Quaker Trustees

The Quaker International Educational Trust (QuIET)

The ultimate responsibility for the ownership, Quaker ethos and well-being of the school rests with the Quaker International Educational Trust (QuIET), based in London and registered under the Charities Act of the United Kingdom. Its members are appointed by the Europe and Middle East Section of the Friends World Committee for Consultation.

As the body entrusted with the ownership of the school, QuIET is responsible for appointing the Board of Governors and for ensuring that the school is run in the tradition established by its Quaker founders.

The current Trustees of QuIET in 2019 are Antoine Wakim (trustee and Chair of Board of Governors), Averil Armstrong, David Hickok, Digby Swift, Hani Aboul Jabine, John Crosfield, Juhaina Abou Khalil, Martin McPherson (Honorary Secretary to Trustees), Paul High (Chair QuIET), Philippa Neave, and William Haire.

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