Social Sciences

Students begin their Social Sciences classes in 9th grade at the IGCSE level, progressing to the Lebanese Baccalaureate, International Baccalaureate, and A-Level. Sociology, Philosophy Psychology, Economics, Business, Thinking Skills, and Theory of Knowledge are all available through the department.

BHS Social Sciences develops students’ ability to identify important concepts while reading primary and secondary sources and emphasizes the significance of citing evidence to back up their interpretation. Teachers use inquiry-based learning strategies to convey content, creating an environment in which students may become self-sufficient and risk-takers. Students participate in research, presentations, debates, and conversations on a regular basis, and they are encouraged and challenged to think critically, evaluate, and generate well-supported ideas.

We strive to create an interdisciplinary curriculum that culminates in a rich and diverse education. Students learn to analyse the world from different perspectives, be it that of the economist, the psychologist or sociologist. We have adopted and maintained the view that most students learn from ‘doing’. While there is a basic body of knowledge all fields that can be ingested by simple ‘rote memorisation’, the majority comes from applying this knowledge and making it relevant to each student. It is our conviction that this is where real learning takes place.

For more information, please contact Zeina Misk, Head of the Social Sciences Department.

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