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The Coronavirus entered the country in February and classes at school were stopped at the end of the month.  The school campus was then placed on lockdown shortly afterwards, following a government directive.  The school has been providing online learning since the closure.


The school has been thoroughly disinfected, with classrooms and offices cleaned and locked.  Medical advice is regularly provided to the community by way of emails as well as updates and posts on the school’s website and official social media accounts.  The school also ran a successful student artwork competition, calling for students to create drawings, paintings and videos on Covid-19 using one fact from the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) Questions & Answers website page.  For World Health Day on April 7th, the Student Council ran a medical quiz on their Instagram page.

Social Distancing & Keeping Healthy Hygiene Habits

The school, in line with best local and global medical advice, strongly advocates for all members of its community to practice social distancing and healthy hygiene habits.  This includes not unnecessarily visiting family or friends’ homes, making visits to shops or meeting in groups in public spaces.  We strongly advise to ensure a two-metre distance is kept between people as far as possible and to cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing.  For the medical professionals in our community, we are extremely grateful for your efforts as you and your colleagues continue the fight in Lebanon and right around the world.

Trusted Resources for Medical Advice

Please click on any of these links provided for reliable information on the virus and prevention methods:


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Lebanese Red Cross:

Interesting findings about COVID-19 and Children (by Novalac):

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