Students below the MTB Building


The English Department at Brummana High School (BHS) is committed to promoting success by offering students a firm basis and by stimulating their intellectual capacity so that they would achieve high critical and creative thinking skills. The department emphasises student-centred learning and continually works to instill in learners a genuine interest in reading for its many pedagogical purposes and in all grade levels.

The Department works in alignment with the school’s inclusive policy, thus providing all learners with the needed support and encouragement. The department members work collaboratively to enhance thinking and writing skills, improve students’ results and boost their self-confidence. The English department strongly believes that exposing students to multicultural texts would make them empathetic towards others and knowledgeable about different subjects.

The Writing Centre

Since BHS is a Quaker school whose ethos emphasises the value and ability of every learner, the Writing Centre is equally dedicated to serving students and helping them reach academic excellence. The centre allows students in the upper school classes to ameliorate their writing and gain more insight into becoming inquisitive and proficient writers. Students benefit from the one-on-one experience led by tutors and the results will be reflected in future writing tasks.

At the Writing Centre (located in MTB 13 and available during certain hours of the school day), tutors work with students from grades 7 to 12 and provide them with the necessary advice to improve their writing skills. The tutors do not replace teachers or give private lessons. Their job is to review students’ written work and help those learners understand their weaknesses without dictating answers or corrections. The centre encourages learning and sometimes provides students with worksheets that enhance their learning and train them to be better writers.

For further information, please contact Lisette El Hage, Head of the English Department.