News & Events - BHS Newsletter Vol 19 No 2 - 26 Nov 2015

We are greatly saddened by the passing away of Renee Baz, the matriarch of a prominent Quaker family of BHS old scholars, on 4 November. She graduated from Brummana High School in 1935 and then went on to lead a life closely associated with the school she loved so dearly and served so selflessly and fully. Who among us has not heard at least a story or two that illustrate the caring and giving spirit of Renee Baz? To many, including myself, she was the living memory of the school’s history, and her wisdom, kindness, and guiding spirit were invaluable. Renee Baz’s motherly feelings were not limited to her own children: Rabih, Na’amat, Sabah, and Rima, but also extended to the countless old scholars and BHS staff whom she cared for, helped, and supported. We express our sincere condolences and deepest sympathy to her family. Renee’s passing away is not only a loss to her immediate family, but to the entire BHS community. I find comfort in the following words by William Penn:
“And this is the Comfort of the Good,
That the Grave cannot hold them
And that they live as soon as they die.
For Death is no more than a turning of us
Over from Time to Eternity.”
Her funeral was held at the Friends’ Meeting House at BHS on 6 November. May her soul rest in peace.

We are delighted to announce that Brummana High School was chosen along with three other schools, at the national level, to be part of the “Hands-on STEM” project. This project has won the US Department of State’s Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund AEIF 2015 sponsored by the U.S. Embassy and aims at establishing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) clubs, for free, in four pilot schools. The selection of BHS is also due to one of our Secondary 2S students, Marina El Moufti who shined in #TechGirls, a summer programme by Hands-on STEM. She made us all proud, and she will be heading the STEM club at BHS.

Soon after the New Year, we hope to be circulating our newsletter digitally. A circular was sent out to all parents asking them to state their preference for digital or hardcopy. The largest majority opted for digital. If you have not returned your reply, please do so as soon as possible or send an email with “subscribe” in the subject line

We are now accepting applications for new students for the academic year 2016-2017. As we have limited spaces available, first priority will be given to siblings of students already attending BHS. Second priority will then be to children of BHS old scholars. Thereafter, priority will be given to early applicants. If you are considering applying to BHS, we encourage you to do so no later than January 15, 2016. Late applications will be reviewed and acceptance will depend on availability of places.

All BHS students are insured 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, should they have an accident in Lebanon and require any subsequent medical treatment. Letters explaining the insurance policy and listing the hospitals included were sent home with each student. The list of hospitals covered is also posted on the BHS website. Insurance cards (which are also school ID cards) were distributed to Upper School students and for Lower School students are available for collection at each section office.  Please note that any cards unclaimed by the end of November will be sent to the BHS Sick Bay where they will be available for collection. In case of an accident, the insurance card should be presented at the emergency room of any hospital included in the policy together with the student’s Identity Card.

For families with day students a Family Data Update Form was sent home with the youngest child in the family for parents to check and return so that we can update our records. Please note that it is important to give an emergency contact in case your child needs to be sent home due to illness and you cannot pick up your child immediately.  Your cooperation in completing the form and returning it would be highly appreciated.

Car entry cards were distributed to each family with children in the Lower School, except for those using a school bus. In general, the system to ease the Lower School traffic congestion in the afternoons has been successful. Thank you to Lower School parents for respecting the system and following the guards’ directions.

Please note that you may find it more convenient to arrive later to pick up your child/ren, since there is considerably less traffic in the Basketball Court by 3:20 pm (2:45 pm on Wednesdays) and in the Elementary Drive by 3:25 pm (2:50 pm on Wednesdays).

The deadline for term 1 bus fees was 31 October. Parents who have not yet paid should do so immediately. Please contact the Bursar if you envisage any further delay.

The Annual Walkathon which took place on 31 October was a great success. A total of 330 parents, friends, staff, and students from all sections enjoyed a fun walk together and managed to raise LL 5,150,000 which will go to the St. Jude’s Children Cancer Centre of Lebanon.

The Old Scholars Association would like to remind the BHS and OSA community to save the date: 15-17 July 2016 for the Silver Jubilee, the 25th International Convention. The preparations for this extra special event are taking place now in order to make it a milestone celebration, so mark it in your agenda now and do your best to join in the fun!

The TA Executive Committee organized its Annual Dinner Party on 13 November at “Burj El Hamam” Restaurant in Brummana. It was an enjoyable gathering for all.

The Parents' Association will be holding the Annual Brunch on 11 December at Burj El Hamam restaurant in Brummana at 10:30 am. Tickets for 40 dollars per person will be available at the Bookshop and from the Infant Section, Lower Elementary and Upper Elementary. We hope that all parents will join us to celebrate the Christmas spirit with our joyful programme. Thank you for your support.

A big thank you goes to Brummana One Group's Specialized Ventures who are constantly helping our leaders prepare fun and educational programmes for all units.

Congratulations to the following members who got promoted to their new units on Saturday, 14 November. From Cub Scouts to Girl Scouts: Elena Abou Jaoude, Emma Godbehere, and Emma Ladkani. From Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts: Karl Salhab, Joe Jabbour, and Peter Kfoury. From Girl Scouts to Ventures: Anna Batrouni, Andrea Maria Saad, Jana Zeinoun, and Catherine Aswad. We wish you the best of luck with your future unit.

In celebration of Independence Day, our Cub Scouts enjoyed a Big Game all around the school campus in which they were asked questions about the history of Lebanon and about the Lebanese Flag. With the help of our Leaders and Ventures, our 7 year old members also got the chance to learn the first verse of the National Anthem. On the other hand, the Scouts and Guides filmed an amazing and touching documentary expressing their love and concerns towards the situation in Lebanon and the world after the series of bombings which took place in different countries recently. Feel free to check the video on our Facebook page.

If you are interested in taking part in our BR1 family, then don't hesitate in joining us each Saturday from 5:00 to 7:00pm at the school's basketball court.

Feel free to check all our photos and news on our Facebook page "Brummana One Group", and don't forget to follow us on our Instagram page "Brummana One Scouts".

Dates to Remember

Students have already started applying to universities.
- SAT Test on Saturday, 23 January 2016 > Application deadline on 7 December 2015
- SAT Test on Saturday, 7 May, 2016 > Application deadline on 17 March 2016
- SAT Test on Saturday, 4 June, 2015 > Application deadline on 18 April 2016

International Day at BHS was exceptional this year. The student organisation committee led by Talar Boghossian planned every detail related to this great event which took place on 22 October. A diversified show was presented in which students danced, sang, marched with different folkloric costumes, and delivered speeches aiming at peace and diversity. Secondary students presented more than 30 countries, through their food and other national aspects. The day was a celebration of diversity and tolerance, where students, parents, and staff had a wonderful time.

BHS declared the month of November, which features the Lebanese Independence Day, the month of Gibran Khalil Gibran, one of the greatest thinkers the world has ever known.  This November will feature many classroom activities, within many subjects related to Gibran from literature readings to arts (painting, sculpting, drama and music) and philosophy. Under this same theme, the school screened the animated movie “The Prophet” for Grade 4 to 12 students, on Thursday 18 November.

On 2 November, in the presence of Old Scholar Minister Hassan Diab, the Rifca Taji Foundation, in collaboration with BHS, introduced Darine El Masri who gave a presentation to Secondary students about the Empowerment of Women.

The Awareness Club, advised by teacher Jina Abou Merhi, organized a Pink Day on 29 October. The day involved many activities. Members of the club produced a short movie that was shown during the Secondary Assembly. Most students were dressed in pink and ribbons were distributed to students and staff. The day ended with a group picture of our students who formed a giant human pink ribbon.

University orientation sessions continued throughout November.  After AUB, LAU, NDU and UOB, the AUST and AUL universities presented their new majors to interested students. On 20 November, Gabittas and Hale Education, leaders in education consultancy for universities in the UK and the USA, gave a seminar to Secondary students about studying abroad in these countries.

The newly established reinforcement classes in the Secondary section started on Saturday, 7 November. Students who need reinforcement in Maths and English will be attending these classes over 8 consecutive Saturdays.

A meeting with teachers and parents of selected students from Secondary 3 LP classes was held on 11 November. The meeting aimed at setting a plan of action with the parents in order to enhance the academic performance of their children.

Exam 1 for Secondary 3 LP students will extend from Tuesday, 24 to Friday, 27 November. For that purpose, and to give students the opportunity to review better, a special schedule was set on Friday, 20 November, which consisted of review sessions of major subjects and a shortened day ending at noon. This replaced the pre-planned Saturday session for these classes.

Term 1 report cards for Grade 12 LP and IP students were distributed on 25 November. Exam 1 report cards for Secondary 3 LP students and term 1 report cards for grades 10 and 11 LP and IP will be distributed on Friday, 4 December. A parent-teacher meeting will follow on Wednesday, 9 December from 3:30 to 6:00 PM.

Founders Day will be celebrated in the Secondary Section on Friday, 27 November by a special assembly featuring a distinguished old scholar, the Mayor of Roumieh, Louis Abi Habib.

15 Oct. – Several students from the Secondary Section gave speeches as part of the student council election process.
29 Oct.
– Students viewed a film prepared by teacher Mayssaa Haider showing the events of “International Day”.
5 Nov. – Grade 9 students presented a short skit showing the importance of being civilized when standing in line. This was followed by a short talk given by Hanadi Al Haddad to encourage students to go onto the “Rice Race” website to help underprivileged children.
12 Nov.
– To commemorate “World Kindness Day”, Grade 9 students presented a short skit on the importance of helping others who are in need. DoS George Rizkallah explained the Exemption Policy to all the Intermediate Students. Finally, our Supervisor, Charbel Bacha, gave a talk about the dangers of using offensive language on social media platforms.

6 Nov.
– Advisers held discussions with their groups on the topic of being civilized, remaining calm, and handling conflicts in situations where others might be aggressive towards you.
13 Nov.
– Group discussions were held to share the possible negative outcomes of negative language and behaviour in school, at home, and in the community.

Mid-Term Progress Reports were distributed (20 Oct.) to all Grade 7 students, to all new students, to all Brevet students, and to all students on academic probation from last year. These reports were basically a list of comments updating the parents on their child’s progress after 6 weeks of school.

International Day, which was held on 29 Oct., was a festive day for the entire Upper School. The Intermediate Section’s contribution to this event was: Grade 7 held a flag procession, Grade 8 with teachers Aline Alam and Tanya Saab danced the traditional Dabke, and Grade 9, in coordination with teacher Mayssaa Haider, prepared all the beautiful decorations that adorned the Upper School campus. The Secondary students were very generous with the delicious international food that was offered to all.

Gebran Khalil Gebran Month at BHS – In preparation for viewing the famous film “The Prophet” on 19 Nov., all Intermediate students worked with their English teachers to learn about the life of Mr. Gebran with an in-depth study of the themes depicted in the film

Independence Day was commemorated by Intermediate students on 20 November 2015. They marched out of the middle gate, onto the main road, and back onto campus through the main gate, as they waved the Lebanese flags. After lining up in the sand court, the national anthem was played and Dr. Khoury gave a speech on the importance of a person loving and being loyal to their country.

Founders’ Day for the Intermediate Section was celebrated in the Meeting House on 27 November.

Student Council Elections were held on 16 October. Congratulations to Michel Sadek (9 LP) and Kevin Farhat (9IP) who won and now represent Intermediate students in the Student Council.

Reinforcement classes began on 7 November and will continue every Saturday morning for the next 9 weeks. These classes are obligatory for students struggling in Maths, English, or Arabic.

Pink Ribbons were distributed & worn by all Upper School students & teachers in support of Breast Cancer Awareness.

Moodle Test – Technology has advanced greatly at BHS. Grade 7 students completed a one hour test online, with each student using their own tablet.

A Brevet Meeting for parents and their children was held on 4 Nov. in the Library. Teachers of the Brevet class and the Head of Section discussed strategies and tactics to help students who are finding some subjects difficult.

Oxford Summer School 2016 posters are on the school bulletin boards for interested students to read. Those interested can also check their website:

Points for Parents: *The term 1 Report Cards will be distributed on Friday, 4 December with a letter for parents to sign and return. *This will be followed by the Parents Teachers Meetings from 3:30 to 6:00 pm on Wednesday, 9 December.


In parallel to the individual efforts to improve academic skills, teachers and students have launched an initiative where everyone is working to plant seeds of good qualities and nurture them to grow in wisdom. We are working on two basic values: that of responsibility which leads to organization and management of one’s life, and that of respect which allows each individual to be heard and accepted. To this end the former Chair of QuIET, Na’amat Little, and teacher Yousra Abi-Haidar presented two assemblies that focused on responsibility and respect.

Since hygiene is a very important issue, School Nurse Josephine El Murr gave an informative talk to the students about staying clean and healthy.

To emphasise the importance of recycling, Father Jean-Marie Chami, head of the “Ecoute Center”, explained how recycling helps keep our environment clean,  and aids charities which can raise money, e.g. for education for the deaf or disabled, through reusing and recycling goods.

Study skills were also on the students’ agendas. With the report card distribution imminent, students were guided by teacher Rola Issa through skills that would help them form good new study habits in order to get better results.

The Infant Section started a new theme with the beginning of a new month: “RESPONSIBILITY”. All students are given responsibilities in which they can succeed. All classes have started to settle into the daily routine. As a class they discussed their responsibilities at school, one of which is cleaning up after snack.

The Infant Section students celebrated Independence Day in their own child friendly environment on 20 November. Students paraded on campus and sang the national anthem. After this, they enjoyed eating 'Markouk' labneh sandwiches with cucumbers and tomatoes. Students familiarized themselves with the colours of the Lebanese flag and their meaning (The Cedar tree represents peace, immortality and tolerance. The red stripes symbolize martyrdom and self-sacrifice, and the white represents the snow-capped peaks of Lebanon's mountains).  

KG I students have enjoyed doing art activities about the autumn season such as making a hedgehog, an autumn tree, and a fruit basket.

KG II students read and acted out “Peanut Butter and Jelly”, and then the students prepared their own peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  After learning letter “Tt”, the students enjoyed having a tea party in class, and they decorated their own turtles.

KG III students enjoyed cutting out and sticking pictures from magazines about the five senses.

KG III prepared doves representing peace for Independence Day and decorated them.

Also, they enjoyed making graphs and charts about food and about the number of girls and boys in each class.

Library books swill start to go home with KG II and KG III students. When one arrives at your house, please read it with your child and then return it to the classroom so it can travel to a new home.

Please label your child’s coats/jackets/long-sleeved shirts with his or her name. It helps us greatly to match students with their belongings at the end of the day.

- The family of Renee Baz for donating LL 6,525,000 to the Financial Aid Programme.
- An anonymous donor for donating LL 7,500,000 to the Akl Building Playground.
- Elementary Section Arabic Teacher Samia Farah for donating books and cards to the Lower Elementary.
- Grade 3 Homeroom teacher Marlene Rawady for donating games and books to the Lower Elementary.
- An anonymous donor for donating 8 benches to the Upper School.
- Grade 4B student Henry Chedid for donating books to the LE Library and wooden shelves to the Infant Section.
- An anonymous donor for donating books and packs of learning cards to the Elementary Libraries.
- Grade 6B & 3B students Priscilla & Paolo Farah for donating books to the Elementary Libraries.
- Grade 4B student Gianna Fernandez for donating books to the Lower Elementary Library.
- BHS Parents' Association for donating 15,000,000LL for the glass curtains for the Upper School student lounge by the Science Block.
- Volunteer (Development Officer) Jocelyn Ghoul for donating books to the Upper Elementary Library.
- Lower Elementary Secretary Christine Labaki for donating books to the Upper Elementary Library.
- Grade 6C student Friedrick Al Aswad for donating books to the Upper Elementary Library.
- Grade 5A student Henry Vonnegut for donating books to the Upper Elementary Library.
- Grade 6B student Kelly Kanaan for donating books to the Upper Elementary Library.
- Grade 6C & 6B students Betty and Daniella Razzouk for donating books to the Upper Elementary Library.
- G 6B student Andrew Wharton for donating books to the Infant Section.
- Grade 6A student Bahr Nasri for donating books to both Upper and Lower Elementary Libraries.
- Infant Section Teaching Assistant Maya Harfouche for donating LL 300,000 to the financial aid programme.

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