Main Drive from Inside

Campus Use

Brummana High School is very pleased to be able to open up its campus and school facilities for extra opportunities outside of regular school hours.

The school has hosted anything from blockbuster film productions to painting retreats, from IT training courses to period dramas, from sports clubs and to local and international championships, and almost anything else you can think of.

Take advantage of the school’s 16-acre, nature-rich campus and buildings dating back to the 1870s mixed seamlessly with modern facilities such as the sports arena, indoor court, multi-gym and robotics lab.

Please contact the school’s Bursar to investigate opportunities for your activity or event. We look forward to welcoming you on campus soon!

The Movie 1982 was shot in Brummana High School
The Tennis Cedars Cup is played on the BHS Tennis Courts
The BHS Summer Camp
Symposium Broumana – We Paint For Life