Thomas Little Memorial Library

A Message from the Librarian

We are here to help you access and use quality information and resources and provide you with a safe haven to think, create and grow. We support you to enhance your study and research skills and explain to you how to use the latest technologies to enhance your learning experience.

When in doubt ask your librarian!

Thomas Little Memorial Library – Brief Orientation:


The Upper School Library is located in the Upper School Campus, in the L building, on the ground floor. It’s a welcoming space that serves as a study, reading and research areas. It’s staffed by a full-time Media Specialist Librarian. The collection includes around 12,000 books, an extensive collection of periodicals, multimedia and more… The library also provides access to digital databases and electronic resources.

The library resources are classified according to Dewey Decimal System.

There are four areas in the library: two reading areas, the research centre, Librarian’s office, and the Archives and special collection’s room.

The research room is equipped with 4 computers connected to Internet, photocopier, printer and Wi-Fi service that is provided to students with user ID.

Opening Hours:

From Monday to Friday: from 7:30 A.M. to 3:30 P.M.

– Wednesday: from 7: 30 A.M. to 2: 30 P.M.

– Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays: Library closed.

Library Calendar:

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Search the Library Catalog:

for books, multimedia, periodicals and more!

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New Arrivals:

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Book Cover Synopsis

Digital Database and Tools:


Sooper Books:

Bedtime stories — a selection of the world’s best 5-10 minute bedtime stories and audiobooks

Fairy tales — a selection of classic fairy tales retold in a modern and fun way

Sooper Series — a selection of original stories in episode format. Each episode is a separate 10-15 minute story

Rhymes & Poems — a selection of 3-5 minute funny rhymes

Aesop’s fables — a selection of 3-5 minute moral tales, retold in a fun and modern way”

International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP):

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Student Guide

Off-Campus Access:

Databases provided through the Upper School library’s page are licensed for use only by current BHS students, faculty and staff.

Logging in:

Use your username and password to log in, this information is encrypted so do not share it with others and do not expose it on public networks.

Feedback is Welcome:

Please email to submit any question, complaint, book review, suggest books, or to schedule an appointment.

Print / Copy / No Scanner:

  • A black and white printer and photocopier is available in the library.
  • A photocopy card is needed to be able to use it.
  • Photocopy cards are available in the Bookshop.
  • Printing out materials is only possible through the library computers.

Reader of the year:

  • 2023: – Zubin Choi – Grade 9 IP : Perseverant Reader Award
              – Jasmin Kerbage – Grade 8 LP: Voracious Reader Award
              – Brooke Al Alam – Sec. 1LP: Intellectual Reader Award
              – Geordi Razzouk – Grade 11 IP: Enthusiastic Reader Award
  • 2022: – Rubecca Myriam Towler – Grade 8 IP
              – Sami Abou Diwan – Grade 8 LP
              – Rebecca Hashem – Grade 10 LP
              – Walid El Masri – Grade 10 LP
  • 2021: – Catherine Abi Karam – Grade 9 LP

Faculty Guide

Library Booking:

Please send an email to the following address :, one day in prior to book the library for a class visit.

 Feedback is Welcome:

Please email to submit any question or complaint, write a book review, suggest books, or to schedule an appointment.

Parents’ Guidelines


Generally, all donations should have been published within the last ten years, be in good condition, and be appropriate for the age range of the upper school students. Textbooks and books that are marked, outdated, damaged or dirty should be discarded.


Contact Ms. Carmen for more information.

Policies and Handouts

Circulation Policy:

– 2 books can be checked at a time

– Loan period is 15 days; books can be renewed for 2 additional weeks.

– No sooner renewal prior to the due date.

– Books should be returned to the librarian on time to avoid paying dues.

– Books that are lost are to be replaced or price is to be paid.


For more information regarding the below documents, please contact Ms. Carmen.

> Library Rules and Regulations

 > Academic Integrity

> Formatting Guidelines

> Citation Help

> Mission Statement

> Collection Development Policy and Weeding Policy

> Information Literacy (Tips & Research Skills)