BHS Monthly Newsletter --- Vol. 22 No. 8 --- 30 May 2019


Dear Parents,
May and June are the months of examinations, a tense time for our Upper School students and an involved period of invigilation and work for our skilled teachers. Apart from examinations for the High School Diploma, there have been, and continue to be, examinations in the Lebanese Programme for the Brevet and the Baccalaureate and in the International Programme for the International Baccalaureate, (to which Lebanese Programme students can transfer from September 2019) and for Cambridge’s IGCSEs. Students have been well prepared, appear to have revised thoroughly and will, I hope, emerge with creditable results in the summer.
After discussion with senior colleagues, for students in the Upper School, we have amended and refined the system of Promotion to the next grade. The system in the Lower School will remain unchanged. In the Upper School, students will be automatically promoted if they have a year average of 65% or more. For those with an average of under 65% the appropriate Heads of Section will review the performance of the students with the Director of Studies who is responsible for academic matters, to determine in which cases there may be some doubt as to whether students can manage the work load and difficulties of the next grade. If they feel that there is no issue the students will be promoted, albeit with the advice that they may need to work harder, prepare more effectively, or receive support from the school or from external tutors. This will leave a small number of students whom we feel we cannot promote automatically on account of very poor performance, difficulties they may have faced academically, lack of perceivable effort during the school year, absence through illness, or other reasons which have resulted in knowledge simply not being acquired. In the case of these students, they may be asked to repeat the year or to sit a “makeup” examination, which will be held on 31 July and marked immediately afterwards so that parents who need to find an alternative school for their children have time to do so. For those who are unable to attend a makeup examination on July 31st we shall, on a case by case basis, arrange an alternative date close to July 31st. For students who insist they do not wish to repeat the year contrary to our advice, we shall ask them to sit the makeup examination to allow them to demonstrate that they are capable of moving to the next grade. This will then determine whether they repeat the year or not. We shall no longer send home “summer packages” of work to be completed over the summer, nor will there be compulsory summer school for BHS students whose performance has been less than satisfactory. Specially tailored summer packages for individual students who need help or to “catch up” will be prepared with the help of the appropriate Heads of Department, and tutors may be recommended for others. Our mission is to support students not to punish them or make their summer unbearable because they have struggled. That just makes matters worse. The makeup examination remains so that students who need to catch up or do more or demonstrate that BHS is the right place for them can do so. I hope that this system will prove to be fair, less stressful, and more beneficial for the students. In the end, with their help, and yours, we want them to succeed!
Continuing with the academic theme, the Director of Studies and I have recently held two meetings: the first with parents of Grade 8 IP when we provided a subject choice evening at which students and their parents discussed with teachers their preferred choices for IGCSE in Grades 9 and 10 so as to be better informed before making their selections. The second meeting involved Grade 9 IP students and parents, explaining to them the need to pass their IGCSEs at the end of Grade 10 in order to proceed to Grades 11 and 12 for which we shall be providing a selection of A/S to be taken over two years and which will give greater credibility to the High School Diploma for universities. A/S qualifications are run by Cambridge, sat widely in the UK and are equivalent to half an “A” level. Students in Grade 9 IP, as at present, will be able to choose IB, if they prefer, having completed their IGCSEs. We shall be holding further meetings in the next academic year to inform parents and students further of the “road map” for IP students in the Upper School. For those students currently in Grade 8 IP or below, it looks like this: Grades 7 & 8: General School Curriculum. Grades 9 & 10: 7 IGCSEs consisting of Mathematics, English and Science, a language, a social subject and two others. All IGCSEs will be taken at the end of Grade 10, following a two-year course. Grades 11 & 12: Students will either follow the IB Diploma Programme or a combination of “A” levels and A/S. Both of these routes will lead to Sophomore year at Lebanese Universities, American Universities and elsewhere. They will obviate the need for a “Foundation” year at UK universities enabling the student to start in 1st year, therefore following a three-year course rather than a four-year course. At present, with the High School Diploma only, students have to start in “Freshman” year or do a Foundation year in the UK, with all the extra costs that entail. I would reiterate that both the IB programme and the “A” level programme have the Lebanese equivalency for International students. With regard to the reintroduction of “A” levels and A/S, the school will endeavour to follow a policy of progression and continuity, providing subjects at “A” level and where possible A/S that are available at IGCSE.
Students in Grade 12 are now looking forward to Speech Day (at which I am delighted and honoured to tell parents that the Guest Speaker this year is Lawyer, senior civil servant, and former Minister for the Interior, Me. Ziad  Baroud), their Prom, and to their progression to universities in Lebanon and around the world. Although I am not in the habit of mentioning individuals in the newsletter, I feel that special mention should be given to Stephanie Ashkar, Gr. 12 IB, who has been made an unconditional offer from Harvard, the first BHS student to receive an offer from Harvard, one of the top three universities in the world, for some years. As it happens, Stephanie was also the compère at the May Queen event, part of the May Festival at Brummana High School which attracted many hundreds of visitors from the local community as well as school students, parents, Old Scholars, and friends of the school. It was a joyful occasion, held in glorious sunshine (at last!). We owe a debt of gratitude to Mrs. Dina Bechara and her loyal team of supporters from the Parents’ Association, who worked tirelessly to make this entertainment extravaganza a success.
After due process of application and interview, I have appointed the following to take effect from September 2019:
Mrs. Sharon Chit and Ms. Colette Ein Chaybeh as Grade 1 Homeroom teachers replacing Mrs. Helena Abou Harb, who becomes Head of English as a Foreign Language, and Mrs. Eliane Dahdouh who, with her family, is emigrating to the United States.
I have also appointed 4 teaching assistants, enabling each Gr. 1 class to have an individual teaching assistant next year. They are: Mrs. Hanadi El Khoury (a recent graduate of AUB), Ms. Rasha Abi Farah (an Old Scholar and currently a Nursery teacher at Mini et les Petits), Ms. Sirvart Bardakjian (a recent graduate of AUB and currently a shadow teacher at Phoenicia College), and Mrs. Elma Zgeib (former Grade 1 Homeroom teacher at BHS who is returning to Lebanon from Georgia).
I have also appointed Mr. Najib Abou Mansour, on a one-day a week basis, as the school archivist. He will be responsible for placing the school archive into a state of recognised order and presentability in advance of the school’s 150th year anniversary which will be celebrated in 2023. He will be giving up his current role as a teacher of Social Studies (English) after 10 years of service to the school.
I have appointed Mrs. Nahed Jaber to be Head of Arabic, replacing Dr. Aghat Laham, who is retiring. Mrs. Jaber was for six years Head of Arabic at Eastwood High School and is currently Head of Arabic at Wellspring. In addition, I have appointed Mr. Elie Aouad, currently Arabic co-ordinator at Sagesse High School, to teach Arabic, replacing Mr. Elie Hanna, who is leaving the profession to study for a further academic qualification.
There will be further appointments to be made, of which I shall inform parents, in the coming weeks.
Next month I shall publish to parents the list of summer works that will be carried out at the school to bring improvements to many parts of the school campus, the school’s Development Plan which will highlight key areas for consideration and targets for achievement in 2019/2020 and the Development Plans for each of the Sections: Infant, Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary, Intermediate, and Secondary. These which will reflect the priorities to be addressed in 2019/2020 of each constituent part of the school. Much is happening, but there is much to do, in all of which I am grateful for parents’ support.
JND Gray - I Serve


- Our Bursar, Raymond El Feghali, represented BHS at the Independent Schools’ Bursars Association (ISBA) conference and annual general meeting in Manchester, UK, on 21-22 May. As always, the event's emphasis was on professional development, offering school professionals the chance to hear from expert speakers on the key operational issues affecting them and their schools. In addition to the opportunities for networking and sharing best practice with colleagues at the conference, attendees benefited from a dedicated exhibition of more than 160 professional advisers and suppliers to the independent education sector. The keynote addresses were: The Global Economic Outlook, Meeting Cyber Threats in a Trusting Sector, and Global Perspective. The Bursar found the conference a valuable opportunity to learn about new developments, exchange views, and discuss problems.

- Ms. Aline Alam, the Head of Maths Department, attended a webinar by Pearson Education on 8 May 2019 about  "Mindfulness in practice: Helping Students Cope With Exam Stress". Mindfulness allows students to absorb new content in preparation for exams and ride the wave of adrenaline that naturally accompanies the exam season. The webinar explained why students get stressed about exams and how teachers can help them reduce that stress.


The school will be closed for the Eid Al Fitr holiday, which is expected to be around Wednesday, 5 June, depending on the sighting of the moon. Please follow the news for the announcement of the exact dates.


Please note that in order to receive report cards, all books on loan must be returned and all fines and tuition fees must be settled.


Next year’s tuition fee invoices will be given out with the report card for the eldest student in each family. The first payment of tuition fees and the bus registration fees are due by 31 August.


The Summer Camp Office will open for registration on Monday, 3 June 2019. Dates for the BHS Summer Camp 2019 are as follows: Day Camp – Ages 3-5 and 9-15 years > 3 July till 21 August; Ages 6-8 years > 4 July till 21 August; Boarding Camp – Ages 6-15 > 9 July till 18 August. Please check the summer camp website and brochure for further details.


The Model United Nations Club at Brummana High School has achieved tremendous success this year. With the hard work and dedication of our students, staff, and parents, the 2018-2019 school year has been one of the strongest showings our students have achieved. In participating with the Lebanese American University (LAU) National Conferences for the Model United Nations, Model Arab League, and Model European Union, Brummana High School received a Best Delegation Award for the Model United Nations conference held at LAU. This recognition is given to the school which has received the most awards for the conference and BHS stood proudly to have 13 out of 16 participating Secondary level students receive special recognition, 12 of whom have received scholarship opportunities to attend LAU after their graduation from BHS. The Model Arab League also shined favourably as 8 out of 14 Secondary students received recognition, 6 of whom will be receiving the same scholarship opportunity to attend LAU. In addition to the numerous awards, 11 out of the 20 Intermediate level students have participated and received awards that will help on their road to achieving future success.
The culmination of all that led one of our students, Rudy Zalzal (Grade 11-LP Sciences)to participate in an international conference and receive the Secretary General Award at the Georgetown International Conference in Washington DC, USA this year. In this two-day conference abroad, Rudy took part in the Social Affairs Council and was the only delegate among the other forty who didn’t have a co-representative. Despite this, Rudy was elected Vice Chair of the committee and excelled tremendously. When asked what he took from this experience, his humble response was “the all-nighters paid off.”

In addition to the various external conferences BHS took part in, the school also held its own conference on 18-19 January, hosting close to 300 students to take part in a two-day conference on campus. Completely student- run, this event championed our school motto “I serve” as these students trained numerous delegates, oversaw committees, created background guides, invited guest speakers, and followed up with schools across the nation in order to bring BHSMUN to the forefront of everyone’s mind. Special thanks go out to our student executive committee:  Tarek Yared,  Stephanie Ashkar,  Kevin Farhat,  Michel Sadek,  Michel Ghaleb, and  Jennifer Bu-Jawdeh, who committed themselves, their time, and their talents to the success this year’s MUN Club achieved.
It is clear that the bright future of these student leaders started with our humble ideals at BHS and the promise that success is achievable with hard work, dedication, and perseverance. As we look to the future of this club, let us learn from the lessons of the past and build upon the strong foundation established by the previous Model United Nations team.



May Festival 2019 was a great day. All families were cheering  for their kids, enjoying their performances, and watching them play and laugh. The festival opened with an amazing show from the BR1 Scouts, followed by the Lower School special performances in which the kids spread love and laughter with their multi-coloured costumes, and later by the Muay Thai show with Marwan Keyrouz. During the intermission, parents, students, friends, and staff enjoyed the delicious food while the kids were trying pony rides, the pedalo game, the hot air balloon, and other forms of entertainment. The performances continued in the afternoon starting with the Upper School Talent Show in which students gave a fun performance. We Thank  the jurors for their time and effort and the sponsors for their trust. We also  congratulate all the tombola winners. The Doctor Science Show was also fantastic with all his experiments. After that, we were honoured by the presence of the Internal Security Forces whose performance touched on our patriotic side. My gratitude goes to Colonel Antoine Tohme and Lieutenant Khadaj. Zeff, the one-man-show, along with the percussionist, played the guitar and presented a special medley in English and Arabic which impressed the teenagers. The famous singer Carlos joined us for a lively show with Arabic and patriotic songs and some Fayrouziat, during which the atmosphere was on fire and people joined for a special dabke dance. At the end of the festival, the May Queen coronation proceeded and was a great success. Congratulations to Leatitia Feghaly who was crowned "May Queen 2019" and to the  1ST Runner Up, Talia Mattar. as well as  Gabrielle Ghanimeh, Naram Abou Chedid, and Janna Al Youssef with their escorts who were all radiant on stage, especially after passing the panel 1 and the elections. We wish them all good luck and success in the future. The big surprise was our young host, Stephanie Ashkar, who presented her friends in a professional and humorous way. I will take this opportunity to thank the jury of Panel 2, Mr. David Gray, our principal who impressed us with his special Arabic "sabah and massaa el kheir", and I wish him good luck in his journey, Mr. Georges Younes the VP of the Board of Governors, Mr. Maher Baydoun representing the OSA, Dr. Nabih Zalzal representing the Municipality of Brummana, Mr. Tony Tedrous, Dr. Imad El Hajj, Mr. Fadi El Khatib our basketball legend, Ms. Nour Abi Fadel the May Queen 2018, Mrs. Jessica Obeid, Mrs. May Sahab, and Mr. Riad Haddad.  Many thanks go to all the contributors, the staff, workers, administration, teachers, parents, students, and PA members who made this day possible. 


- Eventful month of May and history in the making for our Group!
- On 11 May 2019, we celebrated the consecration of two Clan Members in the Ventures Unit, Michel Ghaleb and Tarek Yared (who was also appointed as First Band Leader). Congratulations boys! We are super proud of your achievements.
- BR1 also attended an all leaders outing for the Mount District in Falougha on 12 May 2019 where we hiked, went sightseeing, bonded with other groups, and enjoyed a wonderful picnic around mesmerizing views.
- On 18 May 2019, we took part in the BHS May Festival, commencing with the opening ceremony with the help of Aley 1 – MD Musical Band and then welcomed people of all ages at our food and games booths. We wish to thank all our members and leaders for doing an exceptional job and of course, our amazing BR1 PA for all the donations and support that they have given us. Last but not least, we wish to thank Aley 1 Band, our beloved BHS, and the BHS Parents’ Association.
- Kindly note that as of 1 July 2019, our weekly meetings will be on Wednesdays from 4:00 – 6:00 pm.



- Senior Students of Secondary 3 LP and 12 IP sat for their final exams between 7 and 10 May 2019. Secondary 3 LP students came to school the following week for two days to correct their exams with their teachers in preparation for their official exams in June 2019. Good luck to all!
- Report cards for all seniors including IB2 students will be distributed on Thursday, 30 May 2019.
- On 18 May, the May Festival took place. Parents, students, staff, and guests spent a wonderful time enjoying the diverse programme for that day. The Secondary Section Talent Show featured a myriad of performances by our talented young musicians and singers: Tia Najjar, Gina Chamaa (IB1), Anna Dibeh (Sec. 2 H), Monia Abboud (11 IP)  Souad Kossayer (12 IP), Angela Saade (sec.1), Jennifer BuJawadeh, and Michel Sadek (Sec. 3 LP).
- Congratulations to Laetitia Khaled Feghali (IB2) for being selected as May Queen 2019 and to Talia Matar (IB2) as First Runner-up.
- On 22 May 2019, grade 11 students and their parents were invited to a University Application Presentation at 6:00pm in Khoury Hall, by the newly appointed Head of Careers, Fareed Halabi. The presentation was extremely useful and informative.
- The BHS Art Exhibition started on 24 May and will extend till Friday, 31 May 2019. BHS students’ Artwork, including the work of Secondary students, are exhibited for students, parents, and staff to admire them.
- On 24 May, the OSA Annual Open Air Graduating Classes Gathering took place at 7:00pm in the Amphitheatre. Senior students received their OSA Pins and membership cards from OSA Officials. The OSA made their traditional generous contribution to the cost of the Prom Dinner and presented a check to the Prom Committee. Afterwards, Seniors, Old Scholars and teachers had dinner in a family-like atmosphere.

  Art Exhibition      OSA Gathering

-  On 29 May 2019, students of Secondary 1 and 2 LP as well as IB1 students received their final exams schedules. Final exams for all these students will extend from Tuesday, 18 June through Friday, 21 June 2019. During that week, buses will leave at 1:00pm. The last day of classes for these students is Friday, 14 June 2019 and Monday, 17 June 2019 is a Reading Day for all. IB1 students will have an additional exam day on 10 June 2019 where students will sit for finals in English, Arabic and/or French. Good luck to all students on their final exams.
- Report cards for all Secondary students, except the senior classes, will be distributed on Friday, 5 July 2019 from 9:00am to 12:00pm.
- The Major theatre production, “Metamorphosis”, directed by Ms. Lama Najjar, featuring Secondary students, will take place on Friday, 14 and Saturday, 15 June at 8:30pm in the Amphitheatre. We hope to see you all there.
- A blessed Fitr to those celebrating the holiday, from all of us at the Secondary Section.



- Advisory – Week 13 to 15 May: the importance of “CARING” and different ways we can show our care for people and the environment. Week 27 to 29 May: “STRESS” was the topic for this week. Students with their advisers discussed the different symptoms and causes of stress and the methods to reduce stress in their lives.
- Brevet Final Examinations took place 6 to 9 May. The students had had two weeks off to prepare for these examinations. Corrections of Brevet Final Examination were completed on 13 and 14 May when teachers returned all examination papers and discussed the answers with the students.
- Crossing the Bridge Ceremony for grade 9 students took place in Khoury Hall on 9 May. In the presence of parents and staff, the students recited their quotes, received certificates for individual achievements, and as they “Crossed the Bridge” to the Secondary Section, they shook hands with all their teachers as a gesture of gratitude.
- Grade 9 annual trip to Jbeil took place on 10 May. The students stopped for a Lebanese breakfast on the way to Jbeil and toured the old part of the city upon arrival. The highlight of the trip was the boat ride along the coast of Jbeil.
- Meeting for 9 IP was held on 22 May. In this meeting, the Principal, Mr. Gray, discussed with the parents the changes that would be taking place in the International Programme starting September 2019.
- Meeting for 8 IP was held in on 15 May. Parents and their children walked around to the different departmental stands to ask about the nature and content of the new IGCSE programme to take effect from September 2019.
- May Festival: It was a day full of sun and fun. A few Intermediate students participated in the Talent Show mid-way through the festival.
- Hygiene presentation for all Intermediate girls with a representative from “Always” took place in Dobbing Hall on 24 May.
- Trip for grades 7 and 8: Students will be going to “Basateen Al Aassi” in the Batroun province on 31 May. Students will spend the day walking in the forests and will have a picnic near the River “Jawz”.
- Play: Intermediate Students performed “Terms and Conditions Apply” in Dobbing Hall on 24 May. The play was directed by Ms. Rana Slim, and the actors were students from grades 8 and 9. 
- Upcoming dates: Final Examinations for grades 7 and 8 and 9 IP will be taking place on Tuesday, 18 June, Thursday, 20 June, and Friday, 21 June. Monday, 17 June and Wednesday, 19 June will be days off for students to study.
- Points for Parents: Some students have overdue library books or library fines to pay. If the books are not returned  or the fine is not paid, there might be a delay in the distribution of the report card.


On 24 and 25 April 2019, the head of the English department, Lisette El Hage, participated in MENAWCA’S 6th biennial conference, entitled “Resilience through Reconstruction,” which was organized by LAU Beirut where it took place. MENAWCA stands for the Middle East and North Africa Writing Centre Alliance, an organization which includes members from different universities and schools where writing centres have been established. MENAWCA holds conferences annually and in different parts of the world. Brummana High School established its own centre in 2016-2017 and has been since then able to help many students review their essays and other written work to obtain more insight and guidance. Mrs. Hage gave two presentations in the conference and attended many others. Mrs. Hage, now a member of MENAWCA, regarded the experience inspiring and the collaboration with international and local instructors and writing centre directors both beneficial and eye-opening about current changes in educational paths and curricula.


Congratulations to Little House who won the Upper School Field Day.


- On Saturday, 6 April 2019 and Sunday, 7 April 2019, eleven BHS students participated in the Twenty-fifth  Annual Science, Mathematics and Technology Fair that took place at AUB. Participants from the Intermediate Section are: (Gr. 6) Rayan Abou Fadel - Technology Model and Demonstration. (Gr. 7IP) Daniel Chit - Science Model and Demonstration. (Gr. 8IP) Nathalie Milan and Stephanie Milan - Technology Model and Demonstration. (Gr. 8LP) Carl Sadek - Science Research. (Gr. 8LP) Ziad Abi El Lamah, Samer Abi El Lamah, and Nicolas Maalouf -Technology Invention. Participants from the Secondary Section are: (Secondary 1LP)  Valerie Nawfal, Faye Abi Nafeh, and Luciana Nehme - Technology Model and Demonstration. All the students  competed in the Science, Maths, and Technology section. Out of the six BHS projects that were presented three won the following prizes: Carl Sadek (Gr. 8LP) won 1st place in the Intermediate category of Science Research. Daniel Chit (Gr. 8IP) won  2nd  place in the Intermediate category for Science Model and Demonstration. Valerie Nawfal, Faye Abi Nafeh, and Luciana Nehme won  2nd Place in the Secondary category for Technology Model and Demonstration. Many thanks to the teachers who have supervised and supported students at AUB: Mr. Assaad El Helou, Ms. Juhaina Abou Fadel, Mrs. Gisele Hanna, Mrs. Eliane Semaan, and Mr. Samir Ziadeh.
- On 11 April 2019, nine  BHS students participated in the XXI Annual Sciences and Arts fair that took place at LAU. Anthony Salem, Adriana Goraieb, and Joya Khoury of Sec. 2LPS\Gr.10IP participated in Biology Knowledge;  Rudy Zalzal, Ramy Mezher and Adriana Goraieb of Sec. 2LPS\Gr.10IP in Chemistry Knowledge; Rudy Zalzal of Sec. 2LPS in Chemistrty Olympiad; and Roy El-Hajj, Edward Prescott-Decie, and Christopher Khoueiry of Sec. 1LP\Gr.10IP in Balsa Bridge Design. Many thanks to Ms. Juhaina Abou Fadel who supervised and supported the students at LAU.


Our BHS Cat

After waddling around campus for two months and finding warmth in the bookshop and its vicinity, Otrosh, our BHS cat finally gave birth to 5 little kittens on 3rd April. The Upper School staff and students shared in her joy, marvelling at the beauty of mother nature. With a true BHS spirit of ‘I Serve’, many staff members provided food and shelter for Otrosh during the cold wintery days and weekends as she nursed her little ones. Her lively little kittens have inherited their mother’s mild and loving temperament, and once they are two months old, Otrosh will  be back on campus  to flaunther friendly self around campus once again.

CAT-PIVATING (anonymous)
They say cats are fun and cuddly,
Soft and cute, their spirits bubbly.
At school, we had a feline queen,
Her strut defined, her figure lean.

She purred with love, our hearts melted.
Our treats poured care, and oh she felt it.
Otrosh, our cat, such warmth she spread;
Her pretty kittens to us she led.


- Congratulations to Karen Sakr (IA)  who came 2nd in the Lebanese Taekwondo Championships (yellow belt) on 4 May 2019.  Well done!
- Our principal, Mr. Gray, conducted the Lower Elementary assembly on the 21st of May. The children had a wonderful time learning “Skye Boat Lullaby.” It’s always a pleasure to see the head of the school involved in little children’s nurturing process.
- In the UE, Mrs. Rima Habib also conducted a transition assembly with grade 6 students.  She wanted the transition phase between the Lower School and the Upper School to be as smooth as possible for everyone. Thank you, Mrs. Rima.
- Mrs. Juliana Eid, our counsellor, held an assembly with  Upper Elementary students. She taught the students basic resolution skills to help them deal with common conflicts they may encounter in their everyday lives. Thank you, Mrs. Juliana.
- This year’s Live, Love, Laugh - themed May Festival was an astounding spectacle enjoyed by all.  The classes showed off their talents, putting on superb, energetic performances.  Thanks to all the teachers and students for the hard work.
- As the end of the year approaches, our students are still working hard and are busily preparing for the upcoming Maths Contest and Field Day. We wish them all the best. 



- KG 2 and KG 3 students were shining on the 20th of May during the May Festival. They danced to songs wearing beautiful costumes. I would like to thank PA Chairperson Dina Bechara and her team for providing us with everything we needed for this festival.
- KG 1 teachers enhanced what they taught their students in the classroom by taking them to Mar Chaaya farm. They saw different kinds of animals. They observed the animals, planted some seeds, and watched a show with animal characters.
- KG 2 students visited “Parcours Des Saveurs” on the 30th of May. They observed farm animals and their offspring. They planted sunflower seeds and fed the animals.
- KG 2 students enjoyed doing the frog art activity where they did picage and then pasted the pieces together and put wiggly eyes.
- KG 3 students enjoyed colouring a fish and sticking it on a mural that they painted. This activity is based on the story "Only One You" by Linda Kranz. They also enjoyed their trip to Bellevue Medical Centre, where they held their teddy bears as their patients and learned how to be doctors.
- The whole Infant Section is getting ready for Field Day that will take place on the 14th of June. It will be a non-competitive fun-filled day of sports.
- KG 3 students will visit the first grade classrooms on the 3rd of June. The purpose of this visit is to familiarize the children with their surroundings for next year. Be sure to “get the scoop” from your child on this exciting mini introduction to first grade.
- Our value for the months of May and June is Happiness. We teach your children that happiness is an attitude of choice. They can always choose to be happy.  We emphasize happiness by encouraging them to:
  • participate enthusiastically in activities.
  • express feelings freely, whether it is laughing or crying.           
  • enjoy friendship and have a positive approach towards everyday dealings.


Round Table Discussion: Investigating Ovarian & Prostate Cancers 30 Jan 2019
The BHS Old Scholars Association held its 9th Round Table Discussion on 30 January, hosted by Old Scholar Dr. Ghassan Hallak '67. The topic of the discussion was on Investigating Ovarian & Prostate Cancers and was held at the OSA House in Brummana. Dr. Ghassan Hallak has a B.S in Combined Bacteriology and Biochemistry from the University of Leeds and a Ph. D. in Chemical Pathology from the University of London. He has also trained in three major London hospitals. He returned to Lebanon in 1978 to take up the post of Head of Laboratory at Bhannes Hospital where he stayed till 2005; then he opened his own private laboratory, St Elie. Laboratories in Antelias. Dr. Hallak explained to our esteemed audience the prevalence of ovarian and prostate cancers, clarifying why it is sometimes difficult to pinpoint the causes and how to detect them. He also reviewed the different tumour markers used to detect ovarian and prostate cancers, the importance of early detection, when to test for them, and how such tests may detect cancers before signs or symptoms appear. The lively discussion ended with an interactive Q & A session. If you want to know more about BHS OSA activities and events, follow us on Facebook: BHS OSA and on Instagram @bhsosainstagram



- Gr. 2 A student Ghiwa El-Beyrouthy for donating games to the Lower Elementary.
- Teacher Lina Kanaan for donating books to the Upper Elementary Library.
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