pastoral care

Pastoral Support

Parents often want to know how they should choose a school. The answer is simple. Where their child is happy is where they will thrive. Where they thrive is where they grow and meet their potential. Supporting children to meet their potential is one of the most important things that we can offer as a school. Student well-being is an important part of school life at Brummana High School (BHS).

Our friendly, yet respectful, atmosphere between staff and students plays a vital part in establishing the character  the School. Together we are a highly supportive community.

We are guided in our pastoral care by clear principles. Strong pastoral care is responsible for enabling each member of our diverse school community to realise their potential. Each individual at our school is unique and we work with this ideal. We strongly believe that all people are equal regardless of gender, religious background, culture, ethnic identity and social status. There is good within each of us. This belief is driven by our responsibility to care and to seek peaceful and cooperative resolutions when, as happens, we face challenges in our lives. To act with integrity, honesty, and compassion are the BHS values that we want our students to develop and carry with them throughout their lives.