Botanic Garden

Welcome to the Botanic Garden at Brummana High School, a living testament to our dedication to education and the preservation of local biodiversity. Nestled within the school’s campus, the botanic garden is a unique collection of native Lebanese plants showcased throughout the campus. With this strong emphasis on native plant species, we aim to highlight their natural beauty and promote their ecological importance. In addition to our diverse collection, we take pride in our several educational gardens, themed plant trails, and a miniature desert biome. All serve as immersive outdoor classrooms purposed to inspire students and visitors to engage with and learn directly from nature.

Mother Tree

The pine tree affectionately known as the “Mother Tree” is the oldest tree on the school’s campus. About 250 years old, this tree is a century older than our school !!!!. 

Pinus pinea, commonly known as the stone pine or umbrella pine, is a species of pine tree native to the Mediterranean region. It’s a medium-sized evergreen tree with a distinctive, umbrella-like canopy.  

This tree is native to the Mediterranean Basin, including regions of Southern Europe, North Africa, and parts of the Middle East. It thrives in warm, coastal climates and is well-adapted to sandy, well-drained soils.

The stone pine has played a significant role in the cultures of the Mediterranean region for centuries. It has been revered for its aesthetic beauty, culinary value, and association with coastal landscapes.


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Memorable Trees Trail

The Memorable Tree Trail at the Botanic Garden offers a captivating journey through time and nature. Dotted across the campus, these old trees stand as living witnesses to the passage of years, each one telling a unique story. With each step, visitors can marvel at the resilience and grandeur of these arboreal giants, leaving them with a profound sense of wonder and a deeper appreciation.

Plant Phyla Trail

Join us on the School Plant Phyla Discovery Trail and explore the diverse world of plant life. Along the way, you will encounter specimens from various phyla, each with unique traits and evolutionary backgrounds. Discover the mysteries of nature right on the school’s campus!