Section Head Prefect after the former Head Prefect Stephanie Ashkar (IB 2) was elected as the President of the Student Council.
- Leaders of the MUN Club Michel Ghaleb, Michel Sadek, Kevin Farhat, Stephanie Ashkar, and Tarek Yared participated in a conference by the Lebanese National Energy called “Mind the Gap” on Saturday, 10 November. Our students participated in different panels within the conference and had a valuable input.
 - On 30 October 2018, the Secondary assembly featured Synkers and its founder Ms. Audrey Nakad. Students were extremely interested to hear about this very successful start-up app.
-  Students of IB 1 participated in an IB Collaborative CAS experience on Saturday, 3 November. Escorted by the CAS Adviser Jessica Sebaaly, they helped together with their peers from other IB schools to clean Ramlit Al Bayda public beach.


- Assembly: 11 Oct.: Vice-Principal George Rizkallah explained the exemption policy criteria in an effort to encourage students to work hard with the aim of being exempted from the end of year examinations. 18 Oct.: “Empathy” was defined, and a short film of students talking about empathy was shown. 1 Nov.: – the candidates running for President of the Student Council gave their speeches. Intermediate students were encouraged to choose wisely, make their own choices, and vote for the person whom they believed would best represent the student body as a whole. The elections took place on 5 November.
- Advisory: 15 – 17 Oct.: – More discussions on “Study Skills” were held within the advisory groups. 22 – 24 Oct.: - Advisers held discussions on “Respect” and the many ways we can show our respect for others and our world. 29 – 31 Oct.: - Part 1 on Bullying in which general questions were discussed, such as the definition of bullying, the effects on the victim, and reasons why students bully others.  5 – 7 Nov.: - Part 2 on Bullying – 18 scenarios of bullying were put forward, and students discussed possible positive responses, how to stop the bully, and tactics to support the victim.
- Advisers have been calling parents of students who are struggling in two subjects or more. The aim is to establish regular contact between parents and their child’s Adviser in an effort to help our students reach their maximum potential.
- A Teachers’ Office Hours paper was sent home with students on 16 October. This paper lists the hours during which teachers are free to meet with parents. It also includes the teachers’ email addresses to facilitate parent teacher communication.
- Back to School Night for Grade 7 and 8 parents was held on 18 October. Over 70 parents attended and sat in their children’s classes, while teachers gave a brief session describing the textbooks, the year’s plan, class rules, and expectations.
- IB Orientation: Grade 9 parents were invited to this event aiming to answer all questions posed by parents of students who are planning to enter the IB Programme.
- International Day: This festive event representing different countries from around the world took place on 2 November. The event began with the Grade 7 parade of country flags, which was followed by songs and dances from around the world. Finally, students were able to enjoy the delicious food offered at the many different tables each representing a different country.
- Walkathon: Well done to all Intermediate students who participated in the Walkathon. They will all be receiving privilege cards.
- Upcoming Dates: 4 Dec. – Distribution of Term 1 Report Cards. 12 Dec. – Parent Teacher Meetings from 3:30 to 6:00pm.

P.E. Department News

- Congratulations to student Joey Angelil who participated in the Half-Marathon (21.1K) at the Beirut Marathon on 11 November and won first place in his age category (14-15 years) with the seriously impressive time of 1 hour 41 minutes.
- Well done to the 297 participants in the Annual BHS Walkathon on Saturday, 3 November. This year we were able to raise a total of 3,591,000 LL. Thank you to Elie SportsLand for donating 130 medals to the Lower School participants and to Le Ble for donating 15 dozen croissants.
- Congratulations to the BHS students who won at the Lebanese Aquathlon Challenge which took place at ATCL, Jounieh, on 21 October. In the girls under 18 category, Gabrielle Ghanimeh won second place and Lynn Ghanimeh won 3rd place.
- Well done to the BHS students who won at the ACS Swimming Competition which took place on 19 October. The results were as follows: 200 meters IM: Faye Abi Nafeh 1st. and Omar Hamati 2nd. 100 meters backstroke: Lynn Ghanimeh 1st. 50 meters free style: Omar Hamati and Maxime Touzot 1st. 100 meters free style: Lynn and Gabrielle Ghanimeh 1st. 50 meters butterfly stroke: Faye Abi Nafeh and Gabrielle Ghanimeh 1st. 100 meters breaststroke: Angela Riachi 1st. and Rayan Beiruti 2nd. 4x50 relay race: Lynn and Gabrielle Ghanimeh, Faye Abi Nafeh, and Angela Riachi all 1st place.



- During assemblies in the past few weeks, our students were shown how to make full use of their school bags while keeping them light on their backs. The key rule is to be organized with homework. Teacher Myrna Oneissy and the students of Gr. 5C demonstrated how to be efficient in packing.
- The School Nurse also gave students some guidelines on how to stay healthy. She included personal hygiene, diet, rest, and exercise tips.
- Teacher Lillian Alam introduced the Literacy Planet Word Mania Competition and gave each student his/her details to log into their account and practice their word- forming powers online. Round 1 is already under way and students are loving the game! Good luck BHS!
- Grade 6A presented an assembly on the origin and history of Halloween.
-  Teacher Lynn Majdalani addressed the importance of pets in children’s lives and how to care for one responsibly.
- HoS Shatha Abou Khalil read a book to Lower Elementary students entitled “I Can Make a Difference.”  The children understood that no matter how old one is, he/she can help in various situations and improve life around them.
- All Elementary classes went on educational trips. Grade 1 visited the theatre and watched a show by Ghinwa.  This spectacular play was not only lots of fun, but also provided a take-home message on the importance of healthy eating. After the performance, students went to Burger King where they went ‘behind the scenes’ and made their own burgers. Yummy! Grades 2 and 3 went on a scientific journey to Planet Discovery.  This science museum visit allowed students to understand the solar system and digestive system through hands-on activities. Grade 4 students went to Treasure Island. Grade 5 went to the National Museum. Grade 6 went to the Silk Museum in Bsous where they learnt how silk is made by silk worms. All Upper Elementary students went to one of the Burger King branches and saw how a burger is prepared. They enjoyed a meal there.



- The Infant Section started a new theme with the beginning of a new month: “RESPONSIBILITY”. All students are given responsibilities in which they can succeed. All classes have started to settle into the daily routine. As a class, they have discussed their responsibilities at school, one of which is cleaning up after a snack.
- KG I students enjoyed going on a nature walk to observe autumn changes. They are making crowns for Independence Day.
- KG II learners enjoyed doing autumn activities.  They visited the library and picked their library books.  They are currently preparing themselves for Independence Day.
- KG III students enjoyed painting their own creative paintings. They are currently singing and making crowns to celebrate Independence Day.
- Please note that Ms.  Rowina Al Ashkar is replacing Mrs. Hilarie Baz for the coming 3 months, and Mrs. Clemence El Zein is her assistant.  Please note that Mrs. Alexandra Milan will replace Mrs. Eliane Nehme for the coming 3 months.
- Infant Section Breakfast: In October, at the request of parents, we introduced an optional breakfast for KG 2 and KG 3 students (KG 1 students are already provided with a breakfast). The breakfast consists of: juice or milk, fruit, and on a daily rotation one of the following: za’atar mankoushe, or cheese mankoushe, or cheese pain au lait, or mini croissant. We hope that the breakfast service is successful and popular and has a positive impact on students’ health and attainment.


Congratulations to…
  • Upper Elementary maths teacher Mirvet Karam on the birth of a baby boy, Peter, on 24 October


- As part of the ongoing efforts of the Old Scholars’ Association (OSA) to connect with our old scholars and provide them with a place to meet, exchange ideas and discuss a wide range of topics, on 24 September 2018, the OSA hosted its 6th Round Table discussion on Bullying. The keynote speaker was Mrs. Dina Bechara - Parents Association Chair at BHS – who led a very informative and well received talk about bullying, what bullying encompasses, its symptoms, and ways to deal with it. The audience was wide and varied and included old scholars who are members of the BHS Board of Governors, BHS Parents’ Association, OSA Board as well as parents and teachers.
- The OSA would like to thank all our old scholars and friends of old scholars for their continued support of our activities and events, and we promise to continue to offer a wide variety of activities to cater to different preferences and interests, from networking events to tango lessons, to game nights such as Backgammon, Scrabble etc., to our exciting Round Table discussions covering different topics every month.  Please follow us on to know all about our events and activities.

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