Fees Policy

Brummana High School (BHS) is a non-profit organisation. It is the Board’s policy to operate the school efficiently, so that fees are no more than is sufficient to maintain the school’s facilities and standards and to allow the school to grow and develop. It is by ensuring that the fees are no more than is required, that the Board aims to enable as many children as possible to join BHS, provided they meet the school’s high standard of academic and personal qualities.

The written agreement accepting the school’s offer of a place is for the academic year and the following years, unless notified otherwise by the parents. The parents undertake:

  • To pay the school fees and all agreed charges for the full academic year on or before their due date.
  • To give one full term’s written notice if, for any reason, it is intended to permanently withdraw the student from school for the following year.

Refunds of any extras or down payments, including the Registration Fee and Tuition Fees, will not be considered, unless the student has completed a full year at the school, the fees are settled for previous years, and the parents have given the required notice.