- Congratulations to Brummana High School for being awarded the ISQM Accreditation. “The Education Development Trust inspectors visited and observed 70 lessons in the core subjects and across a selection of the other subjects taught. They held 43 meetings in total, including those with: a representative of the governors, the Principal, school staff, and parents. Inspectors also talked with representative groups of students. Accordingly, it was reported that the cooperation and positive attitudes are the norm, and this helps to explain why staff, students, and parents all regard Brummana as a happy place to be. They also reported that the school’s self-review document was accurate.” Many thanks go to all those who have contributed to BHS attaining this accreditation.

- It gives me great pleasure to announce the Board’s decision to appoint Mr. George Rizkallah as Vice Principal effective Tuesday, 5 April 2016. Congratulations George on this well-deserved promotion and best wishes.


The deadline for payment of the final instalment of tuition and bus fees was 31 March. Those who have unpaid
balances are urged to settle them without delay. If you have any difficulties, please contact the Bursar.


On the occasion of the Eastern Church Easter, school is closed on Friday, 29 April and Monday, 2 May.


In collaboration with Librairie Antoine, the annual BHS Book Fair will open on Sunday, 17 April 2016 from 4:30-7:00pm in the Meeting House. A book signing for Grade 9 LP student Tarek Yared’s book titled “Paragon” will be taking place at 5:30pm. During the opening session visitors will benefit from a special discount on all purchases. The fair will continue on Monday, 18 till Friday, 22 April, inclusive, from 8:30am-4:00pm. We hope to see you all.


- The Parents' Association annual Mothers' Day Dinner which was held at Hotel Le Royal, Dbayeh was a big success. During the dinner, guests were entertained by a very talented singer as well as Brazilian dancers who kept everyone dancing. Thank you to all the parents who joined us at this event. Next year we hope we see new faces joining us in our various events for the purpose of fundraising for scholarships and enhancing school premises.



Volume 19, Issue 6 —  08 April 2016

- BHSMUN won second place in the Model Arab League Conference which was held at the Lebanese American University. Paloma Nannoni, Layla Mouakket, Roy Makkar, and Alma Masmar won the Best Delegate Award which provides them with 25% scholarship at LAU. Iuns Nasri, Adrian Jaber, Jana Zeinoun, and Judy Al-Kayali won the Honourable Mention Award. Chloe Attallah and Raina Hussami won Country Statement Award. Also, we congratulate Roy Makkar for succeeding the selection interview to join the Georgetown Washington delegation after going through a tough competition against 850 delegates from the 5th LAU Model Arab League Conference. We are proud of you Roy!


- Assemblies: 3 March – An event of celebrations: certificates were distributed in every subject to students in the top twenty percent of their class and to students who have shown great effort in their work. The students on the sports teams and in the scouts and those participating in the MUN were also called up to the stage to be congratulated. 17 March – the theme for this gathering was “Humanity”. Students viewed a film showing “24 Acts of Kindness” and were asked to reflect on their own behaviour and how they can show kindness to others.


The Upper School Field Day will take place on 22 April 2016 at 8:30am in the Football Field. Come and cheer your friends.



- This certainly is the busiest time of the year. Our students are flying high with their studies, projects, contests, and activities.  This healthy buzz, though sometimes overwhelming, is most gratifying to one and all.

- We would like to extend well deserved congratulations to Carl Sadek for winning the first prize in the Grade 5 Spelling Bee contest, Julianne Khoury for winning the second prize, and Kiyan El Masri for winning the third prize. 

- We are also very proud of the Social Studies competition winners across Grades 2, 4, and 6. After learning about new countries and their capitals,


- Spring is finally here!!!!  Many of the art projects centre on Easter and spring. The classrooms are bustling with activities and will continue to do so through the remainder of the year. Our activities this month will focus on “spring” as a theme and “Peace” as our living value.

- KG 1 students made a beautiful sunflower using handprints and seeds to form the centre of the flower.

- On the 18 March mothers were invited to come and share with their children the joy of learning in a happy and loving environment. Thank you to Mrs. Elise Hachem for her ideas and preparations for the activities that took place in KG III on that day.


- Various donors for donating LL 43,125,000, received through the Trustees of the School, Quaker International Educational Trust (QuIET), to the Financial Aid Programme.

- GR. 5B student Yasmina Meckdache for donating 11 used books to the Elementary Libraries.

The Newsletter will be published once a month. If you would like to receive a free copy of the Newsletter by email, please send an email with “subscribe” in the subject line to: najat.wakim@bhs.edu.lb.

- The Old Scholars Association is currently preparing the 25th Silver Jubilee International Convention Yearbook 2016. We urge all our old scholars and the parents of current BHS students to be part of it by contributing an article and pictures on any memories you might have. You can send us your articles along with high resolution pictures on:
community@bhsosa.net. For more information you can also contact our office on 04-964454.

- In other news, we have also had 2 class gatherings in the past 2 months for the Classes of ’88 and ’95, who are always very active. Both gatherings happened in Dubai, UAE where the Class of ’88 met on 23 February led by Class representative Edmond Goraieb, and the Class of ’95 met on 9 March led by Class Representative Bishara Boujaoude.



- Parents’ Association members along with an entertaining Easter Bunny visited our classrooms on 22 March to distribute goody bags to the students. Thank you to PA Chairperson Zeina Zeinoun and her team for this thoughtful gesture.

- KG III students continue to read and practice the phonics books that are sent home.  As your child masters each book, he/she will progress and move on to the next level.

- Please encourage your children to eat breakfast before coming to school. Students frequently come to our

Congratulations!Book Fair PosterHappy Easter.

- On behalf of Brummana One Group, we would like to wish all our members a Happy Easter!

- On 20 February, our Leaders and Ventures participated in the Lebanese Scout Association's annual Gala Dinner which took place at Movenpick. BR1 members who attended the event had an amazing time as they celebrated the LSA's 81st anniversary.

- On 13 March, our Ventures attended a long day in Aley, under the name "Simply Scouting", along all other Ventures in the Mount District. Not only did they get an opportunity to learn more, but got the chance to meet new people from other scout groups. Thank you to Chief Roy Younes and Chief Jane Abi Farah who participated in the event by giving different lectures throughout the day.

- On 19 March, the General District visited Brummana One Group in order to check up on the group's progress and development. Our members got the chance to meet with the council and discuss scout related topics. Accordingly, we would like to thank the LSA for its constant support and follow-up.

- If you are interested in being part of our BR1 family, then don't hesitate in joining us on Saturdays from 5.00pm to 7.00pm at the school's basketball court.

- Feel free to check all our photos and news on our Facebook page "Brummana One Group", and don't forget to follow us on our Instagram page "Brummanaonescouts" for updates!


PA Dinner

The PA annual Mothers’ Day dinner at Le Royal Hotel - Dbayeh.

- PA members worked hard to pack 700 bags of goodies that were distributed by the Easter Bunny and the PA members to all Infant and Elementary students. The smiles on the children's happy faces were worth a thousand words. 

- Happy Easter to everyone and thank you for your continuous support!

- The first ever BHSMUN Model United Nations conference on 27-28 February 2016 was a great success. It was organized by the BHSMUN team and hosted by Brummana High School which accommodated 10 schools from Lebanon and 150 delegates. The conference included five committees: General Assembly, Security Council, International Atomic Energy Agency, and UNICEF.  The BHSMUN team invited his Excellency Ambassador Abdullah Bou Habib, Lebanon's former ambassador to the United States, to the closing ceremony where he addressed the new generations about recent global issues and how they are tackled in the United Nations.

BHSMUN Conference

- The BHSMUN team would like to extend their gratitude to our Principal, Dr. El Khoury, for supporting the programme to encourage ‘students leading for a change’.

- As the 11th High School and 6th Middle School Conferences were conducted, the BHSMUN team of 26 delegates won 22 awards: 11 Secretary General Awards, 7 Diplomacy Awards, and 4 Position Paper Awards. Brummana High School again won the second best delegation amongst more than 200 schools in Lebanon. Congratulations BHSMUN team! We are proud of your success and wish you many more to come!

- On 1 March, a special Assembly hosted Dietician Rayanne Chami from Idraac, an NGO that spreads awareness about eating disorders. Students interacted with the presenter, asking questions and raising concerns.

- On 3 March, representatives of well-reputed Swiss universities specializing in Hotel Management, such as Les Roches and HTMI, introduced Secondary students to their programmes and this wide domain along with the job opportunities it provides.

- On 10 March, a video presentation about Women Empowerment in the work place was projected to Secondary students in the assembly. This presentation is sponsored by Sanita.

- On the 12th of March, five associations (LLWB/ Arab WIC/ WIT/ WIE/ DOT) brought together 400 10th & 11th grade female students from public and private schools for a full day activity in Dbayeh at the Palais des Congres. The purpose of the event was to encourage girls to select IT and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths) subjects as career choices and promote essential technology skills for today. Eight girls from 10 IP and 11 IP/LP, escorted by Lab Technician Juhaina Abou Fadel, participated in the event. The participants were: Luna Baalbaki(11 LPS), Marina El Moufti(11 LPS), Roupina Maalouf(10 IP), Maria Makhlouf(10 IP), Isabelle Saad(10 IP), Tina Abdo(11 IP), and Lynn Hayek(11 IP). Isabelle Saad(10 IP) won an award in the UTEC workshop for building an application called Helper. Congrats to Isabelle, we are proud of you!

- On 17 March, His Excellency Hugo Shorter, British Ambassador to Lebanon visited BHS. His Excellency insisted on meeting with Secondary students. He attended an assembly, where he shared with students his career path and career choices in general. His Excellency was very impressed by the maturity and intellectual depth of students as shown in the questions they asked.

- On 22 March, the Easter Recital conducted by Secondary Supervisor Jules Youssef took place in Khoury Hall. Students sang in many languages and played live music in celebration of this holiday. Parents, staff members and students had a wonderful time.

- On 23 March, Exam 2 grade reports were distributed to Secondary 3 LP students.

- During the Easter Holiday, Secondary 3 SE students were given extra sessions in Maths, Sciences and Economics over two days: 31 March and 1

His Excellency Hugo Shorter, British Ambassador to Lebanon

April. Secondary 2 S students were also given extra sessions in Maths on 31 March.

- On 7 April, the Red Cross Youth department addressed students in assembly about the dangers of technology on the social and personal levels. Students interacted well with the presentation. 

- Term 2 report cards were distributed on 8 April. A parent-teacher meeting by special invitation will be held on Wednesday, 13 April from 3:30-6:00pm.

- The planetarium, which exhibits 3 D presentations about space and astronomy, was postponed because of the Minister of Education’s decision to close schools on 24 March. Instead, the planetarium will be exhibiting next Thursday, 14 April.

Easter Recital

- Advisory: 1 March was a special advisory, held in the Meeting House, during which students listened to a presentation given by Dietician Rayan Chami from MEEDA (Middle East Eating Disorders Association). The presentation entitled “Proper Eating Habits” highlighted the negative effects of bulimia, anorexia, and binging. Students were instructed on proper eating habits and exercise. 11 March – Advisers went over the rules listed in “More Manners for Teenagers”. 16 March –boys and girls were separated for a special talk on proper hygiene.

- An IB presentation was given to all Grade 9 IP students by the Director of Studies, George Rizkallah. Students were given an idea of what to expect from the IB programme in their final years at school.  

- Group Counselling: Counsellor Zoya Smirnov has been working closely with the students of Grade 7. They have been looking into ways to resolve issues without anger or physical confrontation.

- Arabic Project: Teacher Farha Al Bitar’s Grade 7 students have written and printed their own story books which they later adapted into a film. Well done to these students who have shown great talent in the skills of creativity and filming.

- A Special Presentation entitled “Your Career Passion”, given by a “Sanita” representative to all Grade 9 girls, took place on 10 March.

- Brevet News: These students sat for their Term II examinations from 7 to 11 March. The Term II examination results were distributed on 23 March, and students were expected to get their parents’ signatures on the report. Reinforcement classes for certain students in Maths and Arabic were held on 5 and 19 March with one last session on 23 April. Furthermore, all Brevet students came in during the Easter holiday for extra classes in the three Science subjects on 31 March and 1 April.

- St Jude’s Cancer Centre: After the Easter holiday, Intermediate students will begin working on the Letter-a-thon project, the aim of which is to write a story and raise donations for the Cancer Centre for Children.

- Points for Parents: Eating breakfast…sleeping enough hours…revising daily

On Saturday and Sunday, 2-3 April 2016 fifteen BHS students participated in the 22nd Annual Science, Mathematics and Technology Fair that took place at AUB. These students were: Intermediate Section -   Yasmina Yared and Angela Saadeh (Grade 7 IP-LP): Science project; Norman Rustom, Rawad Eid, and Christopher Homsi (Grade 7 IP-LP): Science project; Edward Prescott, Roy El-Hajj, and Christopher Khoueiry (Grade 7 IP-LP): Maths project; and Kevin Farhat (Grade 9 IP): Technology project. Secondary Section - Marina El Moufti and Luna Baalbaki (Sec. 2 LP S): Maths project; Amir Moujaes and Jimmy Naufal (Sec. 2 LP S) - Technology project; Enzo


AUB 22nd Annual Science, Mathematics and Technology Fair

El Adm and Kareem Abi Fadel (Sec. 3 GS/LS): Technology project. All the students competed in the Science, Maths and Technology section. Out of the 7 BHS projects that were presented in the fair, two projects won: Amir Moujaes and Jimmy Naufal (Secondary 2 LP S) won 1st place in the Secondary category Technology Invention (The Green Dream House). - Enzo El Adm and Kareem Abi Fadel (Secondary 3 GS/LS) won 2nd place in the Secondary category Technology Invention (Piezoelectric Trees: A “Cool” New Source of Energy. Many thanks to the following teachers who helped supervising and supporting the students at AUB: Juhaina Abou Fadel and Samia El-Hajj. Also thank you to the following teachers who helped students in preparing their projects: Samia EL Hajj, Karine Chebly, Tania Saab, Lara EL Feghali, Gisele Hanna, Gaby Gerges, and Kamal Ramadan.

Grade 1 Spelling Bee

Grade 2 students had their SSt Contest: Peter Zalzal won first place, Ralph Aad won second place, and Ralph Khoury won third place. In Grade 4, the first prize went to Sami Ashkar and Henry Chedid, the second prize went to Elie Zaroubi, and a big well done commendation goes to Simon Al Hajj and Serena Abou Jaoudeh. In Grade 6, the first prize went to Daria Al Hajj, the second prize to Bryan Abi Karam, and the third to Jean Claude Khacho. Well done! Congratulations to all the winners and participants on doing a great job.

- During assemblies, teacher Vivian Schmeissani’s 5B class presented helpful “Life Hacks” that are meant to make life easier to handle. Also, teacher Eliane Semaan’s 5A class gave eye-opening new science facts in a beautiful presentation. Towards the end of term II, Lower Elementary students enjoyed an assembly about honesty by Grade 2B, a second assembly about friendship by Grade 2A, and a third assembly about Mother Teresa by Grade 2C.

- It’s not over yet. The Elementary Section students astounded everyone with the information they have learnt and shared with our Open House visitors this year. Under the title of “Knowledge is Success”, students and teachers conducted various activities that engaged parents in all subjects through diverse methods that helped them acquire knowledge in fun and innovative ways. All enjoyed the day.

UE Open House

- The Parents’ Association was pretty active this month. Their supportive presence is always welcome. Teachers were touched by the thoughtful personalized gifts they received from the PA on Teacher’s Day. Each teacher got a wooden plank with “God Bless the teacher’s family name” carved on it. Also, we extend a warm thank you to the PA and the Easter Bunny who made all students happy with the yummy treats. We are grateful to have such partners and co-guardians in the BHS body. Thank you.

Easter Bunny Visit

office complaining of headaches, stomach cramps and feeling tired. In some cases, this is due to hunger.

- Term 2 Report cards will be issued on 8 April at the end of the day. Teachers have been in touch with some parents to inform them of concerns and progress. We hope to continue working together to make improvements in areas of concern. If you wish to meet with your child's teacher, please contact the office and book an appointment with Section Secretary Najwa Feghali.

congratulations to Infant Section teacher Maral Malakian Abou Zeid who gave birth to beautiful little girl, Marilou, on 28 February. We wish Marilou a blessed long life.


'88 Gathering'95 Gathering