Professional Development

The Professional Development office plays a significant role in the efforts of BHS to develop teaching  and administrative personnel in carrying out their duties and staying up-to-date on current and changing methodologies and practices.

The Professional Development office organises two In-Service Training days per year. INSET days are a great opportunity for peer collaboration and sharing of knowledge and best practice on pedagogies, content, assessments, educational technologies, and other professional practices. Over 120 teachers come together (in person or online) and engage in discussion, lectures, and activities that not only improve their teaching skills, but also create opportunities for cross-curricular, cross-sectional relationships and initiatives.   

In collaboration with Human Resources (HR), the Professional Development office’s primary role is to promote and provide ongoing development opportunities to existing teachers, as well as orientation services to all newly appointed teachers through an induction programme, and continuous one-on-one mentoring. In an effort to support and serve the community, the Professional Development office also provides internship placement opportunities for student-teachers from Universities around the country.

In collaboration with the e-learning coordinator, the Professional Development office coordinates the planning and implementation of internal workshops that aim to enhance teachers’ and students’ skills in using instructional technology tools.

The Professional Development office is also responsible for reviewing teachers’ targets set as part of their performance appraisals, and ensuring they have access to adequate and appropriate resources to support them in meeting those targets.

In coordination with the Vice Principal Academic, the Professional Development office is responsible for constantly re-examining and supporting teachers’ training needs to successfully deliver the various academic programmes offered at BHS (LP, IB, IGCSE, and A-levels).