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Upper Primary

The Upper Primary has three grade levels: Grade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6.

In Upper Primary , students learn about the wider world in a child-centred environment. Hands-on activities are part of each subject. All students study English, Arabic, French, mathematics, science, social studies, computer studies, art, music, drama and physical education. Students who do not follow the Lebanese programme take Arabic as a second language.

The school administers the ACER exams (Australian Council for Educational Research) in English and Mathematics in Grade 6 to help ensure that our students are meeting and exceeding international standards. We also administer the DELF exam (Diplôme d’Etude en Langue Française).

We have introduced a collection of reading books in Arabic and English, each organized by levels of ability. Students enjoy a variety of cultural and interdisciplinary texts whereby they acquire general knowledge and widen their imaginations by reading books online

Students benefit from experimentation in the science lab, hands-on classes in the computer labs and the use of a library. Each English class has a weekly session in the library to allow students to select books from our collection. Our academic programme is enriched by the use of interactive whiteboards in each grade.

Social development is of great importance for Upper Primary students, and peers play a significant role in the students’ lives. Activities such as the Maths Contest, Spelling Bee, Social Studies Contest and celebrations of holidays allow students to focus their interests and energies. They develop their self-confidence by learning how to research and writing projects in various subjects and then by presenting them in front of an audience.

Each section has a Class Adviser. The Class Adviser and the Counsellor are available to help students deal with social and academic concerns. Our Counsellor provides group counselling and meets with individuals. This year we are happy to add a learning support specialist to our child support team.

As the students become more coordinated physically, organized sports are introduced as a part of physical education. Students are divided into groups and enjoy competing against each other in athletics. We are lucky to have spacious playgrounds.

There is a wealth of activities provided for our students. They may attend an activity of their choice such as art, dancing, ballet, basketball, Muay Thai (Thai boxing), rollerblading, drama, track and field, wall-climbing, football or table tennis. In addition, our assemblies introduce students to various wider topics such as study skills, poetry, music, discoveries, achievements and biographies of famous personalities.

In the final year of Upper Primary, students attend an orientation session in the Intermediate Section of the Upper School where they meet teachers, learn building names and locations and are informed about the courses offered.

For more information, please contact Shatha Abu Khalil, Head of the Primary Section.

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