Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of the questions we are most often asked by families who are interested in applying to Brummana High School. We hope it is helpful to you, but please don’t hesitate to contact the Registrar’s Office for assistance.

Yes, there are 10 different routes covering over 60 destinations. New routes are considered when there is a demand.

The school is lucky to have a very spacious campus of 15-16 acres situated on a wooded hillside with panoramic views, fine old stone buildings in the traditional Lebanese style of architecture, mature trees, extensive playing fields and a swimming pool. We have 16 buildings, including three dormitories and a Sick Bay.

Yes, it is an option. Students in the Infant Section may opt to have a hot meal provided within their section. Older students have access to the cafeteria and tuck shops where they may purchase hot meals or other food.

The school days starts at 7.40am and ends at 3.10pm, except for early dismissal at 2.30pm on Wednesdays.

The school year usually runs from mid-September to the end of June. The year is made up of three terms and there are long vacations in December and early spring.

The school has a long-standing policy of accepting staff and students on the basis of merit, regardless of religion, nationality, race or gender, and the staff and students are of many religious backgrounds and from all sections of the community, thus ensuring a wide social mix. We have students from 50 different nationalities.

There are around 1,250 students, aged between 3-18 years.

The school was founded by the Quakers, in the 1873, and they still maintain an active interest in its well-being. It strives to embody Quaker concerns for peace, tolerance, individual responsibility and honest hard work, but there is no religious teaching. The staff and students are of many religious creeds, mainly Christian or Muslim.

The range of activities is extensive with everything from sports to the arts, community service to environmental studies, catered for. With a multitude of extra-curricular activities on offer students are never short of choice. You will find more information on the range of activities available here.

The boarding fee covers tuition, room and board, heating, laundry and accident insurance as well as activities (except for skiing weekends).

We accept boarders from age 10 (Grade 5). If accompanied by older siblings, we accept younger students from age 6 (Grade 1).

Each bedroom accommodates two boarders.

We have two boarding houses, one for girls and junior boys on separate floors and one for senior boys.

Yes, we have a well-established boarding section for boys and girls.

The Registrar will inform the parents of the results within two weeks of the placement tests/interviews.

Students are not required to be fluent in English, but good English skills will increase a student’s likelihood of being accepted. Students who are not proficient in English are given the necessary support in the English as a Foreign Language Programme.

From Grade 1 upwards, candidates will be given a placement test in English, Arabic and Maths. Students applying to enter from Grade 3 to Grade 12 will need to complete the online Cat4 Exam. All applicants are interviewed, including students entering the Infant Section, to determine language proficiency and allow us to place the student in the appropriate class.  The Registrar will arrange for a candidate to sit a placement test and inform the parents of the results within two weeks of the placement tests/interviews.

Yes, the priorities for admission are as follows: 1. Siblings of existing students; 2. Children of staff; 3. Children of old scholars; 4. All other applications.

No, on receipt of the application form and application fee, your child’s name will be added to the application list. However, the registration is not considered complete until all the required documentation has been received.

The earliest age for enrolment in KG 1 is two years and ten months by the end of September.

Where a family is applying from abroad, a provisional acceptance can be made, based on school reports. To gain final acceptance, students will need to attend an interview and/or sit a placement test.

We accept applications at any time during the year. You may download the online application, complete it and email it to us. Or you can visit the Registrar’s Office and we can assist you to complete an application.

Yes, we have a means tested Financial Aid Scheme for established students whose family circumstances have changed so as to cause hardship. Families are not eligible if the child has not yet attended the school for a full academic year, or if the child is attending the Infant Section, or where there are outstanding fees.

Our school fees vary depending on what year a student is in and whether they are boarders or day students. You will find a full breakdown of our fees here.

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