Lower Primary

The Lower Primary has three grade levels: Grade1, Grade 2 and Grade 3.

Our goal in the Lower Primary is to provide a child -centred environment that will foster each child’s development of self esteem, self -reliance. We reinforce our school values which are individuality , tolerance, peaceful resolution  and respect for ourselves and for others.

In the Lower Primary we have  introduced effectively two major programmes ,the Cambridge curriculum and the PSHE( Personal , social and heath education).

The Cambridge curriculum sets clear learning objectives in all subjects and focuses on developing knowledge and skills in core subjects to form an excellent foundation for future study.

The PSHE programme aims to provide children with the knowledge and skills to keep themselves happy , healthy , safe and prepared for their life and career.

Differentiated learning in English, maths, science and social studies (in English) is provided for each class by a homeroom teacher. The homeroom teacher and the counsellor are available to help students deal with social and academic concerns. Our counsellor provides group counselling and meets with individuals. This year we are glad to add a learning support specialist to our child support team.

Other subjects such as Arabic, French, social studies, music, drama, physical education, art and computer are taught by subject specialists.

We have introduced a collection of reading books in Arabic and English, each organised by levels of ability. Students enjoy a variety of cultural and interdisciplinary texts whereby they acquire general knowledge and widen their imaginations by reading books online. All students in the Lower Primary are also encouraged to read and submit book reports. Our library offers books on a variety of topics and interests.

The school will be administering the Cambridge progression test to help ensure that our students are meeting international standards.

The academic programme is enriched by the use of interactive whiteboards in each classroom and many other activities such as academic fair, ,writing contests, Art contests, and celebrations of various events.

There is a wealth of  Extra -curricular activities provided for our students. They may attend an activity of their choice such as art, gymnastic , basketball, taekwondo, rollerblading, , wall-climbing, gardening and football.

At the end of every academic  year grade 3 students attend an orientation session in the Upper Primary where they meet teachers and learn buildings names and locations.

For more information, please contact Shatha Abu Khalil, Head of the Primary Section.

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