It is our honour to introduce the BHSMUN programme at Brummana High School. We hope that it will provide a stimulating Model United Nations experience for Intermediate and Secondary Section students.

The BHSMUN team has chosen the motto: Fresh Faces, Better Places, as we believe it best fits what we aspire to do. We strongly believe in the youth of Lebanon, and the generations to come, and we aim to bring about a change which is not centred on violence and senseless rhetoric, but rather on peace, responsibility, patience and respect. We hope to contribute to a positive difference in our world.

BHSMUN lays out the paths for potential leaders of our future generations. Students of all geographical, socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds will engage in multifaceted dialogue. They will learn about world issues and international diplomacy in the hope of creating a world where future generations are spared the problems of today.

It is our pleasure to welcome you to our fifth BHSMUN Model United Nations conference on 17-18 April 2021. It is organized by the BHSMUN team and will take place online, via Zoom, gathering delegates from all over the world to participate.