Boarding Life

Life in a boarding school is a unique experience for young people as they mature into young adults. As they experience the responsibilities and pleasures of communal life, our students become more self-reliant and self-confident. Working together to build a peaceful and harmonious community, they learn the need for self-discipline and to care for others. Boarders are very well-prepared when they move to university life.

We know that our past students have formed friendships which they cherish long after they have left Brummana High School.

Throughout its history, BHS has had a well-established boarding section. Our students come from a variety of backgrounds and nationalities. Indeed, the Edinburgh Boarding House was even inaugurated by Prince Philip, the late Duke of Edinburgh, in 1967.

The boarding section is set within the school’s stunning, nature-rich, 16-acre campus, situated at 750 metres above sea level and 25 minutes drive from the Lebanese capital, Beirut. Boarders have access to the whole campus and all facilities, including the new multi-gym and sports arena.

We accept boarders from Grade 6 (Upper Elementary Section). If accompanied by older siblings, we can accept younger students (G1-5).

Family Atmosphere

The students live in a friendly and family-like atmosphere. The boarding houses are directed by the Head of Boarding and House Parents who live in and are responsible for students, staff and the boarding activities programme. There are also Boarding Assistants, who work closely with the Head of Boarding and House Parents.

Together, our dedicated team of Head of Boarding, House Parents and Boarding Assistants come to know students well, and this enables them to support and guide the students. They give special attention to study habits, accompany students on trips, celebrate birthdays, and they make every effort to see that the boarding experience is a happy, productive and positive one.

Full, Weekly and Flexi Boarding Options

The school currently provides three boarding registration options:

Full: Weekdays and weekends over a full term

Weekly: During weekdays, Monday morning to Friday evening (saves on time, energy and frustration with current Lebanese transport issues)

Flexi: Single day boarding, set over a specific period of time

Further Information

Further information is available from the Head of Boarding.
Day Telephone: 961 24 960430/1/2 Ext 464
Telephone after 4 pm: 961-24-862533 Ext. 532
Mobile: +961 3285176

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