150th Anniversary Working Party

Tuesday, 15 November 2022

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By David Gray

I chaired the first meeting of the 150th anniversary working party at which we outlined and delineated planned events which are already in the process of being developed. These include the Sidcot twining project, the MUN International Conference, a Gala Dinner / Ball, branding of Founder’s Day, International Day, the May Festival, the Walkathon and Field Day, Speech Day at which the speaker will be the British Ambassador, Hamish Cowell,  and which may also feature a speech by an Old Scholar who left school 50 years ago on the 100th anniversary of Brummana High School and gave the Valedictorian address then. In addition we hope to welcome a Quaker couple who have recently set up a prize for the best Science project at the academic fair and who will be at Speech Day to present it.  In addition there will be the 150th anniversary edition of the academic fair, a Parents association sports day to mark the 150th anniversary separately from Field Day, a major drama production at the end of June and the launch of the ignite endowment to build up a capital fund for the school which would generate income in perpetuity. Other ideas include the launch of the school’s botanical garden, the planting of  trees, the burying of a time capsule and various important ideas which we brainstormed around the theme of a journey, the journey of the school from 1873 to 2023.  I shall keep colleagues updated with progress on our plans and I am very grateful to those who volunteered to sit on this working party and take part in the discussion, the planning and the organisation of the various events.