Social Studies

The Department of Social Studies at Brummana High School brings together experienced teachers in the field of modern education and various educational curricula: Lebanese program (LP) and the International program (IBDP and Cambridge).

Teachers in the Social Studies department work collaboratively and implement novel techniques that enable students to acquire knowledge that they can take with them for life. The main focus in the department is to educate and to open learners’ minds to more questions that they can answer through inquiry and research.

Our most important goals:

  • Transforming the teaching and learning approach from being based on rote memory learning to being more focused on critical thinking, discussions and debates.
  • Empowering learners who are able to enrich their knowledge and skills and ultimately tackle global issues which they encounter daily.
  • Developing learners’ abilities to apply democratic concepts, such as respecting pluralism and others’ opinions, dialogues, as well as rejecting hate and the recourse to violence in resolving conflicts.
  • Involving students more proactively in their school life to make them more prepared and responsible enough to engage in their community.
  • Learning from the past to build a better future.
  • Respecting and preserving the environment through a proper appreciation of natural resources

For more information, please contact Jihane Francis, Head of the Social Studies Department.