Parents’ Association

The Parents’ Association (PA) is a volunteer group of parents, required by Lebanese Law, to be elected by the parents of BHS students for a period of three years in order to represent all parents. In accordance with the law, and in co-ordination with the school, the PA aims to take care of student matters and safeguard student interests. The PA helps the school by organising activities and events to raise funds for Financial Aid (Bursary) and to improve the facilities of the school.

The executive officers of the Parents’ Association are:

Chairperson: Dina Bechara 03-631363, 04-961941
Vice Chairperson: Marwan Keyrouz 03-633332
Treasurer: Charbel El Khoury
Rabih Merheb
Secretary: Georgina Njeim 03-639500

Individual members of the PA serve as sub-committee members or class representatives for each grade level and they welcome suggestions and comments from parents. The class representatives are:

KG1 Dina Bechara 03-631363
KG2 Mey Sahhab 03-936603
KG3 Akram El Khoury 03-214662
Grade 1 Chadi Al Boustany 03-365566
Grade 2 Soumaya Kanj
Sara Abou Ayyash
Grade 3 George Obeid 03-315632
Grade 4 Imad Elhajj 70-184884
Grade 5 Carla Goraeib
Georgina Najem
Grade 6 Marwan Keyrouz 03-633332
Grade 7 Rony Kanaan 03-033030
Grade 8 Rabih Merheb 03-310141
Grade 9 Charbel El Khoury 03-000702
Grade 10 Sylvia Lammam 03-615282
Grade 11 Elsi Zalzal 03-738410
Grade 12 Dina Bechara 03-631363

By law, the PA has a mandate to discuss any proposal for changes to tuition fees and to sign the school budget, the responsibility of which rests with the Chairperson and two treasurers. There are six sub-committees for finance, education, sports, social events, health and hygiene and design projects. These sub-committees enhance co-operation with school administration and organise the traditional activities and festivities at BHS.