Staff Application Process

1. Employment Policy

Our policy is to employ full-time staff rather than part-time, and preference is given to applicants with a relevant degree, relevant experience, a teaching diploma, fluent English, computer literacy and a willingness to contribute to the extra-curricular programme. Since many subjects are taught in English, we welcome applications from native English speakers.

2. Nationality and Working Permit

The law in Lebanon will not allow the employment of a non-Lebanese if there are Lebanese who are able to undertake the same work. All appointments of non-Lebanese staff are subject to the satisfactory completion of the necessary paperwork, including work permit. It is, at present, proving difficult for a non-Lebanese to obtain a working permit unless the applicant has qualifications, skills or experience which are not commonly available in Lebanon, for example, a native English speaker with experience in teaching internationally recognised examination programmes.

3. Review

All applications are reviewed. If an application does not meet the criteria described in our employment policy, the applicant will be informed. Otherwise, the applications are held for two years and passed forward for shortlisting if there is a vacancy. After two years, the applications are destroyed.

4. Interviews/Sample Lesson

Shortlisted applicants for teaching positions will be invited to attend a panel interview and to teach a sample lesson. For teaching staff, the panel usually includes the Principal, the Vice Principal Academic and the Head/s of Section. The main language of all interviews is English. On the same day as the interview, teaching applicants are invited to teach a sample lesson to students observed by the Head of Department. We do not generally offer travel expenses for interviews.

5. References

Prior to an interview, three references will be taken up.

6. Appointment Offer

Subject to satisfactory references, and a satisfactory sample lesson (for teaching applicants), you may be invited to attend a meeting to discuss an appointment offer.

This information may be subject to amendment without prior notice.