News & Events - BHS Newsletter Vol 19 No 3 - 17 Dec 2015

We were very pleased to welcome the trustees of the Quaker International Educational Trust (QuIET) last week. Six of the trustees travelled from the UK to visit BHS. Together with their Chair, Philip McDonagh, the Chair elect, Paul High, and QuIET Trustee and Chair of the Board of Governors, Hani Aboul Jabine, the trustees held their formal meeting at the school on 11 December. The trustees also went on a 6-hour retreat with the Board of Governors on 12 December, held meetings with staff, the Student Council, and the Parents’ Association Committee, and attended a welcoming reception with the staff on 14 December.  QuIET is a UK registered charity whose trustees are responsible for the safe keeping of the school.

On behalf of the BHS staff and students, I would like to extend a warm invitation for you to join us tonight (Thursday, 17 December 2015) at 6:00pm for the Annual Christmas Concert presented by the Upper School Choir and performers in Khoury Hall and to the reception which will follow. We look forward to seeing you there.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2016. May this coming year bring joy, happiness, and blessings to you and your family, and peace to our troubled world.

The Christmas break begins on Friday, 18 December at 12:30 pm for the Lower School and after the Santa Fun Run for the Upper School. The buses will leave at 1:00 pm. The Boarding houses are closed from Saturday, 19 December.

During the Christmas period, the offices will be closed on the following days:

  • Wednesday, 23 December (Prophet’s birthday)
  • Thursday, 24 December
  • Friday, 25 December (Christmas Day)
  • Thursday, 31 December
  • Friday, 1 January (New Year’s Day)
  • Wednesday, 6 January (Armenian Orthodox Christmas)

Following the Christmas break, classes will resume on Thursday, 7 January. Boarders are expected back on Wednesday, 6 January at 4:00 pm.

Parents should by now have received the student accident insurance/BHS ID cards which were distributed in November. Please check that you have received your child/ren’s card/s. Any unclaimed cards are now at the Sick Bay, where they are available for collection.

On 1 December, students in Grades 10-12 IP were given a letter from the CIE Examinations Officer which explained the deadlines and costs of CIE exams and reminded students that they must take at least 5 IGCSE exams before they can graduate with a BHS diploma. Attached to the letter was a form for students to select subjects, with approval by teachers and parents, which should have been returned to the Secondary Supervisor before 12 December. Please do not hesitate to contact the CIE Examinations Officer, Jessica Lainie Fahed, on if you have any queries.

Invoices for the second instalment of tuition and bus fees were issued to the eldest BHS student in each family on 4 December. Parents are kindly asked to pay the fees by 5 January. Those who have unpaid balances are urged to settle them without delay. If you have any difficulties, please contact the Bursar.

Soon after the New Year, this newsletter will be circulated digitally. If you have not yet supplied us with your email address, please do so as soon as possible by sending an email with “subscribe” in the subject line to:

We are now accepting applications from new students for the academic year 2016-2017. As we have limited spaces available, first priority will be given to siblings of students already attending BHS. Second priority will then be to children of BHS old scholars. Thereafter, priority will be given to early applicants. If you are considering applying to BHS, we encourage you to do so no later than January 15, 2016. Late applications will be reviewed and acceptance will depend on availability of places.

The BHS Parents’ Association held their annual brunch at Burj Al Hamam restaurant on 11 December. A violinist played Christmas melodies, and everyone who attended enjoyed the Christmas spirit. We thank all the parents who participated in this event, without whom it wouldn’t have been this successful.

The PA wishes you all a happy holiday, and we'll hopefully see you all in our upcoming events.

On behalf of Brummana One Group we would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We hope the coming year will be full of success and joy for all of you.

Congratulations to our Cub Scout Ray Baaklini who not only did his scout promise, but also got promoted to Boy Scouts. Good luck in your newest unit!

Our annual Folks' Gathering event will be held on 9 January 2016 in the school's Dobbing Hall. A seated dinner with a live performance will take place on stage under the theme "Walt Disney Gone Wild". Thank you to all our members who are working hard in the planning and preparation process. If you would like to get more information regarding the tickets and timing, feel free to contact us on 70-69 99 33.

If you are interested in being part of our BR1 family then don't hesitate to join us on Saturdays from 5:00-7:00pm in the school's basketball court.

Feel free to check all our photos and news on our Facebook page "Brummana One Group" and don't forget to follow us on our Instagram page "Brummanaonescouts" for updates!


Earlier this year, the Student Council (BHSC) election took place. The results were as follows: President - Enzo El Adm (Secondary 3 LS); Vice-president - Iuns Nasry (11 IP); and Representatives - Mark El Shaer (Grade 12 IP), Marc Oneissy (Secondary 3 LP), Paloma Nannoni (Grade 11 IP), Elie Salem (Secondary 2 LP), Chloe Atallah (Grade 10 IP), and Thomas Tarabay (Secondary 1 LP). Congratulations to all the elected members of BHSC!

On 27 November, a special assembly was held in the Secondary Section to celebrate Founders’ Day. The guest speaker, old-scholar and Mayor of Roumieh Louis Abi-Habib, shared his best memories at BHS with students and gave them valuable advice concerning their life choices. After the assembly, Dr. El Khoury, Mayor Abi Habib, Development Officer Jocelyn El Ghoul, and HoS Chadi Nakhle cut a cake for the occasion of Founders’ Day surrounded by Secondary students.

The first week of December was a very busy one in the BHS Secondary Section. The annual Careers Fair took place between 2 and 4 December after school. Twenty six prominent speakers in their field of expertise shared their work experiences with our students. The students exhibited maturity and distinguished behaviour in their interaction with our guest speakers.

On 9 December, a parent-teacher meeting for Secondary classes took place. Teachers and parents exchanged ideas about the academic performance of students and the ways to enhance it. 

A delegation from United World Colleges (UWC) visited BHS on 10 December and met with Grade 10 students who might be interested to enrol in the programme and receive a scholarship to go to one of their schools around the world.

The Drama Club trained and led by Drama Teacher Omar Moujaes shone in their performance during the Upper School play: “With Friends like These” on 11 December.  Parents, teachers and fellow students had an amazing time watching the play and applauded the “stars” on stage. We are very proud of all those who made that performance an unforgettable one. Congratulations to Mr Moujaes on a very well done job.

Honour Roll certificates in the Secondary Section were distributed on 15 December. Congratulations to all the recipients of the High Honour and Honour roll certificates. We are proud of you all!

The last day of school before the holidays is Friday, 18 December. The first three periods in the Secondary Section will be normal teaching periods. Afterwards, students will take part in the annual Santa Fun Run. After the traditional run across town, buses will leave school at 1:00 PM.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Happy Holidays!

3 Dec. Principal Dr. Walid El Khoury and the Head of the French Department, Jamilleh Tayah, distributed the DELF Certificates to the students who had excelled in this International French Examination. This was followed by a short reading about the history of St. Berbara.

10 Dec. – The Term 1 Honour Roll Certificates were distributed to Lebanese Programme students with an overall average of 83 and above and International Programme students with 85 and above. (The names of the Honour Roll recipients have been posted on the BHS Website). Congratulations to all. Then the winners of the St. Berbara Costume Competition were announced and congratulated: 1st Place - Maher Mallah – 2nd place Dany Chokr and 3rd place - Kevin Farhat with Adrian Touzot. Finally, the students were shown a trailer for the play “With Friends like These” which was performed by the students of the Drama Club.  

11 Dec.
The advisers held a group discussion in which “Negative Language and Behaviour” were discussed with an emphasis on how such negativity can be avoided especially in school.
Dec. Students met with their advisers to plan for the upcoming Christmas Party.

Report Cards for Term 1 were distributed along with letters to parents inviting them to the upcoming parent teacher meetings. Some students, whose grades were of concern, received a white copy of the report card so that parents could sign and have them returned before receiving the original report.

Parent Teacher Meetings were held for all the Upper School parents on 9 Dec. It was nice to see that more than 200 parents turned up for this important event. Those who were unable to make it can contact the teachers according to their office hour by coming in or calling or by writing an email to the relevant teacher.

Costume Parade – The Intermediate students spent their lunch break, on the day of St Berbara 4 Dec, parading around the campus in costumes. Sixteen finalists were selected and their pictures were posted for students to vote. Parents also voted when they came for the parent teacher meetings. The pictures have been posted on the BHS website under “Photo Galleries”.

Food Donations – we would like to thank all the generous parents who sent in food to be donated to the charitable organization Karitas. This food will be distributed to needy families living in our area. We are very thankful that this year more food was donated than in any other year.

Careers Fair – The grade 9 students were given the opportunity to attend the Secondary Careers Fair on the afternoons of Dec. 2, 3, and 4. The students appreciated this chance to start thinking about possible fields of study for their future.

Drama Production – we are very proud of our students who presented a fabulous performance in Dobbing Hall on Dec. 11.  Well done to Celine Sroujian, Ali Al Kayali, Christina Momjian, Joey Angelil, Gem Haswany, Christy Bou Jaoude, and Khaled El Turk.

Saturday Reinforcement Classes were held on 12 Dec. and will stop over the holiday. These classes will resume on Saturday, 9 January for 3 more weeks in preparation for the Mid-Year Examinations.

Medical Check-ups for all Intermediate students were completed by Dr. Mireille Zalzal, our school physician, in the past two weeks.  

Student activities – we would like to thank all the students and teachers who helped to decorate the MTB building so beautifully and brought the Christmas spirit to the entire BHS family.

Schedule for Friday, 18 Dec: There will be regular classes the first three periods. At 11:00am the students will hold their Christmas Party out in front of the MTB Building. At 12 noon all students will participate in the Santa Fun Run. We shall bid our students farewell at 1:00pm, at which time the buses will depart.

Points for Parents: The Mid-Year examinations will be taking place 3 weeks after students return from the Christmas Holiday. It is highly recommended that your child takes some time to review material since the beginning of the year, especially the students whose Term 1 Average is below 70.  

The Intermediate Section family would like to wish everyone a warm and peaceful Merry Christmas.


On 20 November, the Lower Elementary watched a play prepared by Mrs. Nadia Wannous and performed by Grades 3A and 3B to commemorate the Lebanese Independence Day. She also trained Grade 3C to perform a traditional Lebanese dance that elevated our feeling of national spirit. The whole Elementary Section marched through the streets of Brummana, walked through the main BHS gate, and joined the Upper School students in singing the national anthem in honour of the occasion. Later, the UE students assembled in Dobbing Hall where they watched a well-prepared differentiated learning planned programme that presented an account of the Independence Day events (4 history lessons) through a play, a song, and a dance. This programme was presented by teacher Nancy Abou Rjeily and Grades 5B and 5C. Well done!

On Founders’ Day, when all the students came in formal clothes in honour of the founders, former QuIET Chairperson Na’amat Little addressed the Elementary Section student body during assembly time. She travelled with the students back in time to when Brummana was still a village in the Matn area with no electricity, no tap water, no cars, and no schools. She introduced the Swiss Quaker visionary whose mission was to bring light into the lives of the people of Brummana through education. She described Mr. Theophilus Waldmeier’s stern and determined character. He was also a firm believer in God and fellow man. He carried out his mission and built the first blocks of this reputed school which we are so proud to be a part of. We honour the founder by adopting his motto: “I Serve.”

During the summer, Upper Elementary students participated in the Oxford Bookworms Reading Competition. We are pleased to announce that Carl Sadek and Edward Prescott-Decie were selected by the British Council jury to be in the top 20 finalists list. We wish them the best of luck.

Now, students are practicing for the Christmas Show. We wish the blessings of this season fall on one and all of you. May all that you hope for come true. Merry Christmas!

On 3 December, Infant Section students came to school disguised in their beautiful and imaginative costumes. They watched a puppet show performed by teachers Zeina Okdi, Laura Boustany, Cherine Ghaoui, and Maya Harfouch. The teachers told the story of Saint Barbara in a creative way.

For those of you who are interested, a class photo was taken along with a picture for each child individually. 

KG 1, KG 2 and KG 3 have been busy this month working on their special Christmas family gifts that you will see before they go for the vacation.

It has been a very busy time of the year as students rehearsed for songs and dances that they performed during the Christmas Show on 14 December. Very special thanks to the teachers for the hard work and commitment that made this show possible.

Each day, KG 3 students learn more and more words and gain more confidence.  Much progress has been made in their writing skills. They have written letters to Santa and continued writing in their journals.  Home practice is very beneficial!!!  Have your child write out Christmas lists, simple notes, or thank you notes for those gifts from relatives. 

The Infant Section staff would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! Enjoy the festive season safely and we look forward to seeing you all in 2016!!!

- The family of Renee Baz for donating a further LL 300,000 to the Financial Aid Programme.
- The BHS Parents' Association for donating LL 6,000,000 to the Financial Aid Programme for 2014/15.
- The Brummana Quakers for donating 21 recycling bins for the Upper School campus.
- Sec 1 LP student Jason Soufan for donating books to the Upper Elementary Library.

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