BHS Monthly Newsletter --- Vol. 22 No. 6 --- 29 March 2019


Dear Parents,
The birds are singing, storm clouds have begun to fade, the sun is warmer, and it would seem that spring has arrived at last. Students have seen off the worst of the winter and so have the staff, and we can, I hope, in the final straight of the school year, look forward to achievement and success, driven forward by the momentum built up in the winter months.
Mid-year examinations have now passed and students and teachers had time to reflect on their outcomes. Reports have been written and I have added my own comments to each report on students in the Intermediate and Secondary Sections. Most students have made good progress and are working methodically towards the culmination of the school year. Some, however, especially in the Secondary Section, need to adopt a sense of urgency and intensify their efforts as the finishing line approaches. My colleagues and I shall continue to provide help, support and advice as appropriate.
Next year (2020), I shall write to parents in advance of the mid-year examinations with a clear outline of arrangements for that examination week. I have decided, after consultation with my colleagues, that school will finish at 1:00 p.m. each day of that week for both Upper and Lower Schools, and buses will be organised to take students home on those days from Monday to Friday at that time. I shall remind parents nearer the time of these arrangements.
On a separate, but not unrelated note, after consultation with my colleagues, I have decided that in 2020, the school will establish a mid-year break from Wednesday 12th February until Sunday, 16th February inclusive, when the students will effectively have a holiday. The current span, which stretches from the beginning of January until the middle of April is a long one; students need a break from their studies to rest and re-energise; so we shall trial this mid-year break next year. The two school days which are lost will be added to the schedule in June which is a particularly congested month for the school. I would expect parents to use this mid-year break for “Vacances de Neige” and to ensure that students are in school at other times during the term. Similarly, any planned school ski trip will take place during this break.
The traffic arrangement’s trial period has now passed and we have evaluated the experiment. The Bursar has written to parents expressing satisfaction with the new arrangements which we have gradually refined over the past six weeks. The system is not yet perfect and we shall continue to improve it over time. A canopy will be installed outside the Infant Section to keep children who are waiting, dry in times of rain. I am grateful to parents for their suggestions for improvement to ensure the safety of the children on our campus. I would also thank the parent who recommended high viz-jackets for our guards during bad weather. These are now being worn, providing guards with extra safety from traffic which otherwise might not spot them during severe weather conditions.
A number of appointments have been made since I wrote to you last. Following due process of application and interview, Sage Ball has been appointed as Vice Principal Pastoral from September 2019. He is currently Head of Inclusion at Brighton College Al Ain Abu Dhabi and is looking forward to taking on his role. He will oversee all Pastoral matters at both Upper and Lower Schools, sit on the School’s Senior Leadership Team, chair the Head of Section weekly meeting, act as the School’s Child Protection Officer and devise a whole school PHSE (Personal, Health and Social Education) programme which will be applied throughout the school and cover a range of issues which all children and students need to be informed of as they grow up so that they can make wise choices and judgements in their lives.
Following due process of application and interview, I have appointed Mr. Fareed Halabi as Head of Careers. He will take responsibility from September for Careers Guidance / Advice, for setting up a coherent Careers Programme and will oversee the assistance which Secondary Section students need as they embark on applications for university. He will also oversee the annual careers fair which has been a key event in the life of the school in recent years and for which we had a number of excellent speakers this term, and to whom I am very grateful.
The work of our Advisers, who act as pastoral guides for our students in the Upper Elementary and Upper School, has been reviewed and upgraded. Advisory sessions in the Upper School will now take place for 50 minutes each week during the school schedule while the vital role that advisers play in helping students resolve their problems and in guiding and advising them academically and pastorally has been promoted to all staff. Twenty-three Advisers have been appointed to support Upper School students in 2019 / 2020.
In the Lower School, two additional teacher assistants will be appointed for 2019 / 2020 so that every Grade 1 class has two adults in the classroom from September. With large classes, this is especially important for our youngest children. While I shall look at reducing class sizes gradually in the Lower School in the longer term this will take time and needs to be managed carefully.
In the middle of the month, I held a meeting of Grade 8 International Programme parents to explain changes that will come into effect for Grade 9 from September. There have been weaknesses in the International Programme which I am addressing. From September, all students will select seven subjects to study at IGCSE which they will follow over two years. Students will sit the examinations at the end of Grade 10 and will need to be successful in these to graduate at the end of Grade 10 and continue to Grade 11. Students will take English and Mathematics, choose a language, a science and a social subject and will then select two other subjects. The IGCSE programme is a British programme and students in the UK would typically follow seven to nine subjects at this level. My colleagues and I will thereafter look at further development of the IP programme for Grades 11 and 12, probably through the A/S and ‘A’ level system as an alternative to IB, for which Lebanese programme students are now eligible. Parents should also note that as of September all students taking French will sit for the DELF examinations in the appropriate years.
The recent survey of parents, students and staff produced interesting outcomes. I have spoken to staff about these and am in the process of addressing students through assemblies and explaining how we are responding to views, and how we are taking these forward: 25% of parents responded to the survey. All recommendations for improvement/development have been put forward by at least five parents. What the school is/is not, will/will not do about each of the suggestions is explained beneath each suggestion:
“Smaller classes in Lower School”: Teaching assistant per class for KG1, KG2, KG3, Grade 1 from September 2019. This is already the case with KG 1, 2 & 3.
“Improvement of sports facilities, sports programme and associated activities after school”: Sports Hall under Khoury Hall being soundproofed for use. Multi gym next door being explored to open September 2019. Other sports facilities will be examined. Golf for Lower School introduced February 2019, Gardening Club G6-12 introduced April 2019. Recycling Club in process of being set up, Eco Schools group to be established from September 2019. More to come later.
“Enhancement of Quaker Values”: In the process of being strengthened through assemblies, in class and in student action and activity.
“A comprehensive programme of PHSE throughout the School”: Advisory sessions in Upper School on the school schedule from September 2019. A new programme of PHSE for Upper School students will be established by the Vice Principal (Pastoral) for introduction in September 2020. He will also look at the quality and range of the programme in the Lower School.
“Improvement in careers advice”: Head of Careers appointed. Appointment to take effect from September 2019.
“Better Special Needs provision”: Special needs status now acknowledged by Ministry of Education. Head of Learning Support to be appointed in April to oversee Special Needs Provision from September 2019.
More “modern” engaging teaching methods: I have been observing teaching and learning this term and will continue to do so until the end of the 2018/2019 academic year. The standard of teaching is generally of a high level. Engaging, interactive teaching methods are being encouraged. A colleague and I shall give a workshop on lesson observation to Heads of Department and other interested parties in September 2019. Staff are engaging in workshops on teaching methodology.
“Contact with parents by email / online”: The new website, once launched, will have a Parents’ Portal and we hope to launch an app for parents in due course which they will be able to download to their phones. We are already beginning to move away from paper communication but parents must:  a)  Ensure their email addresses are up to date with the school.    b)  Ensure their email boxes are regularly emptied.   
c)  Read, and when appropriate, respond to emails. We can do this but we shall need to work together!
“A shorter school day / Less homework in the Lower School”: I do not think the school day is excessively long, certainly not compared with the UK. Homework definitely has a place. Children need to realise early that not everything at work is completed in the classroom or at the workplace. Extra effort is often required. However, I have asked the Head of Elementary Section to look at the issue of homework, its purpose, nature and its extent in 2019/2020 when it will feature as an element of the Lower School Development Plan. Should there be any changes they will be introduced from September 2020.
“More extensive Professional Development for teachers”: A Head of Professional Development and Appraisal who will sit on the school’s Leadership Team will be appointed in April and take up post in September 2019.
“School Uniform”: Student appearance is likely to feature as an element in the school’s 2019/2020 Development Plan. This will probably involve a working group being set up including teachers, parents and students. Any changes to the current arrangements for student appearance would take effect from September 2020. There are many, varied views on this subject.
“An improvement in Playgrounds”: This is currently under consideration, is accepted in principle and will be acted on in due course.
“Renovation of classrooms in the Upper School”: This is under active consideration. Notice boards for display of students’ work are currently being made for all classrooms in MTB and the Library Building for installation by September. In addition, teachers have been asked to design an ideal classroom with the aim of modernising two classrooms according to design, during the summer holidays.
“International Trips for students”: Several of these, including links with schools abroad, are currently under consideration. More news to follow when available.
There were other improvements suggested too, in some cases across the constituent bodies surveyed. These were largely consistent with each other and with my own observations. They are not stated here, but all are being given serious consideration and some are already being acted on.
I am grateful to parents for their suggestions and where we intend to act on them, often because they match teachers’, students’, and my evaluation, will happen in an orderly and gradual manner, with proper consultation according to priority, need, and where funds allow. We are also conscious of the level of tuition fees and that some changes will only be possible if fees are raised or through the generosity of donations by parents or Old Scholars.
Finally, on a much more mundane note, parents are reminded that school breakfast in the cafeteria commences on 1st April at a cost of 5,000 L.L. per day. Breakfast will be served from 7:00 a.m. – 7:35 a.m. each day.
JND Gray - I Serve


Boarding at BHS has new and more flexible registration options now.
We still have the Full Boarding option which boards students during weekdays and weekends for $22,100 per year (including school fees).
Additionally, we now have a Weekly Boarding option which lodges students for specific weeks or weekdays for $275 per week (weekdays only) or $450 per week (including weekends).
Also offered is the Flexi Boarding option which boards students on specific days for $60 per school day or $75 per weekend day.
For more information, please visit the school website and take a look at the boarding flyer, or contact the Head of Boarding Section, Mr. Rabih Aouad.


The BHS Annual Book Fair, in collaboration with Librairie Antoine, Librairie du Liban, and Librairie Stephan, will open on Sunday, 31 March 2019 from 4 to 7 pm at the Meeting House. During the opening night, there will be a 10% discount on all purchases. The Fair continues on Monday, 1 to Friday, 5 April 2019 from 8:30 am to 4 pm. Come and enjoy the Fair’s rich variety of English, French, and Arabic books for all ages, including cookery books as well as educational toys.


- On the occasion, the school invited teachers and administrative staff to celebrate at a dinner at L’Os Restaurant, Ain Saadeh on 8 March. Three teachers were awarded plaques commemorating 25 years of service. Teachers enjoyed dancing at this memorable and lively event.
- Thank you to the BHS Parents’ Association for all their kind gestures towards teachers and staff during that day.


Invoices for the third instalment of tuition and bus fees were issued to the eldest BHS student in each family. Parents are kindly asked to pay the fees by 30 March. Those who have unpaid balances are urged to settle them without delay. If you have any difficulties, please contact the Bursar.

SUMMER TIME - A Reminder:  The clocks go forward by one hour on Sunday, 31 March. Don’t forget to adjust your alarm clocks!


- For the Easter vacation there are no classes from Friday, 19 April to Wednesday, 1 May. Classes resume on Thursday, 2 May. Boarders are expected to return on the afternoon of Wednesday, 1 May.

- During the Easter vacation the offices are closed for the Western Easter on Friday, 19 April and Monday, 22 April, for the Eastern Easter on Friday, 26 April and Monday, 29 April, and for Labour Day on Wednesday, 1 May.


On 13 March 2019, the final interviews took place for the MUN finalists to see who would accompany LAU to Georgetown, USA in the next few months for Model United Nations. We had four finalists from BHS who made it to the final  interviews (Natalie Ashkar, Adriana Ghoraeib, Yasmina Yared, and Malek Hamzah).  Of the four finalists, Natalie Ashkar has been chosen to travel with LAU as a delegate to represent Brummana High School, Lebanese American University, and the country of Lebanon at the Georgetown Conference. Congratulations to all these future leaders on a tremendous job well done.


Out of the two students, Celine Madaghijian and Rudy Zalzal, who participated in the final interviews at LAU on 4 March, Rudy Zalzal has been chosen to represent, BHS, LAU, and Lebanon at the Georgetown, USA conference to be held in a few months. Congratulations on this remarkable achievement.


The Sagesse High School MUN conference took place 23-24 March with the participation of 13 BHS delegates. Sarah Maria Chalhoub won the Diplomacy Award for her committee (UNODC). The learning experience here with the rest of our delegates was crucial to developing a team that will continue to reflect favourably on BHS and the Model United Nations Club. Congratulations to the team for their hard work and dedication representing our school with dignity, fair play, and good sportsmanship.


BHS organized an Academic Fair, which was held in Khoury Hall on Saturday, 26 January 2019. The display of the students’ work showed a high level of creativity and knowledge. Students were able to express their ideas in different subjects. It gives us a great deal of pleasure to announce the names of the winners in the Academic Fair for the year 2018-2019:
Science Department: Intermediate Model and Demonstration category: Daniel Chit (Gr 7 IP) > Does Magnetism Affect Seed Germination; Natalie Milan and Stephanie Milan (Gr 8 IP) > Electromagnetic Self-Charging Keyboard; and Karl Eid (Gr 8 LP) > Water Turbine. Intermediate Research and Experimental: Carl Sadek (Gr 8 LP) > “Fighting Draught using Orange Saps”; Ziad Abi El Lamah, Samer Abi El Lamah, and Nicolas Maalouf (Gr 8 LP) > “Growing Leather”; and Andrew Kanj, Rami El-Haddad, and Kiyan El-Masri (Gr 8 LP) > “Hydroponic Growth”. Secondary: Valerie Nawfal, Faye Abi Nafeh, and Luciana Nehme (Sec 1 LP) > “Electro-magnetic Pulse EMP”; Roy El Hajj (Sec 1 LP), Christopher Khoueiry and Edward Prescott-Decie (Gr 10 IP) > “Balsa Bridge”; and Elie Joe El Khoury, Georgio Ghantous, and Yehya Sharif (Sec 1 LP) > “Aquaponics”.
Mathematics Department: Anthony El Hajj and Rayan Bechara (Gr 7 LP) > “A Matter of Perspective”; Carl Sadek (Gr 8 LP) > “From which angle a catapult can throw an object at its farthest distance?”; Marc El Khazen and Rawad Eid (Gr 10 IP) > “The Crush”; and Rudy Zalzal (Sec 2 S) > “Popsicle Stick Bridge”.
Arabic Department: Nadim Mouchawrab (Gr 7 LP) > “Jarjouh’ (جرجوع)”; Jad Abed El-Nour (Gr 8 LP) “Al-Kousaiby: The History of a Lebanese Traditional Village; and Tia Najjar (IB 1) > “The Identity”.
English Department: Anthony Hasrouni (Gr 7 LP) > “The Odd One Out”; Samara Chit (Gr 9 IP) > “Not Quite Enough”; Kareen Farhat (Gr 9 IP) > “Ripening”; Gabriela Sadek and Kelly Kanaan (Sec I) > “Fantasy World”; Rudy Zalzal (Sec 2 S) > “Pit of Despair”; and Joe Baaklini (Sec 2 S) > “Onwards to Elysium”.
Social Studies Department: Melissa Azzouz, Rania Chit, and Malek Hamzeh (Gr 10 IGSCE) > “A World without Money"; Tia al-Bizreh, Angelina Haj Ali, and Theresa Maria Khoury (Gr 7 IP) > “Putton - Civilization Created”; and Angela Saadeh and Yasmina Yared (Sec 1 LP) > “When Fiction Becomes Reality”.
Computer Department: Marc Younes (Gr 8 LP) > “Questions Game on Scratch”.
French Department: Sarah Viessman (Gr 8 IP); Joanne Chartouny (Gr 8 IP); Jad Jaber (Gr 8 IP); Venus Soleil Braiidy (Gr 8 IP); Hashem Ben Saiid (Gr 8 IP); Natalie Milan (Gr 8 IP); Maryam Al Amary (Gr 8 IP); and Omar Al Rifaii (Gr 8 IP). An assembly was held on 7 March 2019 in the Meeting House where certificates were distributed to the winners.      


- After being nominated by the Ministry of Education in Qatar, the Head of Maths Department, Aline Alam, attended training on maths class observations in Qatar from 9 to 12 March. She conducted a round of lesson observations in different public schools to evaluate the standard practices inside the classroom such as sharing objectives, promoting critical thinking, assessment for learning and the application of problem-based learning.
- Robotics teacher Nado Abi Khattar attended a STEM workshop by McGraw-Hill (in March), World Robotics Olympiad workshop at the Ministry of Education (in February), and STEM and Robotics workshops at the Edex (in November).
- Maths teacher Rana Aboul Hosn participated in SMEC 21 conference at the American University of Beirut as a presenter of an innovative workshop entitled “Representations as Tools for Thinking in a Mathematics Problem”. She also attended two workshops at the Universal College of Aley. The first one was entitled “Leadership” and the second “The Art of Questioning”. She participated in the World Education Summit 2018 last December; the summit focused mainly on integrating STEM programme into the curriculum, and attended two sessions entitled “Make Maths Visible” and “Inquiry and Scientific Practices”. She is currently taking an online course entitled “Growth Mindset and STEAM Education” with Numinds Enrichment, USA.
- Maths teacher Gisele Tannous Hanna attended Learnit workshop at the SMEC 21 conference at the American University of Beirut, as well as Web2.0 at the AUB spring workshops (in March).
- Maths teacher Nermine Bechara attended “Understanding by Design” at the AUB Spring Workshops (in March).
- Maths teacher Ahmad Sibai attend “Understanding by Design and Using Design and Thinking to Tackle Challenges at School Parts One and Two” at  the AUB Spring Workshops, as well as “Language Diversity in Mathematics”, “iStudent/iTeacher”, “Representations as Tools for Thinking in a Problem Solving Context”, “Plenary Session School Mathematics Discourse as Communication”, in SMEC 21 at AUB (in March).


- The BHS Parents Association joined the teachers on, 6 March to celebrate Teachers’ Day, starting from the Upper School, going to the Elementary Section, and finally the Infant Section. We are grateful to our teachers who are working hard and keeping our school at a high standard. 
- We are preparing for the Lower School Egg Hunts on 16 April. Our students will have some fun and entertainment and receive some goodies. We are also planning for a barbecue day at the end of May. 
- Finally, the preparation for the big day has started: the May Festival will be on 18 May 2019. Our programme will be full of variety and joy. Your presence on this day will make a difference. Feel free to invite your friends to join us for this big festival. We will keep you updated with more details. 


BR1 Group celebrated Mother’s Day “Mumtitasking” on Saturday, 23 March 2019 at Brummana High School, where our members prepared games, food, and souvenirs for their mums. Mums and members were divided into teams and competed in a tournament. Congratulations to Team 3, who won fair and square. BHS Principal, Mr. David Gray and his wife Mrs. Gray, took part in some of the games and enjoyed their time with our scouts. Representing the BHS PA, Chairperson Dina Bechara also came to the event, as well as a few commissioners from the LSA Mount District. The day ended with 11 of our members fulfilling their oath/promise very successfully. Congratulations to Guides and Boy Scouts: Kaya Haddad, Rita Maria Abou Zeid, Ivan Andrea, Joey Angelil, Karl Eid, and Ricardo Ghantous Herrera. Congratulations to Pioneers and Rovers: Celia Prescott Decie, Jennifer Bujawdeh, Ryan Jahshan, and Teddy Nakad Sarkis. Finally big congratulations to Chief Nour Salem.  We are very proud of you all!



- On 27 February and 1 and 27 March, from 3:00 to 6:00 PM, Secondary students explored their career opportunities by attending the 20th Annual BHS Career Fair. Twenty-seven speakers who are experts in their fields gave 40-minute presentations to students. Students interacted maturely with the speakers and asked impressive questions.
- On 7 March, Secondary students who won in the different disciplines in the Academic Fair, in addition to award winners in MUN and MAL and students with sports achievements were recognized in a special assembly, which gathered teachers and Heads of Departments. The same assembly featured speakers from the Beirut Marathon Association, who promoted their next big event: The Women’s Race on 31 March.
- In the afternoon of 7 March, a group of IB2 students, as part of their Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS) project, organized an event which they called: BHSTalks. The students delivered 12 different short talks about thoroughly researched topics to their peers in the Secondary Section, as well as teachers and staff members. The topics varied from STDs to Latin Language, to Rap, mindfulness, interview skills, and other topics of interest to teenagers.
- On 14 March, the Principal Mr. David Gray addressed all Secondary students about their term II results, which he had read and commented upon individually. The Principal also discussed students’ input in the survey which was conducted by the school. He informed the students that most, if not all, of their desired changes are already being addressed. The Principal then addressed Grade 11 students informing them about an upcoming mini-fair of British universities which was held the following week. He explained the strengths of each of these universities to help direct students in the fair.
- The Upper School parent-teacher meeting following the distribution of Term II report cards took place on 20 March. Teachers, parents, and students discussed the results of term 2 and ways to improve them.

                         Speakers from the Beirut Marathon Association
Mini fair of British Universities                                  
- On 21 March, a mini fair of British Universities took place in the Library. Grade 11 students visited the different presenters and inquired about the different majors and other matters.
- The long awaited and many-times-postponed (due to adverse weather conditions) ski trip finally took place on Thursday, 21 and Friday 22 March 2019. More than 90 students, accompanied by five teachers, left BHS on Thursday after school and headed to Faraya. They spent the night in a hotel, where they had dinner and socialized, and in the morning they hit the slopes and participated in all kinds of winter sports from skiing to snowboarding. They came back to BHS in the late afternoon.
- On 28 March, the Secondary assembly featured Certificates Day. Students, who achieved in one or more subjects, received certificates to honour these achievements.
- On Sunday, 31 March, a group of 18 Secondary students and two teachers will be participating in the Beirut Marathon  Women’s Race.



- Assembly: 21 Feb. - Principal Mr. David Gray gave a talk to students in which he made two points: Firstly, he asked them to reflect on their mid-year examinations and secondly he told them that they should aim to be responsible citizens by protecting each other and their environment.  Mr. Gray ended his talk with two stories from his own experiences. -28 Feb. – The Model United Nations (MUN) and MAL winners were invited onto the stage and congratulated for their great achievements. Also on this day, the Girls’ Futsal Team was invited onto the stage to be commended on their success in the National Tournament. We wish the girls all the best as they continue to play against more teams in the finals. - 7 March  – The Science Awards for the Science Fair Projects were distributed and of these winners, four groups were selected to represent BHS at the Annual AUB Fair on 6 April. - 14 March – Maths HoD Aline Alam gave a talk on mindfulness, which is based on the compassionate awareness and intentional attention to the present moment and acceptance without judgment. Ms. Aline taught students mindful breathing to help them strengthen attention, reduce anxiety, and enhance social and emotional learning. – 21 March – Mother’s Day celebration: two expressive videos were shown depicting the importance and value of our mothers and the need to be grateful for having them in our lives.
- Advisory: Over three weeks, the Advisers discussed topics which are of general concern for teenagers.  25 to 28 Feb: “Alcohol Drinking Dangers”; 4 to 6 March: “Hazards of Smoking and Cannabis”; 11 to 13 March: “Dangers of Video Gaming Addiction”; 18 to 20 March: the boys were separated from the girls for the discussion on “Proper Hygiene”.
- Catering Survey: On 4 March, all Intermediate students were asked to contribute ideas to improve the Cafeteria and Tuck Shop. Students gave their preferences for food and beverages in a special survey.
- United Strings of Europe: 21 Feb at 11:00 am: students enjoyed one hour of beautiful music along with explanations of musical terms. The highlight was when four students were given the opportunity to conduct.
- Musical workshop: All Intermediate students who play string instruments attended a one-hour workshop with the group “United Strings of Europe”. The students started with practicing different rhythms, then worked on techniques to improve their musical listening skills and later imitated vocally the sound of the violin. Students also showed their talents at playing their own string instruments.
- Report Cards for Term 2 were distributed on 13 March. Students whose teachers had certain concerns were given white report cards to be signed by parents and returned to school for the child to receive the official yellow report card.
- Children’s Book Writer, Ms. Elizabeth Laird, addressed a group of 7th and 8th graders in the Library on 11 March. Ms. Laird has visited many countries in the Middle East during troubled times, and she described the different people she met on her journeys and how she weaved these extraordinary characters into her stories for children.

                              Ms. Elizabeth Laird addressing students
Certificates Day                                                 

- Parents Teacher Meetings for the second time this year were held on 20 March from 3:30 to 6:00 pm. Parents of students whose report cards showed certain concerns, were invited to attend these meetings.
- Gr 8 IP Special Meeting: Parents and students of Grade 8 IP attended this special meeting on 20 March at which the Principal and Director of Studies explained the changes to the curriculum, which will be affecting students in the International Programme who begin Grade 9 in September.
- Certificates Day took place on 21 March. Certificates were given out in all subjects to the students who are in the top 20% of  the class. Students were called to the stage in four categories: Category 1 - recipients of 1 subject certificate, Category 2 - recipients of 2, 3, or 4 certificates, Category 3 - recipients of 4, 5, or 6 certificates, and Category 4 - recipients of 7, 8, 9, and 10 certificates.
- Honour Roll Certificates for Term 2 were distributed on 21 March following the Certificates Day Ceremony.
- Points for parents: *Many items of clothing are currently in “Lost and Found”. Please label your child’s clothing items so that they can be returned when they are misplaced.



- The English department is happy to announce that three students in Grade 10 IP have been selected among the top 10 percent finalists in the TSL Essay Writing Competition and one student, Adriana Goraeib, received an honourable mention. The three finalists are Natalie Ashkar, Tamer Saleh, and Melissa Azzouz. Congratulations to the four students. We hope they will be able to participate in the debates which will occur in July 2019 in British Columbia, Canada.
- One of our Grade 11 IP students, Monia Abdallah Abboud, is now writing for, a digital media company. We wish Monia all the best!


Eighteen schools, including BHS, participated in the Lebanese Schools Football League, which was played at LES, Baabda. The BHS Senior Boys Team won 2nd place (MVP: Kevin Farhat – IB2), the Senior Girls Team won 2nd place (Best Goalkeeper: Gheed Haidar – Gr 10 IP), and the Junior Boys 2005-2006 Team won 2nd place (MVP: Jad Jaber – Gr 8 IP). Well done!



In February 2019, a letter with an invoice was sent to parents of students in KG 1, Grade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 informing them that there is a large number of student applications for 2019/20 for a limited number of KG 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, and Grade 5 places. An SMS reminder was sent on 15 March. We regret that we cannot guarantee a place in the specified classes for 2019/20, if you have not made a deposit.


- In the last four weeks, our students have had a busy programme at school. After an introductory assembly about upgrading Recycling in our section, students were extremely cooperative and our recycling bins have been put to proper use. We hope to press on and be more conscientious about the topic in the coming weeks. More assemblies to raise awareness will follow shortly.
- During assemblies, Mrs. Helena and Grade 1A put on a colourful display of masks and talked about the Venice Festival. Mrs. Lina and Grade 1B shared information about the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland. Grade 5A shared important information about cyberbullying. Since we care about our children’s online safety, the students were made aware of how to be alert while online and to report any alarming activity they might encounter.
- On Teachers’ Day, almost half of the Upper Elementary students wrote their impressions about each teacher thanking him/her for the dedication, vigilance, and determination to help each child become the best version of him/herself. Those remarks were written on a certificate and were presented to each teacher in a special assembly by way of thanking them.
- Our students have been busy practicing their reading with Scholastic Literacy Pro. The individualized online reading programme improves reading and comprehension skills. Each student is assigned books by their teacher, in addition to having access to the huge selection of online titles. “Readers become leaders.”


- Our Open House events were held in Khoury Hall on two consecutive weeks. The Lower Elementary students sang to their mums at the beginning of their event. Then, parents of students in both sections were shown a taste of school life, working on educational activities related to the theme of “Picture your Future.”  Happy Mother’s Day to all our wonderful mums.
- In art classes, students have been exploring emotions, developing their line-art abilities, and drawing portraits and still-life pictures.
- The Children’s Cancer Centre of Lebanon, represented by Lama Dunnawi, was presented with a cheque for 20,100,000LL. This amount was raised by BHS students after participating in CCCL’S fundraising programme (math-a-thon and draw-a-thon) in addition to the annual walk-a-thon, which is a school-led initiative. Ms. Dinnawi presented our Principal Mr. Gray with a trophy as a token of appreciation for the loyal and continuous support by BHS throughout the years.



- Spring is finally here!  Many of the art projects centre on Easter and spring. The classrooms are bustling with activity and will continue to do so through the remainder of the year. Our activities this month will focus on the “Spring” as a theme and Peace as our living value.
- On the 15th of March, mothers were invited to come and share with their children the joy of learning in a happy and loving environment.
- Report cards for term 2 were issued on 13 March at the end of the day. Teachers have been in touch with some parents to inform them of concerns and progress. We hope to continue working together to make improvements in areas of concern. If you wish to meet with your child's teacher, please contact the office and book an appointment with the Infant Section Secretary, Najwa Feghali.
- KG 1 students enjoyed making giant sunflowers by using their handprints, rollers and pasting the seeds in the centre to decorate the walls for the Mothers' Day celebration. During our Open House, students were very excited to sing songs for their mothers. Mothers also joined in activities with their children in class. Mothers had to guess the drawings of their children. 
- KG 2 students enjoyed making pink pigs for the letter "p".
- Since it was a Mother's Day celebration, KG 2 students practiced songs in English, Arabic, and French and performed them for their mothers.  They also prepared different craft activities for their mothers such as using paint and crayons to make flower pots on yellow cardboard where on each pot they wrote why they love their mums, and they pricked a drawing of their hands shaping a heart to show their love. Spring is near; therefore KG 2 students are preparing spring activities such as 3D butterflies, bees, and ladybirds.  
- KG3 enjoyed drawing their mums and writing why they love them. They practiced reading and reciting their sentences for Mother’s Day. They also coloured and decorated beautiful spring artwork like butterflies, birds, and flowers.... which they used to decorate their classroom. They made piquage for a flowered crown to present to their mums as well.
- KG 3 students continue to read and practice the phonics books that are sent home.  As your child masters each book, he/she will progress and move on to the next level.
- Please encourage your children to eat breakfast before coming to school. Students frequently come to our office complaining of headaches, stomach cramps and feeling tired. In some cases, this is due to hunger.




In our continuous effort to deliver on the OSA vision to be a united, visible, and affluent community that benefits old scholars and the school, the Old Scholars Association held its first Networking Event on Thursday, 29 November 2018 at Olio Badaro. Over the course of a few hours, Old Scholars from the 1960's all the way up to the fresh grads mingled together and had a great time. The invitees enjoyed great food, drinks and wonderful ambiance but most importantly, they enjoyed connecting with old friends and classmates.
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