Brummana High School is very excited to announce Principal David Gray will be visiting Philadelphia, New York City and Cleveland from the 16th to 23rd October inclusive. 

Principal Gray will be meeting with several Quaker Meetings and Schools, Old Scholars and other groups and individuals during his trip. Opportunities for partnerships include financial support, teacher and student exchange, sharing ideas and resources, collaborative events not forgetting hosting on the school’s special campus next year for the 150th anniversary.  

16th October: In Philadelphia, he will be visiting Westtown Meeting on Sunday morning, presenting at a Chestnut Hill Meeting in the afternoon, before joining the community at Pennswood Village that evening.

17th: The Principal will be spending the whole day with students and the whole community at Westtown School. 

18th: Principal Gray is invited to Abington Friends School during the day and will be presenting to the Middle East Collaborative of the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting that evening.

19th-20th: David Gray will travel to NYC to meet Old Scholars as well as Brooklyn Friends community.

21st-23rd: Mr. Gray will next visit Cleveland to meet with Old Scholars as well as the Cleveland Friends community.

24th-27th: David Gray will begin his return to Lebanon, via London where he will host a school community reception on Tuesday 25th as well as meet with Old Scholars on the Wednesday evening. 

The school is ready to engage in a wide array of partnership activities. Given the situation in Lebanon, the support of global partners at this time is greatly appreciated. To communicate with the school to learn more about partnership opportunities or to register, please contact the team.