Donation Appeals

Donation Appeals

Brummana High School, the only Quaker school in Lebanon, is in desperate need of support during such extremely challenging times in the country. Donors are able to provide financial help in Lebanon by clicking here, or the UK and the US below. Please read on for current BHS appeals. 

UK Taxpayers

If you are a UK taxpayer, please click the blue link to support via our Quaker Trustees. Gift Aid is available (adding a further 25%).

US Taxpayers

If you are a US taxpayer and you wish to donate through a trusted partner for US tax-deductible donations, click the red link below.


Lebanon and Lebanese families are currently going through some of the most severe times in the country’s history. On top of the social, political and economic crises came Covid-19 and the ever-increasing health crisis. As if that wasn’t enough, the event on August 4th, 2020 in Beirut and its aftermath have rocked the population to its core. The economic crisis has left 45% unemployed, seen the Lebanese Lira lose 80% of its value and rapid inflation has pushed prices for regular goods and services out of reach of the majority. In September 2019, 33% of the local population were considered to be below the poverty line, eight months later in April 2020 that figure had already risen to 50% and now that figure is closer to 65%. Many BHS families have been affected and now require support to meet the educational needs of their children. By supporting the Bursary Fund, you will directly ensure BHS students can continue with the quality Quaker education provided at the school. The Fund supports families on a rolling, means-tested scale with tuition fees each year.


Capital Development Projects

The school is currently facing one of the most extreme financial periods in hits near-150-year history. The economic crisis that has gripped the country, with the devaluation of the currency, rising unemployment and dramatically inflated prices for local and imported goods and services, means the school is struggling despite substantial cost savings and will once again operate with a budget deficit. In order to continue to provide BHS students with the high quality, holistic education the school is renowned for, some capital development projects are deemed essential yet the school does not currently have the financial capabilities. By supporting the Capital Fund, you will be ensuring school programmes and campus facilities including technology are at the standard one can expect from one of our near-150-year old Quaker school.



Our Quaker school is going through unprecedented times and facing unprecedented challenges. By selecting this unrestricted donation option, you are committing your support to wherever the school is able to best utilise it at that specific time. This may be to support bursaries, emergency appeals, curriculum updates, property developments, IT upgrades or any other element the school may require considerable assistance with. Following the school’s allocation of an unrestricted donation, each donor receives an update on where their support was applied.



Fortunately not impacted physically by the August 4th explosion, the school nevertheless had many families affected by the blast, losing either their homes, their businesses or, in a few cases, even both. The recent Beirut Fund appeal raised over $70,000, ensuring school families affected by the devastation could rest assured at least of the continuing first-class Quaker education at BHS for their children through substantial tuition fee support. The whole Brummana High School community expresses deep and sincere gratitude to all those who were able to support the Beirut Fund.

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