News & Events - BHS Newsletter Vol 19 No 4 - 29 January 2016

Our newsletter has become digital. This will be the last hard copy issue (except for those who stated their preference for it). This newsletter will be sent to all the email addresses that you supplied us with in reply to the circular that was sent out a while ago. Please check your emails. If you wish to change any of your addresses or to specify your preference to receive the newsletter to only one of your addresses, please send an email with “newsletter subscribe” in the subject line If you have not received your copy at all, also email and let us know.

We are pleased to inform you that work to create around 55 additional car parking spaces for staff and parents, in the vicinity of the Lower School, has been completed.


If a sudden decision is made to close the school, we will send an SMS message to the contact person in each family (as specified by each family in the most recent Family Data Update returned). If school is closed before the end of the school day, parents will be informed one hour before the bus departure.

All information will also be posted on the school Web site. To view the latest Web site updates, please remember to refresh your browser by clicking the Refresh or Reload button on the toolbar (whilst on-line). Parents who need further information should contact either Reception or the appropriate section office.

Please assume that we are open, unless you are otherwise informed by a reliable source.

- There are no classes Monday, 8 February 2016.
- On the occasion of Mar Maroun the school is closed on Tuesday, 9 February 2016.
- For Teachers’ Day the school is closed on Wednesday, 9 March 2016.

The Old Scholars’ Association would like to wish everyone a prosperous and successful 2016. We promise you an eventful year with the upcoming 25th Silver Jubilee International Convention, which is set to take place 15-17 July 2016. In addition to that, we are preparing our second OSA BR1 event “Back to the Campfire 2016” – Stay tuned for more details soon.

Class of 1995, led by class representative and old scholar, Bishara Boujaoude, has been very active through the months of September, October, and December 2015. We encourage their effort, diligence and love for their school.

OSA took part in the Brummana One Group’s 10th Annual Folks Gathering on 9 January, 2016, whereby current OSA President Nazih Khattar ’66 was represented by former OSA President Fayez Bizri ’69 and received the Baden Powell award for appreciation and constant support of the OSA to BR1.

On another note, the OSA would like to congratulate Chief Roy Younes ’10, BR1 Group Leader, on receiving the “Wise Rooster” title in an official ceremony held on 23 January, 2016. We are proud of you Chief Roy!

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Brummana One Group would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. We hope this year will be better and successful to all our members. Also, we would like to welcome back students from their vacations; we hope it was a good one.

We started off the year with our 10th Annual Folks' Gathering which took place on 9 January in the school’s Dobbing Hall. The event was fully planned and executed by our members with the help of our Leaders and Ventures. Thank you to everyone who made this event successful and unforgettable. 

On Saturday, 23 January, the Mount District and General Council held the Consecration Ceremony of our Group Leader Chief Roy Younes at BHS. Congratulations C. Roy on your new accomplishment and good luck in your future achievements.

Leaders and Ventures from Brummana One Group attended a training camp under the name "MD GAP" in BHS on 23-24 January. Members from Rabieh, Aley, Berbara, and Monsif also joined the training sessions prepared by the Mount District.  Good job to all the members who attended from BR1; we hope it was beneficial.

If you are interested in taking part in our BR1 family, then don't hesitate and join us each Saturday from 5.00pm to 7.00pm at the school's basketball court.

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The government official exams will commence on the following dates:
- Brevet                      31 May 2016
- Bacc II GS/LS/SE     9 June 2016 

Students in Grades 11, 12, and Secondary 3 LP who are planning to sit for the SAT I exams in May should submit their completed forms to the Registrar by Thursday, 17 March.

Students taking IGCSE & AS/A Level exams were given invoices to take home in January. The fees must be paid by Monday, 8 February 2016, so that we can register students for these exams. After this date penalty charges apply per subject for any new entries, late payments, or amendments. For details please see the invoice or the letter regarding CIE exam registration from the CIE Examinations Officer, dated 1 December 2015. There is no refund for withdrawals after Monday, 8 February 2016.

On 7 January, the London School of Economics (LSE) and AUT, presented their joint venture in a double-diploma programme to Secondary students during assembly. Interested students interacted with the presenters concerning the content and cost of this programme.

The Model United Nations (MUN) Club at BHS, directed by teacher Mayssaa Haidar and student Enzo El Adm (Sec 3 LS), is launching the first BHS MUN Conference on 27 and 28 February. Many schools have been invited.  Kareem Abi Fadel (Sec 3 GS) has been appointed as the Secretary General of BHS MUN for this year.

MUN student trainers and club members are working at full throttle to make this big upcoming event a success. On 14 January, the MUN directors and Secretary General presented the conference to their fellow Secondary and Intermediate students during their assembly.

The Rugby League Federation of Lebanon representative Gabi Haddad gave a presentation to Secondary students on 21 January to encourage them to join the BHS Rugby Team coached by teacher Fransesc Rosel.  Mr. Haddad shared with students the excellent results our National Rugby Team has been achieving throughout the last couple of years. This year, our national team qualified to the Rugby World Cup 2016.

Students with academic difficulties in the Secondary Section received progress reports to be filled out by their teachers and returned to the HOS office. This is mainly to monitor students’ progress especially before mid-year exams.

The mid-year exams for all Secondary students, except Secondary 3 LS/GS/SE, will take place between Tuesday and Friday 2-5 February. Monday, 1 February is a reading day for all Secondary students except Secondary 3 LS/GS/SE students who will have normal classes. Monday, 8 February is a day off for all Secondary students with no exceptions.

The Hands-on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths) club was launched at BHS, after the Hands-on STEM International Organization sought four pioneer schools to establish and finance a STEM club. Teacher Lara Feghali is advising the club. The club leaders are: Marina El Mufti, Luna Baalbaki, and Farouk El Atassi from Secondary 2 S, and Karim Lama from Secondary 3 GS. The club members will meet every Monday during activity period and whenever they have a free period in order to explore the different kits provided by Hand-on STEM.

7 Jan. The students were welcomed back, encouraged to do their best, and aim for a positive new goal in this New Year. The winners of the Futsal Tournament were called on to the stage, handed their trophy, and congratulated.
14 Jan.
An MUN presentation was given to encourage all students to join the first National BHS MUN Competition to take place 27 – 28 Feb.

8 Jan.
A list of “25 Manners Teenagers Should Know” was discussed with the students.
15 Jan.
Advisers explained Test Taking Techniques and gave tips on how to avoid Test Anxiety.
22 Jan.
Mid-Year Test Schedules and list of material to be studied for Mid-Year Examinations were distributed during this session. The students then worked on filling out their study schedule to help them manage their time while preparing for these examinations.  

World Map Competition was held on 11 Jan. All students had been given a map labelled with country names. On the day of the competition, they were given a map without names and asked to name 25 designated countries. The winners will sit for a second round and the final winners will receive extra points on their Mid-Year Geography/SST Test.  

Second Play: Auditions for the second play for this year “TROY” took place on 15 Jan. Students will be rehearsing every Wednesday and Friday after school.

Mid-Year Examinations will be taking place on 2, 4, and 5 February. As for 1 and 3 February, they will be days off for students to study at home.

The Science/Math Fair was a great success and we were very happy to see so many parents join us on Friday, 15 Jan. We are proud of the projects prepared by our students and wish them luck as future scientists and mathematicians.

Brevet Students will have regular classes on 1 Feb. when all the other Intermediate students will be off studying for their Mid-Year Examinations.

Points for parents: In the week before and during the Mid-Year Examinations, we highly recommend that all students follow a rigorous plan for time management. They should follow the study schedule given by the school, sleep at a reasonable hour, and avoid all distractions (mobiles, TV, etc.). Good luck to all the students as they prepare and sit for the Mid-Year Examinations.

The winners of the Santa Fun Run of 2015 were: Junior Boys – 1st George Aswad, 2nd Youssef Akel, and 3rd Kareem Lama; Senior Boys – 1st Dany Choker, 2nd Antonio Sawma, and 3rd Yuriel Sanchez; Girls – 1st Stephanie Achkar, 2nd Olivia Niewiadomski, and 3rd Jouanna Abou Khazaa. Congratulations!

Well done to Stephanie Ashkar who excelled in the Beirut Marathon: She was selected as Elite Runner, won 3rd place in the 5 Km youth Race for under 17, won the overall 1st place in the Women’s 5 Km Fun Run, and won 2nd place in the marathon’s 5 Km race for under 16.

Congratulations to the Girls’ Varsity Basketball Team who won 44:24 against Saint Joseph’s School on 21 January in the Shatha Naser Schools Tournament.

Mabrook to the Junior Girls Basketball Team who won 37:15 against Sagesse Brazilia in the Lebanese Schools Basketball League.

Bravo to the Junior Boys Futsal Team and their coach, Mickey Sawaya, who won 1st place in the Evangelical School Tournament.

Well done to the Junior Boys Futsal Team who won 5:0 against Rozaire Mansourieh in the Lebanese Schools Futsal League.


2016, new beginning, new resolutions, and a chance to reach new goals that will help each of us attain new heights, materialize old dreams, and write a new chapter in our lives to make us all proud as a community in BHS. After the Christmas holiday, our students took the chance to reflect on their vacation and write down their own aspirations for the New Year. Then, they set reasonable goals to reach, achieve, and be successful. We are here to support you every step of the way. Go for it!!!!

The Elementary HoS, Shatha Abou Khalil, started the year with a great value: honesty, which she introduced during assembly. The advisers with the counsellors followed up during advisory sessions in class, and Grade 6A prepared and presented a short play on the same value.

Grades 1, 3, and 5 students are already practicing orally, and in writing for their Spelling Bee contests which will take place on 11, 12, and 15 February. Grades 2, 4, and 6 are to follow with their own SSt. contests. Those will take place on 3, 4, and 7 March. May the best student win!

Congratulations are in order to Ray Baaklini (6A) who came 4th in the Abtal El Bia National Eco-Competition. Students from various schools across Lebanon were encouraged to create a small Eco-project to promote a greater understanding and responsibility for the environment either at school or in their neighbourhood. To view the various projects visit: https:/

Thank you to the twin brothers, Mark and Carl Zoarob, who donated three Halloween costumes.

In the Lower Elementary Section, the New Year began with great sports news. Omar Hamaty, in 3B, came second in the LAU Swimming Competition. Well done!

The students enjoyed an educational assembly by Gr. 3A about Roald Dahl.  

The children settled back quickly into the school routine, and are glad to see their friends again. Throughout January, all activities in the Infant Section are focused on the most visual aspect of winter, which is snow. They are using simple ways of creating winter scenes using construction paper, glue, glitter, cotton, and salt.

KG 1 students did an experiment about ice cubes and how they melt on the radiator and when put back in the freezer how they turn back into ice taking the shape of the cup.

KG 2 students hand printed a yellow duck after they learned how to write the letter “D”. Each student made his/her own “Dippy Duck” puppet.

KG3 started reading books and taking them home to practice with their parents. Students are starting to be more responsible regarding their homework.

The value for the month of January is honesty and you can't imagine how hard it is to teach it to little ones. Teaching children honesty is a real challenge given the examples of dishonesty that they encounter every day in the world around them. Your example, and your constant feedback, about your child’s behaviour, can be a powerful influence on your child.

Now that the weather is turning colder and many of our children are showing signs of colds and flu, please remember to keep your child at home if he/she shows any of the following symptoms:

  • Oral temperature 38 degrees and above within the past 24 hours
  • Uncontrolled diarrhoea
  • Rash, bump or other out-of-the-ordinary skin conditions
  • Flushed face, "watery" or "glossy" eyes
  • Excessive running nose
  • Sore throat
  • Frequent vomiting
  • Unusual irritability or fatigue

Any of these symptoms may indicate the beginning of an illness, which might be easily communicated to other children.


- Christina Assili, Head of the Computer Department, and Chadi Nakhle, Head of the Secondary Section, on their marriage in December 2015.
- Upper School teacher of Arabic, Jean Daher and his wife Zeina, on the birth of their baby boy, Rudy, on 26 December.

- The family of Renee Baz for donating a further LL 300,000 to the Financial Aid Programme, bringing the total donated to LL 7,125,000.
- Friend of the school Jocelyn Campbell for donating LL 135,000 from the proceeds of her book “A Fountain of Gardens”, a collection of her paintings of Lebanese wild flowers, to the financial aid programme.

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