Payment Schedule

Currently, the schedule for payment of student tuition fees is as follows:

  • 3 instalments – 1 September (34%), 5 January (33%), 31 March (33%)
  • 2 instalments – 1 September (50%), 5 January (50%)

For existing students the invoice for Term 1 is issued with the report card in June. Parents of new students should pick up the invoice from the Accounts Office after they have paid the Registration Fee and the Development Fund Contribution.

Term 2 and 3 invoices are usually issued one month before the deadline for payment and are sent home with the eldest child in the family.

Prompt Payment of Fees

When a family enrols children at the school, the school agrees to educate the child and, in return, the parents agree to pay the fees. The school’s ability to deliver the promised education depends on the parents fulfilling their part of the agreement. Late payment of fees creates an obvious difficulty for the school. Parents who have difficulty in meeting the fees are urged to contact the Bursar before the deadline for payment.