The famous quote from the poet and writer Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, “He who does not know any foreign language does not know his own culture,” describes our mission and vision in the French Department. The message hidden in the words is simple: we enrich our own culture by discovering a new one.

Indeed, our aim in the French Department is not only to teach the linguistics of French but to inculcate in the spirit of our learners the concept of intercultural understanding.

In order to promote this cultural vision we work hard to succeed in our mission, that of leading our students to invest their learning in real life situations. Hence, we offer to our students a range of international programmes of studies and examinations such as the DELF, the IGCSE and the International Baccalaureate.

We take our mission seriously, varying methodologies and educational concepts in order to develop the intellectual curiosity and the linguistic skills necessary for intercultural understanding.

For more information, please contact Jamile Tayah, Head of the French Department.

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