Quaker Tradition

BHS was founded in 1873 by Theophilus Waldmeier, a Swiss missionary, who joined the Society of Friends and became a Quaker.  This is a Protestant sect based on peace, equality and mutual respect between people. It is rooted in the belief that there is a spark of God in each person, regardless of religion, gender, culture, colour or social status.

Historically, Quakers were among the pioneers in developing a modern form of learner-centred education which prized the worth and development of the whole child and student. With other educators, Quakers recognised that schooling involved far more than academic study.

A Quaker education means excellence in education. It calls for high academic standards and an openness to new ways of learning. A Quaker education also means helping each child to realise his or her full potential. Each student is unique, with varying abilities and special gifts, not only in the classroom but also in sports, the arts, leadership and community affairs.

A Quaker education helps each person to recognise his or her responsibility to the community – within and outside of school. Quakers encourage freedom of thought and expression, but this goes hand in hand with the responsibility to respect others. Quakers teach non-violence as the means for resolving conflict in everyday life.

Today much internationally accepted good practice in education follows these principles. BHS remains a school which aims to follow the ideals and values of its Quaker founders.