I would like to thank all the Brummana High School community for making the 2015/2016 academic year a truly remarkable year that saw many high achievements in all aspects of school life. In particular, I would like to congratulate the BHS community on the Education Development Trust [EDT] accreditation, and on BHS becoming an IB World School. I wish you all a happy and enjoyable summer.


Please note that in order to receive report cards, all books on loan must be returned and all fines and tuition fees must be settled.


Our Bursar, Raymond El Feghali, represented BHS at the Independent Schools’ Bursars Association (ISBA) conference and annual general meeting in Edinburgh, Scotland, on 18-19 May. The conference has gained a reputation for providing 'take home' tips and advice on the big issues affecting independent schools through interactive panel discussions and topical updates. The Bursar attended a discussion about whether new technology is actually time-saving, and sessions on leadership and change and preventing radicalisation.  Other key issues covered throughout the two days included compliance, income generation, affordability, data protection, safeguarding, debt management, marketing and staff wellbeing amongst many others. The Bursar found the conference a valuable opportunity to learn about new developments, exchange views, and discuss problems.


Our biggest event of the year, the May Festival, was rescheduled to 5 June due to weather conditions, and luckily the weather was amazing, and it was a very successful day. The festival included inflatables, Scouts kermesse, and the various food and accessories stands. The show began with the Infant Section students who were dancing to the songs of our beloved Lebanese singer, the late Zaki Nassif. The kids as well as the parents enjoyed the wonderful joyful dances. I would like to thank the Head of Section Nada Bu Jawdeh and all her staff members for their efforts and support. The Lower and Upper Elementary Section danced to the theme of "Let's Dance". The costumes were beautiful and the dances were even more creative. This event would not have been possible without the help and support of Head of Section Shatha Abu Khalil, Mrs Roula Issa for presenting early in the day, and all the teachers. On to the talent show: students showed off their many wonderful talents. The singers, musicians, and jugglers were all great! We would like to thank the judges: Head of Secondary Section Chadi Nakhle, teacher Magda El Hachem, and PA member Smyrna Mghabghab.  After the student performances, the



Volume 19, Issue 8 —  09 June 2016

- On 4 May, representatives from the well-known Princeton Review visited the Secondary Section and gave a presentation to Secondary 1 and 2 students about the new SAT and strategies to achieve high scores.

- A special reinforcement week from 9 to 13 May was given to Secondary 3 SE students, prior to their final exams, to train them further on past exams papers in all subjects. Furthermore, following their final exams between 16 and 19 May, all Secondary 3 LP students came over two days on 23 and 24 May to correct their exams with their teachers. We wish them the best of luck in the upcoming official exams.

- On 19 May, the Old Scholar Association held its open air graduating classes gathering for this year at the BHS amphitheatre. Principal Dr. El Khoury and OSA President Nazih Khattar addressed the graduates. The OSA president also donated a cheque to the Head of the Prom Committee Hadi Dika (Sec. 3 SE), as a major contribution to the cost of their prom this year.


- Assembly: 1 June – a special assembly was held with student Enzo El Adm who gave a presentation on the importance of maintaining the Environmental Club next year, with an emphasis on carrying on with and improving the recycling project on campus.

- Advisory: 6 May – together the Advisers and students read through an article entitled “Screentime is Making Kids Moody, Crazy, and Lazy” in an effort to raise awareness about the health hazards of being in front of a screen (mobile, TV, computer etc.) for long hours.  13 May – Advisers discussed “The Dangers of Drug Use” with their groups, with an emphasis on the health risks. 27 May – students took part in a “Spring Cleaning” of their classrooms as part of “Keeping Our School Clean” project. 3 June – students are preparing schedules to help plan their study time for the final examinations.

- Medals Ceremony: All students attended this ceremony on 19 May, during which sports medals were distributed to students who had won during Field Day and to those who had broken records. Well done to all the winners.


- Three BHS students were selected to join the Lebanese National Junior Rugby Team: Omar Knio, Jean Marc Maroun, and Zein Nasri. Congratulations and best of luck!

- The Upper School Field Day winner was Waldmeier House. Congratulations! Four new records were broken this year: Laura Aouad in shot put, Olivia Grace Niewiadomski in the Intermediate 200 meters, Maysa Abou Khalil in the Secondary 200 meters, and Yasha Zeinoun in high jump. Well done!



The Brummana High School Elementary Section organized a four-session seminar on “Teaching Parenting the Positive Discipline Way”. This seminar focused on parents helping their child/ren build a sense of their own capability, power to choose, and sense of self-worth. Parents had the opportunity to deepen their understanding on how to be “Kind and Firm” through hands-on activities and lots of fun! The seminar facilitators were the Elementary Counsellors, Juliana Eid and Zeina El Nakhel Fares. Thank you to all the parents who attended the seminar. We look forward to seeing you all in next academic year 2016/2017.

Parenting Seminar

- KG 2 and KG 3 students shone on 5 June during the May Festival. They danced to “Zaki Nassif” songs wearing beautiful costumes. I would like to extend a big thanks to PA Chairperson Zeina Zeinoun and her team for providing us with everything we needed for this festival.

- KG 1 and KG 2 teachers enhanced what they taught their students in the classroom, by taking them to visit the zoo. They saw different kinds of animals.

- KG 3 students visited the first grade classrooms on Tuesday, 7 June. The purpose of this visit was to familiarize the children with their surroundings for next year. Be sure to “get the scoop” from your child on this exciting mini introduction to first grade.

- Friday, 3 June was our Field Day. It was an action packed, fun-filled, non-competitive day for all. Parents and staff made sure to cheer all the children on.

- Our value for the months of May and June is Happiness. We teach your children that happiness is an attitude of choice. They can always choose to be happy.  We emphasize happiness by encouraging them to:


KG 2 student Jonathan El Hage for donating 9 used books to the Infant Section Library and classrooms.

The next newsletter will be published at the beginning of the next academic year 2016/2017.

The 25th Anniversary of the OSA International Convention is around the corner. We are very excited to celebrate the Silver Jubilee from 15 – 17 July, 2016 with a spectacular programme filled with fun and festivities. The preliminary schedule is as follows:



- We are proud to announce that our Venture, Anna Batrouni, was elected as Brummana High School's May Queen for 2016! Congratulations, Anna, we are proud of you!

- Thank you to all our members who helped in this year's May Festival preparations! Our group held the opening ceremony and prepared a very nice kermesse, with more than 18 games along with a food stand. A big thank you also to the PA committee for their trust in our members!


Congratulations to Enzo El Adm on winning the first prize in English language for the 2016 Michel Chiha Competition!! Eight students from BHS: Enzo El Adm, Farouq El Atassi, Catherine El Aswad, Amir Mojaes, Elie Salem, Hadi Saadeh, and Nour Abi Fadel participated in an interscholastic competition organized by the Michel Chiha Foundation on Saturday, 5 April 2016. They were asked to write analytical essays on national and regional issues presented by Chiha over 80 years ago which are still relevant today. The award ceremony took place at the Bristol Hotel on Saturday, 14 May 2016 in the presence of the winners and their parents, representatives of the 122 participating schools and a large number of public, academic, and intellectual figures.

Michel Chiha 2016 Competition

Next year’s tuition fee invoices will be given out with the report card for the eldest student in each family. First payment of tuition fees and the bus registration fees is due by 1 September.


Work to cover the Lower Elementary playground (previously sand) with a rubber surface has been completed. We hope that the students will enjoy their play times on this safer and more hygienic surface.


- The dates for the BHS Summer Camp 2016 are as follows: Day Camp – Ages 3-7 years > 5 July till 23 August; Ages 8-15 years > 4 July till 23 August; Boarding Camp – Ages 6-15 > 11 July till 23 August. Please check the summer camp website www.bhscamp.com and brochure for further details.

- The Summer Camp Office is now open for registration.


Talent Show at the May Festival 2016May Festival 2016May Festival 2016May Festival 2016BR1 Scouts at the opening of May Festival 2016

- Four members from our group participated in the Intermediate Section talent show during the festival and won 1st place for performing "Uncover". Great job to Gabrielle Ghanime, Jennifer Abu Jawdeh, Michel Sadek, and Michel Ghaleb! We have no doubt in your talents!

- Good luck to all our members in the official exams! Your hard work will pay off!

- Our summer schedule will be announced soon, please stay in touch with our leaders for more details.

- Feel free to check our Facebook page "Brummana One Group" for pictures and future events!

May Festival 2016Talent Show at the May Festival 2016May Queen 2016 Anna Carina Batrouni

- On 19 May, Secondary 1 and 2 students went on an overnight trip to Faraya and Faqra organized by teachers Samir Ayache and Rabih Aouad. Students arrived at the hotel in Faraya on Thursday evening, had dinner, and sang karaoke. The next morning, they participated in many sports activities including archery, ATV, etc. Then they went on a hiking adventure in the Faqra region, where they visited the Natural Bridge, El Laban River, and the Roman temple ruins. After that, they went on a guided tour of the Chabrouh Dam and came back to BHS at 5:00pm.

- During the yearly May Festival, Secondary students shone during their talent show. The winners were as follows: Lia Jureidini (12 IP) won first place for an original song written, composed, and sung by her. Yara Kehdy (Sec. 2 H) won 2nd place for singing Acapella. Joanna Abou Khazaa (Sec. 1 LP) won 3rd place for singing and playing the piano. Congratulations to all 3 talent winners.

- Congratulations to the May Queen 2016, Anna Carina Batrouni (12 IP), and the 4 other young ladies who shone during the coronation.

- Term III report cards for Secondary 3 and Grade 12 IP students started to be distributed on 7 June.

- The final exams for Secondary 1 and 2 LP students will take place between 14 and 17 June. Exams will extend from 8:00am to 1:00pm, and buses will be leaving at 1:00pm during those 4 days. Monday, 13 May is a reading day for these students, and thus there will be no classes on that day.

- The Prize Day for Upper School students will take place on 17 June starting at 1:00pm. Parents of students receiving prizes will be contacted individually and invited to this special event.

- Report cards for all Secondary students, except graduates, will be distributed on 1 July.

- The Speech Day for graduates of 2015-2016 will take place on 25 June 2016. Prom Night will take place on 27 June 2016 at the Phoenicia Hotel, Beirut. Congratulation to all graduates! You will all be missed!

- We wish you all a happy summer vacation and to those who are fasting during Ramadan: Ramadan Karim!

Crossing the Bridge Ceremony Crossing the Bridge Ceremony

- Crossing the Bridge Ceremony took place in Khoury Hall on 20 May. Parents, teachers, and staff attended this event to commemorate the “crossing” of Grade 9 students from the Intermediate into the Secondary Section. In addition, Grade 9 students were awarded certificates for academic achievement, Caring and Kindness awards, and awards for Junior Prefect Duties in the MTB Building. Congratulations to all the Grade 9 students with best wishes in their journey in the Secondary Section.

- French Delf Examinations took place in the Meeting House on 7-8 June.

- Brevet students sat for the school final examinations 17 – 20 May. They began their Official Brevet Government Examinations on 31 May, and we wish them all the best.

- Dates to Remember:

· The last teaching day for the Intermediate Section is 10 June.

· Students will return for their Final Examinations 14, 16, and 17 June with 13 and 15 June as days off to revise.

· End of Year Report Card distribution will be taking place 1 July 2016 from 10:00am to 12:30pm.

- Points for Parents:

· Please urge your children to use the study schedule given to them by their Adviser to help them pace their revision time for the final examinations. Without a well prepared study plan, their anxiety will rise.

· If you are planning to leave the country before 1 July 2016, please contact the Head of Section Rima M Habib in case your child will be assigned special summer work based on his/her promotion requirements.

At the Michel Chiha 2016 Competition award ceremony

After five months of rehearsals, the BHS Drama Club, led by the brilliant drama teacher Omar Moujaes, and in collaboration with LAU’s Department of Communication Arts, put on their theatrical performance entitled Troy on 3-4 June at the gorgeous outdoor amphitheatre near the boarding houses. Both nights were well received with over five hundred people participating in the event. The audience was treated to an epic battle between the Spartans and the Trojans and partook in cheering for their teams. The actors and crew were students from the Intermediate and Secondary Sections, who have been attending rehearsals since January, averaging eight hours every week. Other professionals and individuals outside the school volunteered help with costumes, make-up, set, and light design. Prior to the play, several BHS students along with their director Omar Moujaes were hosted by Radio Lebanon and MTV. Among the honoured guests was HE Mr. Elias Abou Saab, the Minister of Education, several board members, school administration, staff members, and parents. Congratulations to the BHS Drama Club for their second performance and tremendous success this year.

BHS Drama Club

A scene from TroyCast & director of Troy with Minister Elias Abou SaabWaldmeier House winner of Field Day 20116


At the parenting seminar

- The Elementary Section is wrapping up the school year just about now. Students have been juggling between practicing for the Field Day and practicing for the May Festival. We hope all parents enjoyed these events. In parallel, our students have also worked hard to compete in the Maths Contests and sit for the end of year exams which are half-way done. I suppose they are truly heroes. Well, the year is almost over and all the efforts planted during the past nine months are about to be harvested in grades, acknowledgements, and awards. Good luck to all.

UE at the May FestivalLE Field Day

- The UCMAS Abacus and Mental Arithmetic 3rd National Competition  took place on Saturday, 21 May at the UNESCO Palace under the Patronage of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants, His Excellency Gebran Bassil. UCMAS is Universal Concept Mental Arithmetic System. Mini competitions were held in all UCMAS centres all over Lebanon and the top 600 students were selected to participate in the competition. Participants from the 10 levels had to answer 200 questions for 300 marks in 8 minutes. To our great pleasure, 2 BHS students, Carl Sadek and Joe Gemayel, were crowned as champions each in his own category. Carl and Joe will represent Lebanon in UCMAS 21st Abacus and Mental Arithmetic International Competition in November 2016 to be held in Dubai.  Good luck to our champs!!

- The Upper Elementary Field Day was won by Rizkallah House. Well done!

- Big congratulations to Omar Hamati in 3B for his great achievements in the Lebanese Swimming Championship short course competition at Jamhour School on 21-22 May. He won 1st place in free 400 meter, 2nd place in 50 meter breast stroke, and 3rd place in 50 meter back stroke.

Infant Section at the May FestivalInfant Section Field Day

· participate enthusiastically in activities

· express feelings freely, whether it is laughing or crying

· enjoy friendship

· have a positive approach towards everyday dealings

- Thank you for sharing your children with us this past year. We have truly enjoyed watching each and every one of them learn and grow. They have been delightful! Have a terrific summer!

Congratulations to:

- Lower Elementary Secretary Christine Labaki Gerges on the birth of her baby boy, James, on 9 May.

- Grade 3 Homeroom teacher Chantal Al Avalas Younes on the birth of her baby girl, Sophia, on 10 May.

- Accounting, economics, and business teacher Jessica Lainie Fahed on the birth of her baby boy, Robin, on 23 May.

- Elementary Supervisor Joe Said and his wife on the birth of their baby girl, Christina, on 8 June.


Saturday, 16 July

- The Jubilee Festivities > 1200 – 0100 hrs (Kids’ Zone, Souk El Tayeb, food court, kiosks, live entertainment)

- Street Party > 2030 – 0100 hrs (DJs, Band, Live Entertainment, Dancing)

- Fireworks > 2300 hrs

Sunday, 17 July

- Jubilee Festivities continue > 1200 – 0100 hrs (Kids’ Zone, Souk El Tayeb, Food Court, Kiosks, and Live Entertainment)

- Concert – Bee Gees Revival Band > 2030 - 2200 hrs

All are welcome!! Make sure to save these dates in your calendar, bring as many people as you can, and let us make it a weekend to remember for Brummana High School and Brummana.

OSA Beegees poster

- We are proud of English teacher Diala Habib, who completed her master’s in English at USEK with flying colours, to the extent that the examiner recommended that her work be published.


band Homesick, who we are very proud of, played on stage. Thank you to Miss Rima Habib for her wonderful enthusiastic presenting. The most awaited performance of the day was by The Voice Kids with their astonishing talent: Ghadi Bechara, Mirna Hanna, and Jeanine Kharrat. They amazed us with their wonderful voices. Dances and costumes from all our around the world were presented by Afrah Group. Last but not least was the May Queen coronation, which was presented by Cynthia Samuel, first runner up in the Miss Lebanon pageant. We were honoured to have had Ms. Christina Sawaya and Ms. Siham Tueni as part of our judging panel. All the nominees looked beautiful, and I hope it was a good experience for all our beautiful nominees. Congratulations to Anna Batrouni for winning the May Queen. Thank you to Development Officer Jocelyn Ghoul, Registrar Betty Ajhar, and Vice Principal/ Director of Studies George Rizkallah for organizing the preparations that preceded the May Queen coronation. It was a breath taking event, and it wouldn't have been possible without the help and support of Services Manager Abdou Trad and his team, Property Manager Ziad Abi Lamaa and his team, Foreman Tony Zeinaty, Security Guards, and all the PA Members. We won't forget Dr. Walid El Khoury, our beloved Principal, who is always there to support us as usual. Until next year!