Phoenix Rises Competition

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Dear Parents and students,

Unfortunately but not surprisingly, The Lebanese Philharmonic Orchestra’s concert on the 22nd May with the theme of ‘The Phoenix Arises’ has been postponed until the Autumn. Those of you who have entered for the poetry or Art competition need not despair, however. Your entries will be respected and we shall re launch the competition in September to give more students the chance to write or create something which can give us all hope for the future.

Wissam Boustany, the Founder of the Pro Youth Philharmonia orchestra in London, and who performed on the flute for us in March, will come back to school, probably in October, to announce the winners of the competition and to invite them to participate in the concert on its rescheduled date.

He has written his own poem on the theme of ‘The Phoenix Rises’. I thought you might like to see it. Please click here for the text and you are even able to listen to him performing it on the flute by clicking here. He sends it to us with love and best wishes.

Yours sincerely,

David Gray