Quaker Star

The Quaker Star

I am sure many of us who attended Brummana High School have seen the eight-sided Quaker Star tiled onto the floor of the Dobbing Building (Upper Elementary) basement. The history behind the Quaker Star dates back to 1870. The red and black star is the emblem of Quaker Relief Work carried along with the Christian message of brotherhood and reconciliation often through dangers and varied difficulties, holding on to the faith and courage to become “repairers of the breach, restorers of paths to dwell in.”

The Star became the symbol of Quaker Relief in many parts of the world. The initial cause of Friends undertaking work amongst the suffering peasantry in 1870 was that individual members felt an inner compulsion that relief should be given. Today Governments have taken responsibility for physical relief across the world, but the Quaker Relief Service continues today with increasing emphasis on personal service with those in special need of care.

Source: They chose the Star; Quaker Work in France 1870 -1875, by William K Sessions