We believe that nutritious and healthy meals are a vital part of a student’s day with a direct link to concentration and behaviour, having a positive impact on students’ health and attainment.

Elementary Section and Upper School

There is a cafeteria in the Upper School, which serves hot food and salads during the 2nd break. Traditional Lebanese dishes are served on a regular basis as are different dishes from around the culinary world.

There are also Tuck Shops located in the Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary and Upper School which serve snacks during both breaks.

Tokens need to be used for purchases from the Tuck Shops and Cafeteria. Cash is not accepted. Booklets of tokens are sold in the Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary and Upper School.

Lower Elementary Catering

Infant Section

In the Infant Section, breakfast for KG1 students is included in the fees and optional for KG2 and KG3. The breakfast consists of: juice or milk, fruit and on a daily rotation of one of the following: za’atar mankoushe, cheese mankoushe, cheese pain au lait or mini croissant.

Infant Section students also have the option of taking a hot meal during the day. The menus are chosen to be tasty and appealing to young children and are approved by the School Doctor to ensure a varied, healthy and balanced daily nutrient intake. Salads are provided 2-3 times per week. Meals are sent from the kitchen to the Infant Section in individual portions placed in heat retaining containers. The meal is served at around 12:00 noon. Students are supervised as they wash their hands and while they eat. Students who choose not to take the hot meal can eat their packed lunch at the same time. Fees for optional breakfast and hot meals are charged per term to be paid in advance at the Accounts Office.


Kids meals, breakfast, and lunch refer to Mr. Raymond Feghali.

Tuck shop Prices in LL

Menu April 2024 

Menu May 2024