Giving from the UK

Giving from the UK

To make a gift to the Financial Aid Scheme (Bursary) in pounds sterling, you are able to donate in cash, cheque or by bank transfer. For cheques, please make your cheque or Charity Voucher out to ‘QuIET’ or to ‘The Quaker International Educational Trust’ and write “BHS” on the back. Then send it to:

Averil Armstrong,
Treasurer QuIET
5 Dene Terrace West
Northumberland NE41 8AZ
United Kingdom

Please contact Mrs Armstrong on the email below if you wish to donate by cash or for the bank account details in order to make a transfer.

Do you qualify for Gift Aid? If you have paid UK tax on income or capital gains equal to or more than your charitable donations then please notify us if you are happy to add Gift Aid to your donated sum. Gift Aid will add 25% to the value of your gift.

The Bursary Scheme, so far as funds allow, is available to meet or contribute to the fees of established BHS students whose families have suffered financial hardship and who could not otherwise complete their Quaker education. There are often no safety nets for families when illness or injury strikes a parent. For many, the Bursary Scheme is the single lifeline which keeps family life, Quaker school life and a child’s future together. Your gift will make a great difference.

For more information about gifts through QuIET please email QuIET’s Secretary is also available to be contacted using the following email:

[QuIET, UK charity number 1072250, is the Quaker body which, with the Board of Governors, is responsible for the stewardship of BHS.]