BHS 150th Anniversary

Brummana High School was founded in 1873 in Metn, Lebanon by Theophilus Waldmeier, and celebrates its 150thanniversary in 2023.  It is set 750 metres above Beirut in pine woods, a truly idyllic location, and has survived invasions, occupations, civil wars, famines, disasters, natural and manmade, and most recently the complete economic disintegration of the country.

The school has been, throughout this time, a beacon of light, promoting Quakerly values of respect, tolerance and peaceful resolution in a country which has been and remains deeply divided.  As a result in a culture where education is highly prized as a key to prosperity, dignity and a better, juster world, Brummana has flourished and today, in spite of the appalling conditions which prevail, has a higher school role than at any time in its history.

To celebrate its 150th anniversary many events are planned.  These include the opening of the school campus officially on April 1st as a Botanical Garden when an olive tree, representing peace and perseverance, will be planted, along with 150 saplings and annuals to be planted by members of our Gardening Club.  An International Model United nations Conference for schools in Lebanon, the Middle east and Europe is planned for the end of May.  At the conference students will debate global issues with the aim of resolving common problems through discussion and negotiation.  This is an area of school life which thrives in the tolerant atmosphere we promote.

We are also celebrating the establishment of a twinning arrangement with Sidcot School in England, another Quaker school, with our International Baccalaureate class of 27 students visiting Sidcot in June, to share approaches to  global perspectives from different cultural standpoints.  A delegation from Sidcot will be joining us here at the school the previous month for the MUN conference.  These are exciting educational developments to open eyes, hearts and minds to the possibilities of a more peaceful, collaborative world.

We shall be holding a 150th anniversary, gala dinner fundraising event in November and will be launching a 150th anniversary Endowment  fund, ‘I Serve’, (the school motto), during the year, to provide a long term alternative source of income for financial aid for students, support for staff and to fund capital projects deemed as essential to the school’s future development.

Our determination is to make the school’s anniversary a cause for celebration and an occasion to acknowledge its importance as an educational institution and a unifying force in Lebanese life.

Please find below a complete calendar of all the scheduled 150th Anniversary events as well as images from the events as they happen. Please keep an eye on our social media pages for more images.


150th Academic Fair in January

150th Inter School Football Tournament