BHS Buses


Brummana High School’s bus transportation objective is to provide safe travel for students from homes to school and the return journey. We contract a private school bus company to provide safe and efficient transportation for students under the provisions of the Lebanese law and regulations.


Currently there are 10 different routes covering over 60 destinations. Factors such as cost, time, distance and demand are taken into consideration when determining annual bus routes. As a result, bus routes can vary from year to year, and new routes are considered when there is a demand.


There are currently around 40 vehicles (2016-2021 models), and our policy is to have no vehicle older than 5 years. Each has an on-going maintenance programme and undergoes an annual mechanical inspection check of roadworthiness for conformity to technical standards and norms as set by the Ministry of Interior.


Drivers are holders of a valid driver’s licence and undergo an annual medical check-up and sight test. They are experienced and appropriately trained when recruited and periodically thereafter. The training includes defensive driving, first aid, advanced driver training and hazard identification. Bus drivers have instructions not to leave the campus until all students have been accounted for. All drivers carry cellular telephones.

No Smoking Policy

Both drivers and monitors may not smoke whilst there are passengers on the bus.

Bus Rules

Students on the bus must abide by the school rules, respect the designated monitor and follow these BHS bus rules:

  • Get on and off the bus in an orderly manner in single file
  • No physical play or rough conduct is allowed at any time
  • Remain properly seated at all times and keep head and other parts of the body inside the bus and out of the aisle
  • Avoid loud conversation and singing
  • Musical instruments may not be played inside the bus
  • Ask the bus monitor’s permission before opening a window
  • Eating, drinking, chewing gum and smoking are not allowed on the bus
  • Respect the rights of others inside and outside the bus
  • Written parental permission is required if a bus registered student who comes to school in the morning is not using the usual bus on the homeward journey (because he/she is not returning by bus or is going on a different bus)
  • A student who is not registered to use the bus service may not use a BHS bus, unless it is a BHS sanctioned activity
  • A student who misbehaves on the bus will be reported to the Head of Section. A student who repeatedly misbehaves on the bus will be banned from using it
  • All students travelling by bus must wear the seat belts provided, for their safety and security

Covid Safety

In the case of a new spread of Covid, the following rules will apply:
1- Students will sanitise/ clean hands when getting on and off the bus.
2- Social distancing will be maintained as much as possible.
3- Children will fill the bus up the back coming forwards.
4- Seats are to be assigned.
5- Children will preferably sit in their family bubbles on a bus.
6- No eating or drinking on the bus.
7- All students will wear masks.
8- All staff on the bus will wear masks.
9- The driver will wear a mask.
10- Windows should be open.
11- Students exit the bus one at a time when called by the bus monitor to leave. This is to prevent the disruption of social distancing on exiting.


One monitor is provided on each bus. Their duty is to supervise the students on the bus and as they get on and off the bus. Their job description is based on the job description for school bus monitors published under the Lebanese Law. They are trained to deal with children and youth aged from 3-18 years old.

Bus Registration

For those students who used the bus the previous academic year, and there is no change in address or telephone number, please send written confirmation that the student/s will be using the bus before 31 July (by Fax 04-961225). If the address or telephone number has changed from last year, completion of the Bus Registration Form is required. The bus registration fee of $100 (non-refundable) should be paid with the first payment of tuition fees.

If your child did not use the bus service the previous year, but will be using it in the coming academic year, please reserve as soon as possible by completing a Bus Registration Form (in English or Arabic) and paying the bus registration fee. A schedule of bus destinations and the annual charge for each destination is available from the Accounts Office. The Bus Registration Form is also available from the Bus Coordinator in the Upper School and you can discuss your requirements with her before completing and returning the form to her. The bus registration fee of $100 (non-refundable) should be paid at the Accounts Office.

The remaining balance of bus fees should be paid according to the following schedule:

Grades Deadlines
Bus 1st Payment Bus & Tuition
2nd Payment
Bus & Tuition
3rd Payment
All grades to Secondary 1 LP
Grade 10 IP
23 October (33%) 5 January (33%) 30 March (34%)
Secondary 2-3 LP
Grades 11-12 IP
IB 1-2
23 October (33%) 5 January (33%) 30 March (34%)

If your fees invoice already includes the bus registration fee, and you do not wish to use the bus service, please pass by the Accounts Office before the end of July to have the invoice amended. If you do not arrange to have the invoice amended by the end of July, you will forfeit the bus registration fee.


There is third party liability accident insurance as required by law. This covers damage to other vehicles, property, and injuries to passengers and any other persons.

Emergency School Closure

Please check the Emergency Procedures – School Closure page for information on when the school may close due to an emergency and the procedures that are followed.

Further Information

Further information is available from the Bus Coordinator: Violette Feghali.

Tel:         03-308713

Fax:        24-961225