On the occasion of Teachers’ Day, we have great pleasure in inviting all teachers to dinner on 8 March at 8:30pm at Cordoba Restaurant in Baabdat. Please RSVP with Rula Ashkar (ext 214) by Friday, 26 February 2016.


Parents who have not yet paid the second instalment of tuition and bus fees, which was due on 5 January, should do so immediately. If you have any difficulties, please contact the Bursar .


- On the occasion of Teachers’ Day the school is closed on Wednesday, 9 March 2016.

- For the spring vacation there are no classes from Friday, 25 March to Sunday, 3 April. Classes resume on Monday, 4 April. Boarders are expected to return on the afternoon of Sunday, 3 April.

- During the spring vacation the offices are closed for the Western Easter on Friday, 25 March (also Annunciation Day holiday) and Monday, 28 March.


In collaboration with Librairie Antoine, the annual BHS Book Fair will open on Sunday, 17 April 2016 from 4:30-7:00pm in the Meeting House. A book signing for Grade 9 LP student Tarek Yared’s book titled “Paragon” will be taking place at 5:30pm. During the opening session visitors will benefit from a special discount on all purchases. The fair will continue on Monday, 18 till Friday, 22 April, inclusive, from 8:30am-4:00pm. We hope to see you all.


The BHS Parents’ Association will be holding their Annual Mothers’ Day Dinner on 18 March at Le Royal Hotel’s Ruby Ballroom in Dbayeh at 8:30pm. The event will include a live band and singer as well as a lot of other surprises. We hope you will be able to join us for an evening which will surely be unforgettable. Tickets for $80 per person will be available with all PA members, or on this number: 70-157729. We wish all mothers a Happy Mother's Day in advance.



Volume 19, Issue 5 —  25 February 2016

- CIE Exams: IGCSE & AS/A Level: Please note that students who have committed to take IGCSE & AS/A Level exams but have not paid the fees cannot be registered for the exams until all fees and related penalty charges are paid. Increased penalty fees ($143 per subject) will apply from Monday, 4 April. For details please see the invoice or the letter regarding CIE exam registration from the CIE Examinations Officer, dated 1 December 2015.

- On 16 February, all Secondary students were accommodated in computer labs throughout the day, to take a survey aiming at better understanding their needs.

- On 17 February, mid-year report cards were distributed to Secondary students.

- Also on 17 February, a Fire Drill was operated in the Upper School, to test our readiness to face such emergencies.

- On 18 February, the Secondary Section assembly featured two teams from the Red Cross who gave two different presentations. The first aimed at recruiting volunteers as first-aiders, and the second dealt with the dangers of technology addiction on the youth of today.

- Certificates Day in the Secondary Section, as announced on the school calendar, will take place during assembly today, 25 February.

- As previously announced in a letter sent to certain parents of Secondary 3 SE students, reinforcement classes for those students under-achieving in Math, Economics and/or Sociology will begin on Saturday, 27 February and will extend over 6 Saturdays.

- Under the Umbrella of the Photography Club and the Arts Department, a Photography and Arts Exhibition is planned to take place alongside the Book Fair during the month of April. The theme of this exhibition is Environmental Art. Photography Club Advisor Hanna Daher addressed students during assembly and encouraged them to send photos to take part in the exhibition. In parallel, the Art department


- Assemblies: 11 Feb. – The students listened to a reading on the theme of: “Do not judge others. Everyone has their own pain”. 16 Feb. - The girls attended a special presentation given by a representative from “Always” on the importance of proper hygiene. 18 Feb. - A talk was given about the importance of protecting the environment and students were encouraged to join the “Art Recycling Club” at BHS.  

- Advisory: 28 Jan. – Advisers worked with their students to ensure they are prepared for the Mid-Year Examinations. Study schedules were prepared and different methods of revising were discussed as a group. 18 Feb. – Students, whose grades on the mid-year examinations were below the required level, met one-on-one with advisers to revise study skills in an aim to help students improve their academic performance in the coming days.


- BHS participated along with many other schools in the Lebanese Schools Championship for Baabdat, Metn District: Jamhour, Chamapville, Saint Joseph, Sagesse Brasilia, Rozaire, LES Baabda, Mont La sale, Antonine Baabda, and Val Pere Jacque. BHS students did really well. The Basketball Junior Girls Team and the Senior Girls team both won first place in



- Lower Elementary students learned about the value “diversity” through an assembly by Grade 3B. The 1C students shared their thoughts about love with their schoolmates during another assembly.

- The first and third graders learned how to spell many new words while preparing for the Spelling Bee Contest. In Grade 1, Maria Sophie Abi Karam came first, Jad Hajjo Rifaii came second, and Yoann Hitti came third. In Grade 3, Adam Matar was in first place, Laith Sabri in second place, and Rayan EL- Beyrouthy in third place. Bravo!

- Grade 2 students are preparing for their SST Contest about capitals.

- In the Jamhour School Swimming Competition: Omar Hamaty (3B) won 1 gold medal and 2 silver medals, Karl Eid (5B) won a silver medal, and Jennifer Bou Faysal (3B) won a bronze medal. Well done to all three students!

- In the 2015 Oxford Reading Competition, our students Edward Prescott–Decie and Carl Sadek were both selected to appear in front of the British Council jury. Both were chosen as Top Three winners and received valuable prizes. Congratulations!


- It’s a month of red hearts, valentines, and special cards made for special people! Students prepared valentine cards for their loved ones.

- This month as we talk about friendship and love, we emphasize the importance of making new friends and playing together.

- KG1 students enjoyed learning about hot and cold. They were given ice cubes to touch and observe what happens to them when warmed up.

- KG2 students have been working hard on the winter season theme. They made igloos and penguins. They will also make a mouse mask since they will be studying the letter “m”.

- KG3 students listened to the fable "Stone Soup”. Afterwards they prepared and enjoyed a delicious vegetable soup with their teachers.

- KG3 students are also doing a great job reading their take home books and using the sounds they know to write words during journal time.  They will learn this coming week all about analogue and digital clocks.

- The Infant Section celebrated "Fruity Friday" on 29 January. The children discussed and ate fruits that are rich in vitamin C. 


- KG 2 student Ghiwa El-Beyrouthy for donating used toys for use in the Infant Section classrooms.

- KG 1 students Jana & Nader Abdennour who donated a book to the Infant Section.

- Grade 1A student Raymond Abi Khalil for donating balls to the Grade 1A classrooms.

- Head of English Department Lisette EL Hage and Grade 4B student Catherine Abi Karam who donated books to the Elementary Libraries.

- Publisher and supplier Librairie du Liban for donating a revolving book stand to the Thomas Little Memorial Library.

The Newsletter will be published once a month. If you would like to receive a free copy of the Newsletter by email, please send an email with “subscribe” in the subject line to: najat.wakim@bhs.edu.lb.

You are Invited

The Old Scholars’ Association 25th Silver Jubilee International Convention will take place on 15, 16, and 17 July 2016. The 3-day programme will include a Gala Dinner, Assembly, and Street Party in addition to other festivities which will be announced soon. We urge the 2016 BHS Graduates to save this date in their calendars and join us. We ask all students whose parents are old scholars to encourage them to join us as well. BHS staff are also welcome to join the festivities. We aim at keeping the BHS community connected, vibrant and beneficial to old and young generations, and this should include everyone who holds BHS dear to their heart. We look forward to having a great convention this coming July and to see you all.


PA Dinner PosterBHSMUN 2016 PosterHealthy FruitsGrade 1 Spelling BeeOSA Convention


is also working on environmental art projects with students which will also feature in the exhibition.

- Community Service: On Saturday, 20 February, and as is traditional at BHS, 70 less privileged kids from Dar El Awlad – Mansourieh were invited to spend the day at BHS with more than 40 Secondary students who volunteered for that purpose.  The kids arrived at 10:00am. After breakfast, they played several sports games with our students for 3 hours. Lunch followed, and an entertainment programme fully prepared by Secondary students. At 5:00pmM, the kids left each with a gift and a smile on their faces.

- The Easter Choir under the leadership of the Secondary Section supervisor and Community Service Coordinator Jules Youssef have already begun their rehearsals every Monday during Activity Period. The Easter Concert will take place on Tuesday, 22 March, 2016.

- A European NGO based in Spain under the name of “Your Ideas, Your Initiatives” which works on Road Safety and Mobility alongside international schools from around the world sought to engaged

- Brevet: Important Modified Dates:

  ~  7 to 11 March: Examination 2

  ~  4 May 2016: Last Teaching Day for Grade 9 LP

  ~  6 - 15 May: Retreat to Study

  ~  16 - 19 May: BHS Final Examinations

  ~  20 May: Teachers correct exams with students

  ~  20 - 30 May: Retreat to Study

  ~  31 May: Brevet Government Examinations begin

- Mid-Year examinations were held on 2 – 5 Feb in a quiet and smooth flowing atmosphere.

- Mid-Year Report Cards were distributed on 17 February. Students, whose report card showed concern, were asked to get the report signed by their parents and returned to the HoS Office.

- Fire Drill for all Upper School students was carried out and completed in less than 8 minutes during which the students were able to evacuate all buildings and line up by class on the lower sand field.

- Student Survey: On 18 Feb., all Intermediate students were sent to the Computer Labs to fill out a survey related to the school.

- Oxford Royal Academy: We have posted information regarding the summer school the academy is offering to international students. Those who are interested should check their website.  

- Photography Art Fair: Students who like to take pictures, and would like to enter their photos in a competition, should select their best picture and submit it to teacher Hanna Daher. The winning photos will be displayed in an upcoming BHS Photography/Art Fair exhibition.

- Points for Parents: If your child stays after school for a school sports activity, please make sure they understand that once the training is over, they should wait for you on the inside of the main gate near the guard and not wander around campus.

their categories. The Junior Boys Futsal Team also won first place. Congratulations to all 3 teams who now qualify for the Mount Lebanon Governorate Championship.

- Congratulations to Gabriel Ghanimeh who won a Gold Medal at the Jamhour School Swimming Competition.

BHS in its yearly competition. The project was handed to Miss Jana Thoumy, who is now working with more than 15 students on it.

- The first BHSMUN conference will take place on Saturday and Sunday, 27-28 February. More than 10 schools from around Lebanon are sending in students to participate alongside our MUN Club students. The Guest Speaker in the closing Ceremony is H.E. Ambassador Abdullah Bou Habib. We wish best of luck to all contestants.

Photography Art Fair

- We want to remind parents that chips, candy sticks, and chocolate are not allowed. The aim of this policy is to ensure a healthy, well-balanced snack for children, thus promoting a healthy lifestyle. By encouraging healthy eating patterns, we educate children for later life.

- Please note that teaching commences at 7:45am every day. It is vital that children are in their classes ready to start work for the day on time. Please be aware of the disruption to classes by latecomers.