BHS Monthly Newsletter --- Vol. 22 No. 7 --- 3 May 2019


Dear Parents,
Welcome to summer? I understand that this has been the wettest winter in Lebanon for at least 35 years and that I am to blame for having brought this inundation from Scotland. I also understand that Lebanon needs the water; so it is true that most clouds ‘have a silver lining.’ I hope that students and parents have had a good break and a happy Easter. The season of examinations is now underway and I wish all students every success with these. They have been encouraged to revise sensibly and to do their best. No more can be asked of them.
I have continued to be busy with appointments for the coming academic year. Mr. Fareed Halabi, who champions the Model United Nations so effectively, has been appointed Head of Careers to take effect from September 2019. He will provide a top quality service of careers guidance and advice to students in Grades 10, 11, and 12 but will introduce the importance of subject choices and careers selection to younger students too who need to be aware that their lives at school lead to the adult world.
Ms. Ruba Aboul Hosn has been appointed Head of Support for Learning for Brummana High School, both Upper and Lower Schools, from September. She will introduce screening programmes for all children to help identify learning difficulties early and will set up individualised programmes of support for students who require them. She will brief staff on how best to manage children who would benefit from support and will co-ordinate the work of staff who have some kind of support role in Upper and Lower Schools, whether in the Writing Centre, the English as a Foreign Language Department, or in the Lower School where Mrs. Julianna Eid officially takes up the role of Learning Support Co-ordinator. Mrs. Eid will also continue in her role as Counsellor in the Lower School. Ms. Aboul Hosn is currently Head of Learning Support at the Greater Armenian Evangelical School of Beirut.
I have appointed Mrs. Helena Abou Harb, currently Homeroom teacher in Grade 1, to the position of Head of English as a Foreign Language for both Upper and Lower Schools. She has past experience in this area, is working towards a qualification in Learning Support, and will work closely with the Head of Support for Learning. In the Upper School the situation which prevails currently with two part time Counsellors will change from September in favour of one full time Counsellor to provide stability and continuity. To that end, I have appointed Mrs. Sarah Hannah to the position. She is at present the part time Counsellor for the Secondary Section at BHS.
Mrs. Hoda Wallace, at present Head of English as a Foreign Language, has been appointed to the role of Head of Professional Development and Appraisal from September. She will be responsible for the introduction of an overhauled system of appraisal from September 2019 on which I shall be working with her in the coming months. She will additionally oversee and develop staff training and the professional career development of teaching colleagues. She will be a member of the school’s leadership team.


I have also appointed Ms. Joey Kdeissy to the position of teacher of Social Studies (Arabic) in the Upper School. Ms. Kdeissy is currently teaching Arabic as a replacement teacher in the Lower Elementary, and last year taught French in the Upper School. I have appointed Rawad Younes to teach Physics (part time) and to coach basketball. He is currently a teacher of Mathematics and Physics at Eastwood High School.
There are other appointments to come to replace staff who are moving up or moving on. Amongst these is Dr. Aghat Laham, the Head of Arabic, who will retire in the summer after 35 years of distinguished service to Brummana High School.
Apart from such replacements I shall also appoint a Nurse for the Upper School, whose clinic will be in a refurbished room off the Volleyball Court, a second assistant to the Heads of the Intermediate and Secondary Sections to provide some relief for Mrs. Lucy Shalala, and a Marketing Manager, whose role will be to ensure the effective and consistent promotion of the BHS brand, within and out with the Brummana school community.
Much of interest has been happening within the confines of the school campus: a splendid Field Day in which the competitive spirit and good sportsmanship of Brummana students were on display throughout the day, in spite of the weather conditions; an equally entertaining Games Day in which I was, amongst other things, challenged to a table tennis match; various individual sporting successes in which students represented BHS successfully in tournaments, or their country with distinction, in sports as varied as football, rugby, basketball and motor racing. Brummana High School was also in evidence on the winners’ podium at both AUB and LAU Science fairs, the former of which I was privileged to visit. The term concluded with a spiritual, and at times, haunting rendition of religious and secular songs for Easter by the school choir, both in Arabic and in English. The concert took place in the Khoury Hall and was well attended by parents, students, Old Scholars and friends of the school.
The term has also seen a focus on our environment. The Gardening Club has got off to a successful start with over 80 students from Grade 4 to Grade 12 attending in the newly established greenhouse situated above the Art and Crafts Block. The club is led by Old Scholar, Mr. Houssam Chaiban, who is also carrying out an audit of the campus with a view to future planting to create a living Botanical Garden from our natural habitat. He is ably assisted at the club by 5 of our teachers and teaching assistants.
Meanwhile Mr. Ahmad Sibai is leading the Recycling Committee which has started its work to make Brummana a greener place with emphasis on reducing carbon emissions and on involving students in environmentally friendly activity. Mrs. Lara el Feghali, teacher of Biology, will become our Global Eco Schools’ Co-ordinator from September and will gather students together to work towards Brummana gaining the Green Flag award, while Miss Jana Thoumy has already done excellent work with the Catering Committee to provide healthier, tastier fare for the students in both the tuck shop and in the cafeteria, where the provision of breakfast has got off to a healthy start. Parents are reminded that students can take breakfast for 5000LL per day in the cafeteria from 7-7.35am each morning, by purchasing tokens in the usual way.
On the academic front parents and students from Grade 8 International Programme, attended an evening to be introduced to the new structure for the International Programme to take effect from September when those entering Grade 9 will select 7 IGCSE subjects, including English, Mathematics, a science, a language, a social subject and two others which they will study over two years, taking the IGCSE examinations at the end of Grade 10. They will need to pass these (A*-C) to progress to Grade 11 when we hope to be able to have on offer the International Baccalaureate or the option of A or A/S levels or a combination of A and A/S levels, to be taken in Grade 12. Grade 9 IP students will, of course, also continue to have lessons in areas such as P.E. and PHSE (Personal, Social and Health Education). For all students, irrespective of which programme they follow, the Lebanese Government has now granted equivalency to the International Baccalaureate, and for those in the International Programme this now extends to A levels, A/S levels and IGCSE’s too.

Finally I am indebted to the Parents’ Association for their support of the school in such events as the Easter egg hunt and the forthcoming May Festival, while I was very impressed by Brummana High School Grade 10 students recently who were carrying out their regular Community Service commitment with the residents of the Al Amal Institute for the disabled and the handicapped, a wonderful place in which young people can learn in the spirit of the school motto ‘I serve’ how to contribute to their local community and make a difference to the lives of people less fortunate than themselves. In that spirit I wish all parents and students successful months ahead.
JND Gray - I Serve


To celebrate Labour Day, the school invited all workers to a dinner at Al Aziz, Beit Mery on Tuesday, 30 April. The evening was a great success.


- The Summer Camp Office will open for registration on Monday, 3 June 2019. Dates for the BHS Summer Camp 2019 are as follows: Day Camp – Ages 3-5 and 9-15 years > 3 July till 21 August; Ages 6-8 years > 4 July till 21 August; Boarding Camp – Ages 6-15 > 9 July till 18 August. Please check the summer camp website and brochure for further details.
- Any Secondary student interested in a position as a Summer Camp Monitor should download an application from the summer camp website, complete it, and submit it to the Receptionist as soon as possible.


Breakfast is available for students and staff in the school cafeteria from 7:00 am until 7:40 am each morning.  A variety of hot and cold food is available.  The cost of breakfast is LL 5,000 in tokens.


- Following the May Festival on Saturday, 18 May, there are no classes on Monday, 20 May, although IGCSE and IB exams continue. Offices are open.
- School is closed on Saturday, 25 May on the occasion of Liberation Day.


- Between 22 February and 23 March, Brummana High School teachers attended the AUB Spring Workshops, presented by professional speakers. Thirty BHS teachers from all sections (Infant, Lower and Upper Elementary, and the Upper School) attended thirteen different workshops tackling varied educational topics. Workshops covered such educational matters as understanding and dealing with learning difficulties, curriculum design, design thinking, understanding by design, and inquiry-based learning. The variety of the topics and the professionalism of presenters were admired by BHS attendees. Teachers who shared their feedback on the sessions they had attended emphasized the importance of professional development, which allows them as educators to remain in contact with updated educational methods and theories and be more aware of the changes they need to implement in their classes.
- After being nominated by ThinkEd Learning Services for a project with the Ministry of Education in Qatar, the Head of Maths Department, Aline Alam, attended a training on maths class observations and conducted a round of lesson observations from 9 till 12 March in different public schools in Qatar to evaluate the standard practices inside the classrooms such as sharing objectives, promoting critical thinking, assessment for learning, and the application of problem based learning.


Students on the bus must abide by the school rules, respect the designated monitor, and follow these BHS bus rules:
- Get on and off the bus in an orderly manner in single file.
- No physical play or rough conduct is allowed at any time.
- Remain properly seated at all times and keep head and other parts of the body inside the bus and out of the aisle.
- Avoid loud conversation and singing.
- Musical instruments may not be played inside the bus.
- Ask the bus monitor's permission before opening a window.
- Eating, drinking, chewing gum, and smoking are not allowed on the bus.
- Respect the rights of others inside and outside the bus.
- Written parental permission is required if a bus registered student who comes to school in the morning is not using the usual bus on the homeward journey (because he/she is not returning by bus or is going on a different bus).  
- A student who is not registered to use the bus service may not use a BHS bus, unless it is a BHS sanctioned activity.
- A student who misbehaves on the bus will be reported to the Head of Section. A student who repeatedly misbehaves on the bus will be banned from using it.
- All students travelling by bus must wear the seat belts provided, for their safety and security.


- The BHS Parents’ Association held its Annual Egg Hunt on 16 April in the Infant and Elementary Sections. The PA passed through these sections and offered the kids some goodies. Thank you to all staff for being so helpful, and especially to Mrs Nadia Wannous for the interesting information concerning the spirit of Easter. I hope you all had a Happy Easter. 
- The May Festival will be on Saturday, 18 May on the theme of "Live, Love, and Laugh". This event is organized by the PA in collaboration with BHS. It will be a great day from morning until night. Our students from different classes will perform, special shows will be presented, there will be inflatables and games, kermess, a food court, a variety of stands and kiosks, live shows, sports and fashion shows, musical performances, and many celebrities will join. More surprises are waiting for you. There will also be a tombola. We will send you a booklet of tickets to buy if you would like to participate; there will be special prizes and your contribution will be highly appreciated. The May Festival programme will be sent out soon. Good luck to the May Queen nominees and their escorts: Leatitia Khaled Feghali, Talia Matar (IB2), Janna Al Yousif (12 IP), Naram Abou Chedid and Gabrielle Ghanimeh (Sec. 3 LP). We are waiting to see you all with your families and friends from our wider community. 


- As the weather was in our favour for one weekend on Saturday, 13 April 2019, BR1 Leaders and Members went on a picnic at Swings in Zaaroun. It was a nice break from routine and a great fun-filled day. We would like to thank ETS. Edmond R. Goraieb SAL for donating the frankfurters.
- BR1 Group now also has its own Parents’ Association comprised of the following members: C. Nicolas Kerbage (President), C. Ayad Baban (Vice President), Mr. Edmond Goraieb (Secretary), Mrs. Nelly Joujou (Treasurer), Mrs. Jenny Sawaya (Consultant), and Mrs. Rania Jahshan (Consultant).
- As Quarter 2 is now over, the awards were distributed. Best Cub of the Quarter: David Doumit, Best Sixer of the Quarter: Black, Best Boy Scout of the Quarter: Marc Jahshan, Best Patrol of the Quarter: Horse Patrol, Best Girl Scout of the Quarter: Rita Maria Abou Zeid, Best Patrol of the Quarter: Bee Patrol, Best Venture of the Quarter: Teddy Joe Nakad, Best Band of the Quarter:
Rouwwad Al Jabal. Don’t forget to visit us at the May Festival Food Booth and Games’ Booths on Saturday, 18 May 2019.


- Students of Grades 10-11 IP and IB2 sat for their final exams from 12 to 17 April 2019. They left for the vacation and will be preparing for their Cambridge and IBDP official exams in May. Good luck to all.
- The last day for seniors was 17 April. Both LP and IP students prepared a heart-warming breakfast and invited the Principal and all their teachers. Secondary 3 LP and 12 IP students will be sitting for their final exams in the week of 7-10 May 2019.
- Secondary students visited the Book Fair during their language courses and their free periods in the week of 1 to 5 April.
- In preparation for the May Queen pageant, which takes place during the traditional May Festival, a number of young ladies from senior classes nominated themselves. They each delivered a short speech to both Intermediate and Secondary students in a special assembly on 1 April. Students then voted for their preferred candidates on 4 April. Good luck to all 5 contestants.
-  On 10 April, Upper School students and teachers performed a Fire Drill. This is a very important exercise to train for an evacuation in case a fire takes place.
- On 11 April, the Secondary assembly featured speakers from USJ (Université Saint Joseph) who informed students about several programmes that the university is now offering in English.
 - On the eve of 17 April, the Easter Recital took place in Khoury Hall. Secondary students, led by Choir Conductor Cheryl Khairallah performed songs and hymns to parents, staff and students. The performance was enchanting.
- We hope you had a Happy Easter and a relaxing vacation.


- Assembly: 1 April: students attended a special assembly during which they listened to speeches by the May Queen nominees. The students voted for the May Queen of their choice on 4 April. 11 April:  A day of celebrations: MUN and MAL winners, AUB Science Fair Participants and Winners, Brummana Wheat Race winners, Rugby National team recognition, Term 2 Honour Roll Certificates distribution. Congratulations to all.
- Advisory: 1 to 3 April – Advisers and advisees discussed the negative side of mobile phone chat groups. There was an emphasis on what should be done when bad language pops ups in the chat groups. Students were also warned about pop ups that can happen while they are playing video games which try to lure children to follow a bad link. 8 to 10 April: Advisers worked closely with students who are struggling academically. These students were given tips on how to plan and revise on certain days during the Easter break.
- Special Talk: Principal David Gray spoke to all the Grade 7 students about being careful with what they post online. He explained that what they write stays there forever and can be seen by anyone and if they have written something bad, it can go against them when applying to a university or for a job.
- Brevet Dates: Wednesday, 17 April: Last day for Brevet. Monday, 6 May to Thursday, 9 May: BHS Final Exams for Brevet. Thursday, 9 May at 1:30 pm: Grade 9 Crossing the Bridge Ceremony. Friday, 10 May: Students depart on annual Grade 9 trip to Jbeil. Monday, 13 May & Tuesday, 14 May: Correction of Final Exams for Brevet. Wednesday, 12 June: Official Exams for Brevet begin. We wish our Brevet students the best during these examinations.
- Special 8 IP Meeting was held on 11 April: These students were given IGCSE course descriptions for next year. The speakers were Ms. Nado Abi Khattar (Design and Technology), Ms Christina Nakhleh (ICT), Ms. Gina Abou Merhi (Economics), and Ms. Jessica Laine Fahed (Business). VP Mr. George Rizkallah gave the students the IGCSE Course description booklet for more details.
- Book Fair: this event took place between 1-5 April in the Meeting House. All students visited the Book Fair with their language teachers.
- Field Day: On 5 April, all Upper School students participated in a variety of athletic events throughout the day. They competed as part of their House Team: Waldmeier or Rizkallah or Little.
- Games Day took place after school on 12 April. The three house teams competed in several team sports. It was a cheerful afternoon for all those who attended.
- Points for Parents: We hope students will take advantage of some of the days off to revise the subject material that has been covered since the Mid-Year Examinations.
- We hope you had Happy Easter.




Math Competitions Winners: - On Friday, 5 April 2019, BHS participated in the LAU Arts and Science Fair with 3 projects in different categories. The 1st Prize went to the STEM project entitled “The Crush” under the category of assessing society needs. Winners of the first prize are Rawad Eid and Marc Raymond El-Khazen, 10 IP, who won a 25% scholarship to LAU, in addition to medals and certificates. The 2nd Prize went to the STEM project entitled “The Identibullet” under the category of journalism. Winners of the second prize are Fadlo Elias Abou Fadel and Malek Hamzeh, 10 IP, who won medals and certificates.
- On Saturday and Sunday, 6-7 April 2019,  Rudy Zalzal, Sec. 2 LP, participated in the AUB Science and Maths Fair and won the first prize for his project "Popsicle stick bridge" Real World Problem and Investigation.

IB1 Students Workshop: Maths teacher, Ms. Gisele Hanna gave a workshop to IB 1 students. The workshop, entitled “A guide to your mathematics paper”, discussed the different aspects and components of writing a mathematics paper. It familiarized the students with formal mathematical language and statements, in addition to tackling the paper’s structure, paragraphing, citations, graphs, and figures.



- The BHS Junior Boys Varsity Basketball Team won 1st Place in the IC Tournament against Lycee Abdel Kader on 13 April. Student Jules Kehde won the Most Valuable Player. Congratulations to the Team and their Coach George Sayegh.- The BHS Girls Varsity Futsal Team won 1st Place in the Val Père Jacques Tournament against Val Père Jacques school on 12 April. Student Karly Harfouche won the Most Valuable Player. Congratulations to the Team and their Coaches Sami Brakh and Mickey Sawaya.
- Many BHS students participated in Al Amal Institute’s Annual Wheat Race which took place on Saturday, 7 April. The winners were as follows: 5 K Run (Girls) - 1st place Stephanie Ashkar; 3 K Run (Boys 2002/03) – 1st place Fadlo Elias Abou Fadel, 4th place Danny Chokr, and 5th place Joey Angelil; 2 K Run (Girls 2002/03) – 1st place Angela Saade and 3rd place Lea Jaber; 1.5 K Run (Girls 2004/05) – 3rd place Mia Emily Weiss; 1.5 K Run (Boys 2004/05) – 1st place Simon Al-Hajj; and 1.5 K Run (Girls 2006/07) – 2nd place Marie-Jose Al Akkari and 3rd place Maygen Naassan. Congratulations!



In February 2019, a letter with an invoice was sent to parents of students in KG 1, Grade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 informing them that there is a large number of student applications for 2019/20 for a limited number of KG 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, and Grade 5 places. An SMS reminder was sent on 15 March. We regret that we cannot guarantee a place in the specified classes for 2019/20, if you have not made a deposit.


- In the Elementary Section, Grades 2, 4 and 6 had their Social Studies contests and we’d like to announce the winners in each grade as follows: Grade 2:  1st place went to Lily Tatar (2B), 2nd place to Jamil Azoury (2B) and 3rd place went to Christian Abou Saab (2C). Grade 4: 1st  place Liam Andrea (4A), 2nd  Alfred De Mar Youssef (4C) and 3rd Serena Njeim (4B). Grade 6: 1st place Ryan El Beyrouthy (6B), 2nd Ryan El-Masri (6B) and 3rd Rawad Bouakl (6C). Congratulations to all our winners and finalists for doing an exceptional job.
- We are proud to announce that Kayann Ghoul (3C) was awarded 1st place in the show dance formation, and Sarah Melhem and Yana Wannous (also 3C), came 1st in the Ballet duo competition at the 2019 Lebanese Dance Sport Federation “Artistic Dance” contest.
- During assemblies, Mrs. Eliane and 1C presented “Thanksgiving” to the Lower Elementary students.
- Preparations for this year’s May Festival have begun, following our theme for this year: “Live, Love and Laugh”. Students are busily rehearsing a colourful, musical spectacular that we are all eagerly awaiting.
- Reading Day will be celebrated on Friday, 3 May. Students can look forward to sharing their favourite stories and enjoying their favourite books.
- Gr. 6A presented “A Wall to Remember”, a play directed and produced by Ms. Lama Najjar. Gr.4, 5, & 6 students and parents of 6A watched this production in Dobbing Hall.
- Maurice and Matthew Keyrouz participated in the Lebanese 3rd Motorcycles Enduro Cup on Sunday, 7 April. Matthew finished the race in 2nd Position in his category and Maurice finished in 3rd Position in his category. The race was held in Mtein. The next race will be in Ehden.


- KG 1 went for a spring walk and had a picnic on campus. During the walk they looked for ants, flowers, butterflies, and other insects. In class they have been making a small Easter basket in which to put their coloured eggs.
- KG 2 students are doing spring and Easter-related activities; such as ladybirds, bees, butterflies, Easter baskets, and egg shell puppets with a chick inside.
- KG 2 students enjoyed listening to spring and Easter songs and stories. They took a walk around the school to discover the different nature aspects of spring.
- April showers bring May flowers. KG 3 enjoyed discussing spring weather and the different scenes it brings. They had a great time painting, colouring and writing about spring and Easter. The value PEACE is very interesting for KG3; they are busy preparing songs and simple phrases to help them understand it better. They presented those songs and sentences in Assembly on Monday.  
- Thank you to the PA headed by Mrs. Dina Bechara for visiting our section on 16 April to distribute Easter gifts for our students.


2007 Class Reunion at the OSA House:
On Saturday, 29 December 2018, the BHS Old Scholars Association hosted a reunion party for the Class of 2007 at the OSA House in Brummana. More than 40 students, teachers and administrators reunited and shared stories of their time at BHS while enjoying drinks and snacks. Mrs. Serene Musallam Farah ‘92, the General Manager of the BHS OSA and an Old Scholar, welcomed the Class of 2007 and all the guests to the OSA House and discussed the importance of staying connected to both BHS and the OSA. This was followed by a sentimental speech by outgoing Principal Dr. Walid Khoury, and a speech by Ms. Aline Alam, who was the class’s Maths teacher at the time. We were delighted to see members of the class of 2007 step up and share their fondest memories of BHS and their latest news and updates with all the attendees – it was truly heart-warming. The Class of 2007 then cut a cake to commemorate the 11th anniversary of their graduation from BHS and enjoyed the rest of the night with their friends, teachers and members of the OSA Executive Committee.



- Principal David Gray for donating books to the Upper Elementary Library.
- Gr. 9 LP and Gr. 6 B students Priscilla and Paolo Farah for donating books to the Elementary Libraries.
- Gr. 1 A student Sara Al-Karaawi for donating 1,500,000 LL to be used by the Lower Elementary.
- Former Principal Dr. Walid El Khoury for donating books to the Elementary Libraries.
- Old Scholar Joline El-Chakhtoura, student Daniella Razzouk, Upper Elementary Secretary Vivian Aswad, friends of the school Badih Abou Jawdeh and Randa Azkoul Soubeih, and an anonymous donor for donating books to the Thomas Little Memorial Library.
- Author and friend of the school Elizabeth Laird for donating 9 copies of books that she wrote to the Thomas Little Memorial Library, the English Department, and as prizes.
- Gr. 1A student Ilias McDowall for donating books to the Lower Elementary, Grade 1A classroom.

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