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Mission and Vision

BHS Libraries are the Schools’ centres of knowledge and culture. BHS Libraries aim to nurture the teaching and research process and to encourage lifelong learning, developing students as independent and ethical, users and creators of information, in all its different types and formats.

BHS Libraries align with the school’s philosophy, adapting to the changing needs of the learning programmes, curricular objectives, and the needs of young learners and researchers. The Libraries seek to encourage creativity and new ways of learning.

BHS Libraries support the social and cultural wellbeing of readers in this digital world. Promoting reading for leisure, BHS libraries seek to provide users with well-designed and accessible physical and digital spaces to bring the community and information together. To encourage student participation, BHS Libraries plan and deliver a range of activities that spark curiosity and enjoyment, inspiring students to think and respond critically and creatively.

BHS libraries empower multiple literacy skills so that students are able to successfully select, evaluate and enjoy information and all forms of literature.

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