- Congratulations to our students Carl Sadek (Grade 6) and Joe Gemayel (Grade 5) who were part of the Lebanese National Team that participated in the 21st International and 13th National UCMAS Mental Arithmetic Competition which took place on 11 November 2016 at the Hamadan Complex in Dubai, UAE. Approximately 3000 students from 59 countries participated in diverse categories. Carl Sadek won in the Abacus and Mental Arithmetic and Listening Competition, Elementary B (level 3) - Category D: First Placing. Joe Gemayel won in the Grand B level as Third Placing. We are very proud of you.

- We are also very pleased to announce that the drawing of Elementary student Selina Riachi, winner of the Fabriano Contest, was displayed in the residence of the Ambassador of the European Union on 21 November. The Fabriano Contest covered the theme of using energy economically. Only 20 winning drawings were on display. Congratulations, we are so proud of you.


ICT Manager Youssef Abi-Haidar attended the Banque du Liban (BDL) Accelerate 2016 on 3 November at Forum de Beirut. BDL Accelerate is Lebanon’s 3rd annual international conference and officially the biggest and most influential on the Mediterranean and in MENA.


The BHS Parents’ Association is holding their annual brunch at Deir Al Kalaa Country Club, Beit Mery on Friday, 9 December 2016 at 10:30am. You are warmly invited to join us to celebrate the Christmas spirit and enjoy the seasonal programme with many surprises. Please feel free to bring guests from the wider community. The proceeds of this event will go towards funds for the BHS financial aid scheme and to support the facilities at the school. Tickets at 60,000LL are available at the Bookshop and from the Infant Section, Lower Elementary and Upper Elementary, as well from PA members. We truly appreciate your cooperation. The success of this traditional event depends on your presence. Should you need any further information, please contact the PA Chairperson Zeina Zeinoun on 70-157729. Thank you for your support: Unity is Strength.

Volume 20, Issue 2  —  24 November 2016

- International Day at BHS was exceptional this year. The student organisation committee led by Lynn Hayek and Bana Husseini planned every detail related to this great event, which took place on 21 October. A diverse show was presented in which students danced, sang, and marched with different folkloric costumes. Secondary students presented more than 30 countries, through their food and other national aspects. A committee formed of PA president Zeina Zeinoun,  Head of Elementary Section Shatha Abou Khalil, Head of English Department Lisette Hajj and President of the Student Council Iuns Nasri (12 IP) chose the best represented countries in terms of performance on stage, food and  costumes. The day was a celebration of diversity and tolerance, where students, parents, and staff had a wonderful time.


Assembly: 13 Oct. Student Council candidates gave their speeches. The following day students voted for their choice of President and Vice- President. Grade 9 also voted for class representatives and the winners were: Grade 9 LP - Megan Kazan and Grade 9 IP - Amanda Chouri.  20 Oct. - The topic for this gathering was “Anti-Bullying”. Students were shown pictures and quotes of the negative effects of bullying, and positive life quotes were read out. 27 Oct. – Vice-Principal George Rizkallah gave a presentation explaining the Final Examination Exemption Policy. 3 Nov.Internal and External Pain were explained to the students along with a slide presentation on “Caring”. 10 Nov.“Honesty” was the topic of this session. Students were told short stories of what problems they can face if they attempt to lie and the importance of being honest at all times.

- Advisory: Class by class meetings have been held and students’ academic progress and conduct have been discussed thoroughly. Advisers have been working closely with the groups of students who need to work on their study skills. Parents of students who have been struggling will be called to discuss the possibility of improving student study habits at home.

- Mid-Term Progress reports were distributed to some students (not all). All new students received this report as well as students who are facing academic or behavioural issues.

- Teachers’ Office Hours lists were sent home with all students. This list includes times when parents are free to call and speak to teachers or come and meet face to face. The list also includes all teachers’ emails. Parents are encouraged to establish contact with the teachers of their children especially in subjects in which their child is struggling.

- BHS Email Addresses have been assigned to every student. This email address can be very useful for students to establish contact with teachers and to receive and send important documents via an official site.

- Saturday Reinforcement Classes began on 4 Nov. and will continue for 8 Saturdays. These are extra classes offered to students who will benefit from extra work and explanations to help improve their academic level.

- Student ID Insurance Cards were distributed on 26 Oct.  These cards are to be used in case of any injury in or out of school at any time (24/7) throughout the academic year.

- International Day was celebrated on 21 October. It was a grand and festive day at BHS. Grade 9 students worked on the decorations prior to the beginning of the event. Grade 7 students proudly marched carrying flags for more than 36 countries at the start of the event. All our students enjoyed the delicious food and dances prepared by the Secondary students.

- Points for Parents: Pease note the important dates: Mon. 21 Nov. - Independence Day March – students need to come in a red, green or white top. Thursday – 24 Nov. – Founders Day – Students need to come in formal wear for this event after which their yearbook picture will be taken. 8 Dec. – Distribution of Term 1 Report Cards. 14 Dec. – Parent Teacher Meetings 3:30 to 6:00pm.


- The Infant Section started a new theme with the beginning of a new month: “RESPONSIBILITY”. All students were given responsibilities in which they can succeed. All classes have started to settle into the daily routine and discussed their responsibilities at school, one of which is cleaning up after snacks.

- Infant Section students celebrated Independence Day in their own child friendly environment on 21 November.  Students paraded on campus and sang the national anthem. After this they enjoyed eating 'Markouk' labneh sandwiches with cucumbers and tomatoes. Students familiarized themselves with the colours of the Lebanese flag and their meanings (cedar tree represents peace, immortality, and tolerance; the red stripes symbolize martyrdom and self-sacrifice; and the white represents the snow-capped peaks of Lebanon's mountains).  


 - Gr. 9 LP student Karen Abi-Zeid for donating books to the Elementary libraries.

- Gr. 2C student Tamara Nakfour for donating toy building blocks and books to the Infant Section.

- Volunteer Friend in Residence at BHS (2008-09) Frances Keenan for donating £1,000 to the Financial Aid Programme in recollection of her service at BHS and in memory of her daughter.

- Vice-Principal and Director of Studies Georges Rizkallah and Gr. 10 IP student Karen Atallah for donating books to the Upper Elementary Library.

- Arabic Teaching Assistant Rita Bu Jawdeh for donating books to the Infant Section and the Upper Elementary.

- Gr. 3B student Luciana Zoarob for donating books to the Infant Section and Lower Elementary Library.

- The BHS Parents' Association for donating 6,000,000LL to the Financial Aid Programme.

The Newsletter will be published once a month. If you would like to receive a free copy of the Newsletter by email, please send an email with “subscribe” in the subject line to: najat.wakim@bhs.edu.lb

For the second year in a row, the Old Scholars Association and Brummana One Group organised a camp for OS Scouts and current BR1 Scouts at Swings, Za’run courtesy of Former BR1 Chief and OS Tony Hajj ’03, on 30-31 July 2016. Former BR1 Committee comprised of Chief Kameel Sawaya ’88, Chief Pierre Atallah ’97, Mona Karam ’00, Chief John Abi Farah ’03, Chief Tony Hajj ’03, Shereen Baz ’05, and Chief Rana Zeinoun ’14 planned and prepared the camp and assigned Chief Kameel Sawaya as the Camp Leader. With around 90 attendees, the event was very memorable, fun, and successful and included an official Camp Opening Ceremony, an official Campfire Entrance, a Barbeque Dinner, a Big Game with exciting challenges, in addition to Campfire Sketches and songs. Many old scholars stayed the night with their families, each in their private tent. The purpose of this event was to bring different generations of BR1 scouts together and to collect donations for the Brummana One Group, to help them buy necessary scouting equipment. We successfully managed to collect a sum of $500, which will be used to buy a tent. First and foremost, OSA would like to thank President Nazih Khattar ’66 (and former BR1 Chief) for his generous personal donation to cover the event’s overall expenses. We would also like to thank the former Scouts Committee for organising the event and putting all this effort into it, namely our Camp Leader, Chief Kameel Sawaya, who did a marvellous job. Last but not least, we would like to thank Brummana One Group, Chief Tony Hajj for allowing us to use Swings as our campsite; old scholar, class representative and scout, Edmond Goraieb ’88 and Ets. Edmond Goraieb SAL for the generous frankfurters and coal donation; Chief Kameel Sawaya and Beytouti for the generous donation for syrup; and everyone who attended the camp, young and old. Thank you to the great BHS photographer Anis Saad for covering the event, as always, and being an essential part of BR1 Group. We look forward to seeing you all again next year in July 2017 for an even bigger and greater fun event. Once a scout… always a scout.



- Welcome back! Here are the Brummana One Group highlights from the past month:

· The Kangaroo Patrol led by Jennifer Bu Jawdeh went on a trip to Citymall, where they watched a movie and had lunch together. Their aim was to strengthen bonds and increase respect between members, while having fun.

· The Bees Patrol led by Gaby Ghanime and assistant Andrea Atallah planned a big game in school for their patrol along with the Horse Patrol. Their goal was to strengthen communication, scout, and analysing skills.

· We welcomed a new leadership team for the scouting year 2016-2017 consisting of: Ch. Jane Abi Farah (Group Leader), Ch. Pegor Danageuzian & Ch. Elias Atallah (Unit Support Team), Ch. Julie-Ann Abi Farah & Ch. Laura Aouad (Assistant Troop Leaders), in addition to our trainer Ch. Tony Hajj. All leaders attended a fun retreat in Ehmej on 5-6 November.

· On Saturday, 19 November an official ceremony was conducted to transfer the group leadership from Ch. Roy Younes to Ch. Jane Abi Farah, and there was a moving on ceremony from Cubs to Scouts. Congratulations to all!

· We would like to say thank you and a warm goodbye to all our previous leaders who will not be able to continue with us this year. We value your efforts and wish you great success in your endeavours!

- IMPORTANT NOTICE: Brummana One Group has reached full capacity in its Cub Scout and Scouts Units. We will not be able to take in any new members until further notice. A waiting list will be started for each unit and upon vacancy we will start contacting members from the top of the list onwards. For Cub Scouts please call Ch. Tony Hajj at 70/993636. For Scouts & Guides please call Ch. Julie-Ann Abi Farah at 76/310412.

- That’s all folks! This was your friendly local scouting group, Br1, keeping you in the loop.

The deadline for term 1 bus fees was 31 October. Parents who have not yet paid should do so immediately. Please contact the Bursar if you envisage any further delay.



- Our scientists in all grade levels are making new discoveries in every science lesson by observing nature on campus, performing experiments in the science lab, and studying theories in the classrooms.

- Elementary students have been enjoying their assemblies, during which important aspects of a student’s life are highlighted. All assemblies have been interesting and interactive. The Counsellors spoke to students about ways they could avoid uncomfortable situations. They also directed them to seek counsel when they get confused over any matter that may arise. The School Nurse gave a presentation during assembly about hygiene and how to maintain a healthy life style to serve daily physical and mental needs. On the same issue, Old Scholar and Dietician Sally Riachi focused on healthy eating habits outside the house. Halloween didn’t pass unnoticed. Teacher Liliane Alam and Gr. 6A explained to Upper Elementary students the traditions that surround the occasion. Head of Section Shatha Abu Khalil read a story to the students about diversity. Finally, our Counsellor, Zeina Fares, highlighted the dangers of the Internet to the Lower Elementary and cyber bullying for the Upper Elementary students. Thank you all.

- Field Trips are a must, so our Grade 1 students went to visit The Wonders of the Sea Museum, where they enjoyed the interesting samples of sea life. Grade 2 went to the Zaarour area to investigate village life in Lebanon. “Hayda Libnan” presented an opportunity for students to interact with domestic animals that have always been part of village life in Lebanon. Grade 3 enjoyed Kidz Mondo and all the professions which might interest them in the future. Grade 4 went to Kseibe where they learnt how molasses is made and how pine seeds and olive oil are extracted. A sample of each was brought home to be enjoyed. Grade 5 went to the National Museum where their history lessons came to life. Grade 6 went to the Khoury Dairy processing plant where their science lessons on fermentation were observed. 

- Our annual Independence Day Parade was held on 21 November. Grade 3A and 3C students prepared an exciting assembly to celebrate the occasion. They presented the history of independence through role play and chant in “Zajal” form. Grade 5C students showed a PowerPoint presentation about all 13 presidents of Lebanon from 1943 till the present day. God bless Lebanon.

The Annual Walkathon was a great success. It brought together 324 participants from the BHS community including parents, staff, teachers, students, and friends who enjoyed the 10Km trail together. The Walkathon raised a total of 4,232,000LL which will go towards the St. Jude’s Children Cancer Centre of Lebanon and the BHS Community Service Programme. Thank you to all those who contributed to the success of this event.


- All BHS students are insured 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, should they have an accident in Lebanon and require any subsequent medical treatment. The list of hospitals covered is posted on the BHS website.

- By now, parents should have received the student accident insurance/BHS ID cards and letters explaining the insurance policy and the hospitals covered. These were distributed in late October and early November. Please check that you have received your child/ren’s card/s. Any cards unclaimed by the end of November will be sent to the BHS Sick Bay where they will be available for collection.

- In case of an accident, the insurance card should be presented at the emergency room of any hospital included in the policy together with the student’s Identity Card.


- Car entry cards were distributed to each family with children in the Lower School, except for those using a school bus. In general, the system to ease the Lower School traffic congestion in the afternoons has been successful. Thank you to Lower School parents for respecting the system and following the guards’ directions.

- Please note that you may find it more convenient to arrive later to pick up your child/ren, since there is considerably less traffic in the Basketball Court by 3:20 pm (2:45 pm on Wednesdays) and in the Elementary Drive by 3:25 pm (2:50 pm on Wednesdays).


- Please be reminded that written parental permission is required if a bus registered student who comes to school in the morning is not using the bus on the homeward journey. This includes US students who stay for after school activities.

- Written parental permission is required if a bus registered student wants to return by a different bus.




The BHS Teachers’ Association held its annual dinner party on 4 November at L’Os Restaurant, Ain Saadeh. It was a well-attended lively event.


Carl Sadek - First Placing

Joe Gemayel - Third Placing

Selina Riachi

- University orientation sessions continued throughout November.  After AUB, LAU, NDU, and UOB, a representative from the Swiss Educational Group gave a seminar to Secondary students about studying in Switzerland.

- The reinforcement classes in the Secondary Section started on Saturday, 5 November. Students who need reinforcement in maths and English will be attending these classes over 8 consecutive Saturdays.

- Saturday additional sessions for Secondary 3 SE students also started on 5 November. Those sessions will extend over 6 Saturdays.

- Progress Reports were distributed to all Secondary students on 4 November 2016. Following their distribution, several meetings with parents of students facing academic difficulties were held by the HoS and the students’ advisers.

- Term 1 report cards for seniors will be distributed on Monday, 28 November.  Exam 1 for Secondary 3 LP students will extend from 29 November till 2 December. The exam report cards will follow on 8 December.

- Founders’ Day is taking place on 24 November. The Secondary Section will host Old Scholar and Engineer Ali Wazani, Class of ’88, at 1:30pm in the Meeting House.

- Students of IB1 History class organized a debate under the guidance of Teacher Dany Kfoury in the Meeting House. Several other classes as well as staff members attended the event. The debate related to German Chancellor von Bismarck’s policies prior to WWI. Students excelled in advancing their opinions in the most distinguished manner.

Independence Day Celebration

International Day

LE Independence Day Celebration

Independence Day Parade

UE Independence Day Celebration

- KG 1 students have enjoyed the art activities for the autumn season such as squirrels (sticking leaves), autumn tree (sponge prints), and birds (handprints).

- KG 2 students read and acted out “Peanut Butter and Jelly”, and then the students prepared their own peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. After learning letter “Tt”, students enjoyed having a tea party with biscuits in class.

- KG 3 students enjoyed cutting and sticking pictures from magazines about the five senses. Then, after reading "The Gingerbread Man", KG 3 students and teachers prepared gingerbread dough and rolled, cut, and baked the cookies

- For Independence Day KG3 prepared doves representing peace and decorated them.

· Library books will start to go home with KG 2 and KG 3 students. When one arrives at your house, please read it with your child and then return it to the classroom so it can travel to a new home.

· Please label your child’s coats/jackets/long-sleeved shirts with his or her name. It greatly helps us match students up with their belongings at the end of the day.