Information & Communication Technology

In the changing world of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), the department’s mission at Brummana High School (BHS) is to operate in an experimental, hands-on learning environment that goes beyond the classroom. We prepare our students for advanced studies and innovative careers, applying what they’ve learnt in ICT throughout their lives. Our extensive and integrated curriculum consists of the fundamentals of computing combined with the practical knowledge of software and hardware development.

ICT courses are given from Grade 1 to Grade 12, including, but not limited to, basic introduction to Computing, Microsoft Office software, website development and computer application programs. We strive for an interdisciplinary approach to the education of computer for a more fruitful learning experience. Integrating the various pedagogies of BHS, our department accommodates the requirements of the ICT IGCSE and ITGS HL/SL IB programmes. Under the supervision of the ICT Department, a robotics club and related classes are monitored and provided with the aim of participating in national competitions.

The department has been located in the Arts & Crafts Building for over a decade, and is constantly updated to support computing facilities for departmental education and research needs. Most recently, a new robotics lab has been added to the department’s facilities. Computer labs are accessible to all students under teacher supervision. Moreover, access to required software from Microsoft, Adobe and other prominent vendors is offered in addition to a high-speed internet connection. Digital electronics, local area networks, database servers and other teaching equipment are also available.

For more information, please contact Charbel Bitar, Head of the ICT Department.