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Board of Governors

The Board of Governors has the responsibility of the guardianship of the school’s assets, land, buildings, endowment and investments as well as overall control of its annual income and expenditures.

The Board of Governors ensures that the school runs successfully and smoothly in accordance with the aims of its Quaker founders. The most important functions of the Board of Governors are to guide the school and set policies for both its educational and financial directions. The Board also appoints the school’s Principal and Bursar.

The following Board members have been appointed by QuIET to represent a broad range of expertise in education, finance and management, as well as links with the Old Scholars Association, Quakers and the local community.

Khater Abi Habib


Juhaina Abu Khalil

Sabah Baz

Saouma Bou Jaoude

Georges Darwiche

Talal Droubi

Governor Naji Hawayek

Naji Hawayek

Antoine Issa

Chairman of the Board

Marie-Christine Mogabert Mourani (AKA Mishka Mojabber)

Malek Mrowa


Georges Younes

Vice Chairman

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